I love you ….. (swara /ragini ) intro


Hi guys I think you do not remember me I am Riha the writer of ff love happens at last please do not throw rotten tomatoes at me. as that ff is not finished I know I wanted to write but since nobody likes it I will not write it anymore so I will not tell who are the couples I am going a to give a intro and . So enough of my talks

Ragini arora -a talkkitiv girl. A Punjabi. lives in amrister. Have a large family. wants to become a doctor Swara iyer – a traditional girl . She comes from an consertive traditional family. Wishes to become a engineer but her family will not allow it. Laksh Chattopodhay -a bengali studious person. According to him his first and last love is books. Comes from an rich family. wants to become a computer engineer but he has to take over family business after completing his education.

Sanskar stewwart -(actually his parents are christian and Marwan that’s why I’ll is name is this) is a care free guy loves his family a lot . A total flirt. Sorry guys I have written this hurry will post the intro of parents in 1st episode I will post episodes every Friday and Saturday as they are holidays and I am 11 and I have school ,coaching that’s why I will post every fri and sat. Byeeeeee.

Credit to: Riha

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  1. Hey dear … I read ur ff love happens and it is surely not boring and I like it very much. It’s a sincere and humble request if u can please maybe write a few more episodes and complete it.. maybe there are people who don’t like it but think about those who like it and for their sake please complete ur ff. If ur not interested atleast write one more episode atleast. But please complete it and don’t leave it incomplete like that. Please…. Sorry I never meant to hurt you but if I’m hurting or troubling you then my sincere apologies. Thank You !! And will be eagerly waiting for the next episode of ur ff love happens…..

    1. Yes yes plz write love happens…

  2. plzz… post love happens atlast as i really like that ff…. plzz.. don’t leave it as incomplete as it can leave a bad impression on ur ff lovers

  3. Dear… Mee too like it… Actually I am silent reader … So complete it… Its a reqst…

  4. Plz continue love happens

  5. very nyc intro…..Multicultural….wow…..i want too see when they will meet……then wat happens ….?

  6. Plz update love happens also coz i like ur ff and i m waiting for that ff
    This ff is also awesome

  7. Make it swasan plzzz…

  8. Time will decide if you want to read swasan ff then read my ff love happens at last

  9. Swasantha and Kritika apu are you two people sure that your talking about my ff I am asking because there is a ff called love happens and mine one has “at last” in the end that’s why . I didn’t know people will read my ff as I am a small kid. any are you that any that writes two ff s destiny and fix you I love your ffs they are awesome

  10. Anu auto correct*

  11. Guys I have decided that I will write lhat along with ilu (s/r) every Fri and Sat but guys my exams are approaching so I will posting 2 episodes on Fri and Sat (1st and 2nd apr)

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