I Love you -SWALAK few shots chapter 1


Hope u all remember me so lets begin our chapter……

Laksh pov….
So tis s our first day of our clg everyone become frnds bt except one she s swara she didn’t talk to anyone I wonder about her she jst read her book even more guys try her bt she scolded everyone…. So in our clg we had a challenge to be frnd with which s impossible bt I love bet so accepted it…. So fr tat I didn’t go to clg fr two days then when I came we should submit our project in one week no one finish that bt she does so I thought tis right Tym to talk to her so I went near her…
Laksh- may I have ur book becoz I was leave so can you lend yr book
Swara- no response
Laksh said that again louder… She saw me and said no then I request her finally she accept and said ok ad said be careful with my book ……. Nxt day she came towards me
Swara- book
Laksh- sry I forgot the book I will give it tomo ….before I complete she left
Nxt day
Swara- book
Laksh- sry ya I forgot pls pls I will bring it tomo …. Before I complete….
Swara- give me ur number I will call ad remind u…
Laksh- sure 9840******
She left…..

Next day she call me at mrng 7 I’m happy bt she didn’t speak more jst said “book” ad cut the call when I came she came towards me
Swara- book
Laksh- sry ya I forgot
Swara- I know u will do tis I know u guys all like tis she started scolding….
Laksh- oksry sry wait give me ur address I’ll bring to ur home
Swara- no I’m staying in hostel
Laksh- ok I’ll come there ok
Swara- no I wait here u go ad bring me book here
Bt I was not convince bt finally agreed ad went to home ad came bt she was waiting in library fr pass 2 hrs I was seeing her she reads her book and saw fr me then I came its 7pm she was soo anger towards me bt she didn’t say anything she took the book and left….
swara didn’t find any auto r any vehicle to go so I offer fr lift bt didn’t came finally she got a auto and left bt I followed her she stop the auto ad came towards me
Swara – y u r following me
Laksh – becoz u r responsible u waited fr me so I want u to be safe so I’ll come till ur hostel so pls come with me pls ……. Then she asked I dropped her in her hostel
Next day I asked her to join fr lunch bt she didn’t allow but I sat with her but her food ooooo god I didn’t know he she s eating it so i offer her my food bt she didn’t accept it I know she will nt bt still I use to offer her daily bt she never use to touch ….

After few days I came to know tat today s her birthday so I bought a gift ? fr her
Laksh – happy birthday here s ur gift pls accept it my frnd
Swara – pls do such a cheap thing pls go ad take ur gift ….
After that incident I didn’t talk to her nor disturb her…bt I offer my lunch daily bt she touch it finally one day my lunch box was empty she ate my lunch I’m sooo happy so I had some courage to invite her fr my birthday party
Laksh – today evening r u free
Swara – y
Laksh – becoz I like u to invite u fr me birthday party pls come na
Swara – no
Laksh – I’ll be waiting fr u near ur hostel come by 6pm ok I’ll be waiting….. Bye
I left will she come or nt ……

Stay tune… Wat do u all thing ah?????
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Credit to: keerthi

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