I love you ‘”Swara and Sanskar ‘”(one shot)

I was in my soul mate arms lying on bed resting my head on his chest my husband my everything my sanskar what I should have if he have not came in my life before eight years and not hold my hands…. I slowly woke up from his grip and kiss on his forehead and goes towards window and looking at moon it seems three years we get married he loves me alot he brings me New York and we have started our journey..'”.. I remember what happened in my whole life… I was just seven years when my one of cousin brother raped me I was treated like prostute by him I don’t know about all this and he said that if I told anyone about this then my mom and dad will kill me and all these were going on for mostly one year then one day by bringing some courage I went to my grandpa but he was also like that only he also touched me I don’t know what to do I was afraid…. They were using my body like tissue paper… For a year I was only in class third…. But one day my mom saw me going upstairs like thief to that bl**dy so brother room…. After that she told me about what if any girl is touched by any man she will become impure her life becomes hell no married her it is sin… I understand but I don’t tell anything to mom….

But after I started to be alone in room my life was in limit of school and in my room one day that rascal brother caught me but I pushed him and threatened him to be in limits I was very afraid by him from inside but I don’t show him and he back off but he whenever see me his eyes only show me lust same thing I have done with that bl**dy old so called grandpa I have warned him not to dare to come close to me after that days were passing and daily I living like hell I was in class sixth when I wanted to suicide but back off I don’t know why but I don’t have courage that I finish myself…. I decided that I will do my studies and just go from this house and I only was waiting for My graduation but time wanted to test me more….. I was in tenth class and month was March I don’t know why but I am not getting sleep I was restless in night I don’t know why but I was not sleepy in night but I was not knowing that not sleeping in night will turn my life….. Yes because of my mom and dad their relationship was not at all based on trust and my mom she was not trusting my dad in any way…. She blame my one of my brother-in-law that she have affairs with my dad…. And from that day my mom and dad relationship became worse…. I don’t know that it was true or not but I don’t know that mom insecurity will going to that extent that she also blame me that I have affairs with my dad….

I can’t believe that how could she I denied…. Every time….. Mom beats me abuse me…. Said me pr*stitution ……..and that my god was also not with me many times she caught me in night that I am not sleeping…. But what was my fault…. In all these my menstruation cycle was also stop I don’t know what to do she threatened me even she brings preganacy kit to check that I am pregnant and that was biggest shocked for me….. How could she…. At last I have decided that I will say all truth to dad then he will handle mom…..but stopped because I don’t wanna break their relationship for My small two brothers….. One brother who was only one year younger than me know all this even he threatened mom not to do all this he supported me because he knows that mom biggest was her insecurities and possiveness towards dad….. Actually it was also mistaken of dad that he never gives mom that place that trust he used to come home in mid night in drunken state daily…. And beat mom…. Abuse to mom…. It was for mom that in front of her dad used to speak with pr*stitutes women on phone… Mom also tries to commit suicide but because of me and my brothers she doesn’t… But in all these I was shattered…. What can I do…. What was my fault because when mom was asking me about that relationship with dad…. I unkowningly gone to my age of eight where that creeps used my body… And mom thought that my silence was my guilt…..all this was going on for two months then I decided to leave from here so I said dad I wanted to go from here… Dad only know that my mom was torchering me for any issues so he unwillingly said yes decided to send me for medical studies…. In Delhi…

My younger brother immediately booked tickets….and after three weeks I was in Delhi…. There I was settled in months…..I used to cry and when my mom called me daily to know that I am living or not so I literally give her answer in yes or no…. But I know she is insecure with me… Because she thinks I used to talk with dad… Many times she threatened me and abuse me on phone… I was depressed… I was alone…. Then in this I met with arun .. He was sweet,….. We were in same class…after days passes we became friends… We used hangouts with each….. Vacation came i again have to gonna back to that house but this time I was confident I know what I have to to just forget everything and maintain a space with my so called family… For a Month….in all these months my mom always like before with her insecurities literally I don’t believe that she was with her insecurities after one year…. I came back…. Then after one month I came our graduation was completely done… Then I moved to Mumbai for My college…. There I accidentally meet with my soul mate sanskar… In a fresher party… He was doing MBA …first I was not able to move my eyes from him…. He was handsome charming personality…. Then he asked me for help he was fallen because of me on floor…

I helped him to get up…. Then we talked about our studies…. Then dance was going on he asked me I don’t know how to dance but I don’t know why unwillingly I given my hand to him… We danced or I said we sensuality dance I was effected by his touch… Then the time came that I have to left after that we met after one week in cafeteria… In college he asked me to have cup of coffee… Then we slowly became friends he used to be with me always he was best friend for me…. Three years passed we both were became bestie… One fine day my dad called me and he said me that he have selected one man for marriage…. I was shocked… I don’t know what to do I can’t said no to my dad… Because he always supoerted me against mom….. In all these years …never talked to mom and only dad was there….for me…. I never go back to home in vacation…. Then I came back to reality after one I have to go back for My engagement…. I went to college for leave in all these I didn’t met with Sanskar he was not picking up my because on that only I had told him that I am getting engaged….. In my core of my heart I know that I love him… But I cant said him because of my past and the person which my dad have chosen I have to convince that person not married me… Because I am impure…..

After that I reached home neglecting my so called mom…. It was engagement day…. I was standing like statue on the stage waiting for the guy.. And his family I thought dad first fix the meeting how I forgot that it is 1960s type people…. So I forgot about that but dad given me photos of him I don’t saw them…. That guy came i was shocked to see him he was my friend in Delhi…..Arun I don’t know how was my face…. But then I lowered my head and ring ceremony started I was not looking at him only seeing at down…. Then my elder sister said to wore ring to him…. Rings exchanged but I don’t looked at him and without looking at him I started to leave I never dare to talk to him or anything I have told everything to Arun in Delhi only about my life so I don’t know what to do after one month it was marriage day I was in veiled looking down sitting in my room when one of my cousin sister came holding my wedding card…. She asked me for reading and for happiness I started to read when my eyes became wide and my mouth open after reading that I am going to marry with Sanskar Maheshwaris…..

I was in shocked when ladies came to take me in mandap…. But I stopped and asked my sister for engagement photographs which I have not seen…. She gave me I was shattered by seeing sanskar woring me ring…. And arun was standing beside him…. Then sister asked what happened I said nothing I was not in state to say something but I can’t back off with this marriage…. Because of my so called family reputation…… I sit beside not looking at him in shocked state he was trying to talk with me but I avoid him and his gaze in all that rituals finally we married…. And all rituals completed I was in master bedroom of Sanskar…. And sitting in center of bed with veil….then I listened someone coming inside I knew it was sanskar….. He came and sit beside him and called me…. I was giving shocking look to him….. Then he tried to talk to me….. But I was ignoring him then I get the biggest shocked of my lifehe said me that he knows everything about me from the when we met….arun is his younger brother and he told everything about me…. And he also said that he don’t care about my past he only knows that I am his present and future…. And without me he will die….. I can’t believe that he loves me alot….. With out any confession any things he get that what I am feeling he knows that I wanted some time and he gives me that we shifted to Mumbai for My studies and his business…..

Then after one year we connsumate our marriage……. It was beautiful dreams which comes true…… ‘”then after one year we shifted to New York City here is My clinic and sanskar business…… Then I moved to washroom but stopped by two strong hands I said ‘” Sanskar you are being naughty day by day ‘”
Sanskar ‘”if I Have this much beautiful wife then fool will not be naughty my darling Swara ‘”
Swara ‘”just have some shame sanskar twinkle will listen then what she thinks ‘”
Sanskar ‘”what she thinks that her dad is loving his Mom ‘”

Swara'”Sanskar after three of marriage you never said that three magical words'”
Sanskar ‘” because love needs no confession ‘” saying that he kissed her on for head….
Swara ‘”I know sanskar and from my last breath I only wanted to be with you ‘” just then their one year daughter twinkle came ‘”momma and dadda you aggain staarteed ‘”in her baby voice….. Sanskar and Swara goes towards her Sanskrit lift her in his arms….and said ‘”so my princess woke up ‘”twinkle ‘”yes dadda…. But my brother not woke up saying started touching Swara tummy who is five months pregnant….. Swara ‘”no problem after four months your brother will also woke up…. My princess ‘”Sanskar made Swara lied on bed and twinkle too then he covered them with blankets and said ‘” this my love which onlt belongs to you Swara my wife and my love I don’t need any confession any words to express my love….. But I have only one promise that I never leave my love ‘”

Songs playing ‘”tumhi ho'”

Guys I wanted to show the reality of people and family and unconditional love of Sanskar and Swara

Credit to: Aryna


  1. Bisha

    Aryna…thnk u very much fr writing thiss ff…not only fr its beauty but also mostly fr shwing d hideous fces of sm ppl whu cn nvr respct a grl..instead thy use thm lk a tissue ppr or a use n throw pen…i stongly flt its strength…bt only one thng i hv to suggst…don mind plzz..a girl whu is tormntd soo much cn nvr gt ready fr relationships so fast..mrovr whr hr own relations r soo much betraying..u cud hv shwn hr depressions n hw sanskr n arun hlpd hr to cm out of dt terrible period quite more..dn bth d sids wud hv lukd more blncd..plzz dn mind…nywayz..i m telln u..I STRONGLY FELT IT FRM MY HEART..

  2. Harani

    Grt yaar ..very emotional and those incidents were many times …True ….but everyone don’t get love like sanskar gave to swara..loved it to the core

  3. shani

    Nice story….I also agree with Bisha…but in addition I would like to say…I know u can’t write that much becoz this is a one shot story….ryt…so no problem dr..we can understand…u have a goog skill of writing…keep it up…great job…god bless u…

  4. Reethi

    Hey aryna this is superb. U r Not just writing a ff to entertain us but ur making us remind that there are 2kinds of people in the world. One who don’t even know how to respect a girl .n other who shows there unconditional love to us n make us realize that we r everything to him. Thanks for giving this ff.

  5. amazing dear.. ur story is so connecting….. i hav seen so many cases….. hatts off to u dear…… keep writing.. ur story is like a mirror of our so called orthodox society……

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