I Love you – SWALAK chapter 5


Sry sry sry guys I’m little busy in my clg work sry fr the delay ad tis s my last chapter hope u all enjoy it ad thanqq fr everyone who waiting fr my update ad thanqq fr everyone who comments and thanqq fr my silent reader too pls comment on tis chapter yaar becoz its my last one na ad no more Waiting let me start so ready…..

Laksh pov
I should talk to swara abt our relationship If she s fi5 or nt ….. Laksh called swara
Swara – laksh wat happen u called me in tis tym
Laksh – s everything s ok
Swara – s laksh everything s fi5 wat happen y r u asking like tat
Laksh – swara r u happy with our relationship
Swara didn’t reply
Laksh – swara if u r nt happy then we can stop all tis
Swara – laksh I don’t know whether I’m happy or nt bt I know tat u will keep me happy as we r best frnds na who knows me more than u…
Laksh( who was happy on swara’s statement so he didn’t want to ask anything)- ok swara bye see u tomorrow as my wife ….

Nxt day….
Laksh ad swara marriage happen with all happiness …..
Night @laksh room
Swara entry the room with ap
Ap – swara beta u know the meaning of tis mangasutru…
Swara – maa it jst a thread
Ap – no beta its nt oly a tis s thread of love u will when tym comes
Swara smiled
Ap – beta I know abt u I don’t want to force u bt still I need to see my grandchildren soon na
Swara don’t know what to say…
Ap – I know bt don’t make me wait fr long tym ok saying tis she went …. Laksh was entering the room heard it …..
Swara was nt comfortable in his too laksh who notice it …
Laksh – swara u r NT new to tis room na so y r u behaving like it
Swara – s laksh I nt new bt before I came here as ur frnd bt nw as ur wife na
Laksh – so u accepted me as ur husband nt bad .said with a naughty smile…
Swara – laksh…. Did u hear wat maa said…
Laksh – swara don’t take as serious one I will handle her I won’t force u fr any thing nw take tis…. By saying he take out a gift fr her …
Swara was surprised ad ask – wat s it
Laksh – open ad see it
Swara opened the gift she saw couple of tickets to Paris…..
Swara – laksh its tickets for tomorrow
Laksh – s Mrs swara laksh we r leaving tomorrow morning fr Paris ad hw s my gift
Swara – bt wat will maa ad papa think
Laksh – swara they oly given tis so don’t think more nw start ur packing I’m gng to watch match so u sleep I will be late … Saying tis he left the room ad went to hall swara who packed the luggages ad slept laksh too slept In hall ……

Nxt day they went to airport ad board ad entered the flight ad it was swara’s first flight so she was so nervous when the flight take off she holds laksh hand …laksh who was happy by her nw he was in his world with swara after sometimes they landed in Paris ad they checkin yo a hotel ad they fresh up ad when with there guide to explore Paris they went to lot of places ad they took lots of selfies ad they were happy with each other so by tis 4-5 days pass they became so close laksh who fall fr more ad more … Nw its night they r gng fr a dinner they were getting ready….laksh came to swara
Laksh – swara tis s fr u … By saying tis laksh gives a gift to swara
Swara – wat s tis laksh
Laksh – honeymoon gift my dear
Swara – who will give gift fr honeymoon
Laksh – maybe I the one
Swara smiled ad open the gift see saw a beautiful brown teddy in it its written I LOVE YOU MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE swara was soo happy ad hugged the teddy ad said thanqq so much laksh
Laksh who want to be in the place of that teddy see her ad smiled – lets go fr dinner I’m really hungry yaar pls…
So they went dinner while eating …
Laksh – swara may I ask u something???
Swara – of course laksh u don’t need any permission u can ask
Laksh – swara can I drink one oly one beer
Swara who was shocked ad look towards laksh – ur wish
Laksh – I want to know abt ur wish becoz after I drank u will be with me so u r my responsibility if u r NT happy then I won’t do it
Swara – then noo…
Laksh – ok
Swara who was still looking him ad said – u r NT like my father
Laksh – y r u comparing me with ur father
Swara – becoz every woman’s first love s there father they decide all men will be like him oly
Laksh – bt I’m nt like him nq
Swara – s laksh u r NT like him …..
By tis they finish there dinner ad went to there room ..
Laksh – swara u sleep I have some work I will come back soon
Swara – bt laksh it’s too late
Laksh – I said na I will be back soon …..saying tis he left the room ad swara too slept after sometimes she wake saw laksh didn’t return yet so she worried ad went out to search fr him when she went out a waiter came to her ad gives a chit to her she was confused ad take the chit ad read it “pls come to swimming pool my dear swara” so she went her swimming pool bt she didn’t find him in that tym someone keep his hand on swaras eye ad its none other than laksh
Swara – wat a kind of trick s it

Laksh – 5….4…..3…..2……1….. HAPPY Birthday SWARA……..he left her ad goes near a wall she saw the wall ad tears started coming frm her eyes laksh smiled ad said HAPPY BIRTHDAY in the wall we can see a huge painting s its swara
Swara who amazed ad looking laksh lovely…
Laksh – its take tym fr tis ad u know wt the hotel manager said that they r gng paint this spot tomorrow so oly they allowed me to paint here u r looking beautiful na ……while he speaking swara came near him he stopped speaking ad look at her she didn’t say anything she goes near to him very near ad gave a peck on his lips laksh who was shocked ad don’t know how to react…he was numb ad seeing swara….swara who left to there room ad laksh followed her he locked the door ad came near her swara he hugged frm behind ad start kissing her neck…laksh then feel that swara s uncomfortable with it so he leaves her ad started moving bt swara holded his hand ad kissed him near his lips thenn….. They consummate their marriage……

After few months…..
Swara s serving breakfast to everyone nw every thing r normal ….suddenly she fell unconscious so laksh who was scared ad take to their room after sometime doctor came ad tested her ad said that she s pregnant…. Everyone were happy especially laksh who s very happy ad carried his mom ad started dancing….
Nw its swara’s 9th month…..
Swara had her labour pain laksh s carrying her to hospital…..

In hospital….
Dr – there s lots of complications in her delivery so we try our level best….saying tis he went laksh was totally broke….a sound came frm ot s its baby crying sound….nurse came with a beautiful girl baby…ad gave her to laksh he who asked abt his swara bt she said we r trying our level best ad went inside laksh who s abt to cry when his angel who he holds jst move her hands by tat its touchs laksh heart that moment laksh felt that his angel s saying that nothing will happen to her mom after few minutes doctor came ad said swara s fi5 we can meet her after 2hrs then everyone meets swara ad left nw swara laksh ad his angel oly there swara try to sit ad gave baby to her ad she s soo happy ad said
Swara – she soo lucky na laksh
Laksh – no we r lucky to have her … Ad smiled
Swara – she got a wonderful dad she will be happy na ad she will nt like me na
Laksh – no she will be like u … As a beautiful princess
Swara smiled
Laksh – swara did u decide any name fr her
Swara – s laksh I have decided
Laksh – really then wat s it
Swara – Annapurna….
Laksh look at swara with surprise ad said- maa name bt y swara
Swara – becoz she s the one who said the truth of love ad mangalsutru so I want her to have such a love so
Laksh smiled ad hugged both swara ad his princess….
After 3 years nw little Ap s 3 years old cute princess….
Laksh – tis hw ur father ad mothers love story ad hw s it
Lil AP – hmmm good ….before she could say something swara came ad said
Swara – princess go ad call dada ad dadi fr dinner
Lil AP – ok mom ….saying tis she went
Swara – laksh wat s this u tell this story to her wat will she think of me …..
Laksh – wat tat s the truth na
Swara with fake angry – so u r trying to say I nt good ri8
Laksh – nt like tat ….saying this he hold her hand
Swara – laksh leave my hand anyone will come
Laksh – first say I Love You ad then I will leave ur hand
Swara – laksh
Laksh – swara we know each other fr more than 10 years ad we got marriage before 4years bt nw u didn’t tell me I Love You yaar tis nt fair …saying tis he make a face
Swara turned towards him ad said – y if I didn’t say u don’t know ah.. Laksh u r everything to me we I saw u fr the first time I didn’t know tat u will be the person who make me smile ad the person who makes me cry out of happiness.. Before u came my life was a white sheet ur made its a colourful one ad adding more happiness in my life laksh if u nt there I will nt be In tis world add I happy that u r with me ad u will always with me … Ad s s I LOVE YOU MR LAKSH I always Love you…….saying tis she hugged him tightly ad laksh also hugged her tightly…..some flash were fall on them ad the can hear some r smiling then the soon composed them ad see lil ap s taking pics ad all r laughing…. Laksh run after lil ap ad carried her ad take a pics with swara…..


so guts tata bye bye …… Comments pls love u all ad lead a happy life bye gng to miss u all ……

Credit to: keerthi

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