I Love you -SWALAK few shots chapter 2


Hiiii soo lets begin….
Laksh waiting fr swara near her hostel…

Laksh pov
I’m waiting fr her fr pass half an hour bt she come I’m so disappointed…… I should leave nw… He thought ad move his bike suddenly I fell my heart beat raising I saw a beautiful angel coming towards me (of course she s our swara) she s wearing a pink colour salwar …..
Swara – I’m sry fr made u waiting….
Laksh – its ok pls come ad sit we r getting late pls na
Swara – ok …
She sat in my bike after few mins we reached home….
Ap- welcome beta…
Dp- welcome beautiful lady..
Ap- pls stop it she s new to our home pls
Dp- no I will nt stop becoz she also like my daughter na
Ap- ok baba bt her take some to feel comfortable na..
Dp- ok as ur wish…
Swara was surprised nt oly by there parents bt by laksh she came to him
Swara- laksh u said its a party na??
Laksh – s
Swara – then where r others
Laksh – y u can’t c u r there na its a small party oly u me ad my family tats it ur r my guest….

After sometimes laksh cutted his cake after tat we all had our dinner in tat tym she become so frndly with my family especially to my lil sis Riya…. After sometime tym Riya show hear teddy bear collection to swara then her eyes fall on a gift s its the same which I given on her birthday she look towards me ad…..
Swara – can I take tat gift today…
Laksh – of course its fr u so don’t ask jst go ad see bt say if u like it or not
Swara took the gift ad open it she saw a beautiful teddy bear its s white teddy she suddenly dropped it …. Its says KEEP SMILING MY DEAR FRIEND its a recorded voice in Tat teddy… She took tat ad hug its I’m soo happy tat she liked it……
Its tym to drop her she spend a good time with my family ad we left on the way….
Laksh – may I ask u a question
Swara – in friendship there will nt ask these questions
Laksh – so u accepted my friendship ohh tats good ok wat s ur hostel closing time
Swara – y okits 10 pm
Laksh – its nw 9 so shall we go tat park to have ice-cream pls na I love them pls..
Swara – bt u already had one in our house ri8
Laksh( In mind – wow our house nt bad mr. Laksh) – pls na

Finally swara agree so they went
Laksh – shall I ask u one thing
Swara – I said na in friendship…
Laksh – ok ok swara y r u like tis y u r NT talking to anyone…
Swara – becoz I love to be alone ad from my childhood I’m like this… Even my parents r comfortable with it bt u r NT y u want me to be ur friend y ????
Laksh – becoz I like u ad fr me my dad says no one should be alone in tis world ad I help u to get a company tats it..
Swara – may I share something to u
Laksh – a beautiful girl said In friendship…
Swara – I had a good time with ur family in happy u know y becoz I didn’t saw such a dad mom ad ur sis she s like my sis s soo cute … Ad she had a tears
Laksh – y r u crying
Swara – its nothing
Laksh – pls na swara if u share something then it will feel better so pls..
Swara – my parents r divorced I’m living 6mnths with my dad ad 6.nths with my mom fr tis reason oly me ad my sis were living in hostel…she cried
Laksh didn’t talk … She drop her in hostel….
Laksh – so wat will be its name …. By pointing towards teddy
Swara – hmmm wat abt rosey
Laksh – hmm nyc ok then c u in clg bye……

So we become friends ad few days ad months passed we become soo close to each other so its our sem after its our holidays nw she came to my home daily becoz its bore in her hostel ad she don’t want to go to her moms home nor dad so I gave her company…. Nw she became as our family member… We r seeing a film in tat film a rape scene came we don’t know wat happen to her she scream ad fell down ad become unconscious……wat happen to her…..
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Credit to: keerthi

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