Love me once more Swalak ( two shot ) by pari last episode


Hey friends im back with next part. But I didn’t get ur coments . Sorry for boring you guys. Bear me for the last time.

Nextday morning swara get up early &goes for fresh up. After taking bath she came. Her father was waiting for her only. She comes down wearing a beautiful violet &white colour saree . She was looking favulous. When she came downstairs her father ask her forgiveness. He tells her that he’ll saw laksh &he’ll take revenge from him. Swara tells him that whatll he do now. Because of him only her life was destroyed. And warns him not to do anything against laksh otherwise she’ll forget that he was her father. After that when she started walking her father ask her where is she going. So she tells him that she was going to laksh house as that was her house &she left.

Laksh house -after giving medicine to his father laksh came downstairs for taking breakfast. Suddenly he heard door bell rings. He goes &opens the door. He was shocked to see swara there. Seeing him swara ask him whether he had already taken his breakfast. Sorry for late. Laksh ask her what is she doing here. So swara tells him that she will be here only na as it was her in laws house. And she entered the house. And went to their room. Laksh followed her.

Laksh- oh then youare ready to bear the torture ok all the best.

Swara- oh really you’ll gonna torture me I knw you’ll not gonna do like that. Because you loves me.

Laksh -are you mad or youare having memory loss yesterday only I told you na I didn’t love you. Those all are a part of revenge.

Swara comes near him & put her hands on his both side of neck & tells him that if was the problem then don’t worry I’ll make you fall in love with me. I knw you are loving me but didn’t want to commit it let’s see.

Laksh -you are challengeing me ok let’s see ill not fall in love with you &after that he left for office.
Swara stood there then went to her father in law room. She ask the doctor about his health and inquiry about his medicine timings. After the doctor left she sat beside his bed &thinks youare also not feeling happy na after knwing about laksh deeds. I’ll promise you I’ll make him my previous lucky who always laughs. And I’m really sorry for my father’s work. Then she left to her room. Here in the office lucky couldn’t concentrate on any work . He was remembering only about swaras words only. Unknowingly a smile came in to his face. When he returns home he saw dinner was already ready &swara was waiting for him. He didn’t talk her &ask his servant about his father’s food &medicine. So he answered him that swara mam already gave it to sir. Then swara tells him to come for dinner. He tells her that he had already completed his dinner. And left to the room. After sometime swara came there with two plates of food & closes the door. Laksh ask her what is she doing &he had completed his dinner. So swara came near him &drags him to the soffa & start scolding him. She told him that if he’ll not take food she’ll kids him. So if he wants kiss then it’s okay leave the food. So laksh obdiently started eating the food & swara also. Nextday swara woke up early & when she turns she saw laksh was sleeping peacefully he was looking handsome. She thinks plz god gave me courage so that I’ll make him realise of his love. After that she went downstairs & prepares breakfast. When laksh came she serves him. Then laksh went to the office.

Days passed. Now laksh somewhat got changed. One day when he come back he didn’t found swara there. Because she waits for him in the hall only. So when he ask the servant he tells him that swara mam has high fever. Doctor came ere & gives her medicine &now she was sleeping. Hearing this laksh get angry he ask him couldn’t he make a call to him . so he answered that swara herself said no to him. After that laksh rushed to his room. He saw swara was sleeping. He came near her & sit beside her. He was caressing her hairs. He had tears in his eyes. He knws that he loved swara alot but he didn’t want to commit it only because of his revenge only. Suddenly he heard swara was blabbering -plz laksh give me one more chance I’ll not betray YOU . PLZ LOVE ME ONCE MORE. I’LL LOVE YOU TILL MY DEATH &I’LL WAIT FOR YOU. Hearing this laksh started to walk away from the room. He stood on the balcony &remember all the moment with swara &her caring, loving for him.

Next day when swara wakes up she found laksh was sleeping by holding her hand only in sitting position. She wakes him up. When he opens his eyes he saw swara was sitting in front of him . Suddenly he hugged her. It was surprised swara. In hugging only he scold swara. He ask her why she didn’t inform him. If anything happens to you then whatll i do?. I’m very much scared when i heared about your fever. Swara was happy to seeing his love . she was teary eyed. She ask laksh what happens to him? Why ye was scared ?If she had died he’ll be happy na as he didn’t love her. So laksh told her that he loves her very much. He can’t take the risk of losing her.

Swara- what are you telling laksh?

Laksh – Yes I’m telling the truth I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH SWARA. PLZ FORGIVE ME.

Swara- no laksh no need to say sorry i understand it you loved your father very much that’s why you did it. It didn’t matters to me . She hugged him &tells him that I LOVE YOU TOO LAKSH.

After that day both lived happily. After two months swara was pregnant &laksh father also recover from coma . when he heard about laksh &swara he wants to slap laksh. He was happy that swara was his daughter in law. The next day swaras father came to their house &ask for forgiveness. And laksh &his father forgive him.

After seven month swara &laksh were bleesed with a baby boy &they named him yash. Both lived happily.

Friends I’m really sorry for boring you. And bye bye friends always keep smiling.

Credit to: pari

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  1. It’s awesome, mind blowing di.I loved it.

  2. It was awesome Pari Di….I enjoyed it to the core…. I didn’t get bored even for a milli second…. Don’t worry abt comments Di…. There will be many silent readers also….plz continue with such os….

    1. Thanks nita if possible I’ll write another one

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  4. awesome i loved it yrr plz don’t stop writing only ur the person who writes one shots about swalak plz don’t stop ..plzz yrrrrr whenever i read ur name i leaves my all work starting reading ur ff ..
    plz don’t stop comeback wid another ..

    1. Thanks priya for giving me such love thank you very much

  5. im waiting for ur ff

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  6. it was really awesome.. plss write another ff or short stories on swalak

  7. It’s awesome…’s not at all boring….waiting for ur next ff

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  9. It was awesome pari loved it so much.

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