Love me once more -Swalak (two shot) by pari episode -1

Hey friends im back with one new story. It was a two shot . Plz read it . A very very heartly big thank you all for your wishes from both me and my riya di friends. Really feeling very happy for seeing your love care & wishes.

So let’s start it

It was a scene of college where a farewell party is going on. All are waiting for one girl. Finally she came. All were ready to cut the cake &all are starting to dance. Then suddenly the girl come to the stage & ask everyone to stop all these. Then she call someone to stage & tells everyone that after this party you all have to come to xyz hotel as she was giving a party there. All said of course yes swara. Yes she is none other than swara. She was only daughter of her father. So she was somewhat pampered but always cares for others. All are enjoying alot. Suddenly swara gets a call. And she comes outside to talk. She said obviously I’ll come my darling laksh otherwise you’ll gonna kill me. And she left. She came to a beach side where a person was standing. Then she call laksh. Yes he was laksh maheswari. Then laksh turns & both hugged. Laksh ask her when she will telll about him in her house. So swara tells him that tomorrow itself she’ll tell her father & for that you have to come to my house at 10.00am ok . then she left . Nextday swara waits for laksh. Her mother died by giving birth to her. Her father was richest person as he was one of the owner of leading companies of India. And he loves swara alot. After sometime laksh came there. Swara tells her father that she & laksh both loves each other & she wants to marry him. So swaras father ask laksh about his work & family. So laksh tells him that he was an orphan & he was the owner of SL company. Then swaras father agrees for their marriage. And after one month both get married. Their marriage was one of the lavish wedding as her father & laksh were reachest ones. After marriage swara went to laksh house. She saw it . It was well decorated & one of lavish one. Swara enters the house & anjli (laksh only friend) took her to her room. She saw it & it was also welly decorated. She loves the decoration. And wait for laksh. But laksh come &misbehaved her. She was shocked to see laksh this side. He slapped her also. She couldn’t tell anything for sometime. After that laksh sits in the soffa & ask swara to massage his feet he tells her that he was very tired by doing all the dramas like a obdient soninlaw ,like a perfect & loving boyfriend. Hearing this swara was very much shocked. But she able to ask laksh that what’s all this. So laksh tells her that it was all a part of his revenge only. He used her. So swara ask the reason. Laksh grabs her hand & ask if she really want to knw the reason . So laksh tells her that if she really want to knw it then drags her by holding her hands although it pains her she didn’t tell anything. After sometime both reached in front of a room which was guarded by two security person& laksh drags swara inside that room. Then indicate her to look to the bed. When she saw she found a person was sleeping there. She didn’t understand. Laksh tells her that because of her father only his father was in this state. He tells her that her father was a servant a PA in his papa ‘ s office. He was one of the honest servant in the office. But one day her father ditched his father & took all the properties in his name. And due to this shock his father get a heart attack which leads him to coma. After that although 15 yrs passed but there is no improvement in his health. So laksh decide to take revenge from Mr Dayal sharma (her father ) . So he married her & tells her that it was all his plan although saving her from goons to confession of his love on her birthday. He tells her that on her birthday she tells him that it was her best birthday till now. But thatday when she accept his proposal her darker part of life had started. Swara was shocked. After that he tells her that now her father will know how it feels when someone cheat you & when he saw you in tears. And throw her out of the house. Swara stood there. She remembering all the incident the first day when laksh save her from goon, how they became friend, and all their chats on social networking sites & his love confession, their marriage & now what laksh tells her. She can’t believe all the things. She was crying loudly sitting in front of the house. After sometime she compose herself. She told herself that she can’t give up easily. She wants to tell him that she loves him only once he can trust her only once he can try to love ge shell not detching him .plz lakah love me once more.So she went to her home directly. Then confront her father about it. But he wasn’t accepting his crime. Then swara tells him everything about laksh confession about his revenge for marry her. Then her father accept all the crimes. Swara scold him & then told him that because of his past work his daughter was suffering. Then she left to her room.
Swara then went to her room . She stood in front of her mother’s photo &told her that she is missing her alot. Specially today as she needs her. Then swara stops crying. She thought that may be laksh doesn’t love her but she loves him very much. And decide to make laksh understood about her feelings for him. And wants to Make him love her. She tells that wait Mr Laksh maheswari I’m coming to you . Then I’ll also see that till when you are acting to be Mr arrogant Laksh maheswari? ? Just wait I’ll bring the previous laksh in you who was fun loving & who loves his swara alot. I knw you tell me that you were acted that youare in love with me. I knw you loves me but doesn’t want to commit it. I’ll come tomorrow laksh. And she tells herself that sleep peacefully swara as tomorrow your mission will be started. And she slept.

Precap – laksh opens the door &finds swara standing there with her luggage.

Friends plz tell me if you’re liking it or not. If not then I’ll stop it. And I’ll update the next part tomorrow night only but only after seeing your response. So guys plzzzzzzzzzzzz coment.

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