I Love you – SWALAK chapter 4


Sry sry guys due to serve error I can’t post bt I promise tat it going to end in 2 shots…. Thanqqq fr ur lovely comments ad thanqq fr silent reader also….. So lets begin

Laksh went outside frm the swara’s ward after sometime ap came to laksh…
Laksh pov
Mom came first I feel uncomfortable to talk to my mom I know whatever done inside ward s nt ri8 at tat moment finally I had some courage to ask abt her health
Laksh – hw s she??
Ap – she f5 bt she need more rest
Laksh – hmmm
Ap – laksh whatever u said inside s …..
Laksh – maa its true..
Ap – I know tat u love her bt I need to tell something about her that u remember tat when we saw tat movie she scared and become unconscious
Laksh – s I remember bt y u asking abt it mom
Ap – Vo.. In her teenage some of her relative tried to misbehave with her so oly she react like tat so she don’t want to have such relationship with anyone do u understand wat I’m trying to say….
Laksh who was shock don’t know how to react
Ap – I know u love her alot I don’t know whether she will accept ur love or
Laksh – maa I love her truly I know she need tym
Ap – I understand u beta bt as a mother I also want to see my grand son na laksh
Laksh – I promise my love will change her like nw she s the one who never speaks with anyone bt nw she s like na ….
Ap – bt ur dad
Laksh – maa I will talk to him
Ap – I will also support u
Laksh feel happy tat his mom said ok fr their love……
After few hours Dr came ad said she fine ad we can take her to home…so mom decides to take her to our home so I went to her hostel ad packed her luggage’s ad went home bt I scared to face her so I did saw her fr 2 days she s with Riya stayed with her s was comfortable with her finally I went to Riya room…i saw her she also saw me I gather some courage to speak with her …
Laksh – r fine nw
Swara jst signed me as yes…
Laksh – lets go somewhere to have
Riya – ice cream
Laksh – ok
Swara – ok

Then we went to park ad ate ice cream ad Riya went to play with kids so I asked
Laksh – hmm swara did u want to tell me something
Swara – laksh actually I want to
Laksh – hmm say na
Swara – Vo I want to see roli laksh can u take me pls… She had tears in her eyes
Laksh – sure y nt lets we all go ok na …
Then I said to my dad abt meeting roli dad also accepted it…
So we all went to Mysore to see roli we had a wonderful day after sometime roli wanted to talk to me…
Roli – I’m soo happy u know laksh can I call u like tat …
Laksh – off course roli u also my sis na
Roli – u r oly one who swara introduced as frnd she never told abt anyone bt u r spl tat my dii always speaks abt u ad says abt u I don’t believe u know
Laksh – thanqq

After then Riya ad roli talks abt their study as they r studying same cls then we all lived frm there she was also happy then we again went to clg ad we done our PG ad we were placed in a MNC we were work bt till then she never asked abt tat hospital incident nw my mom want me to get married so she forced me to talk to swara’s mom as her father got married so swara s with her mom so we asked her she also happy fr swara…..
Our engagement s done all were happy abt her …
Our marriage s going to happen within a month.. Then marriage rituals were started bt till then she didn’t say s to our relationship so I need to talk to her.. So I call her she picked up….
Laksh – swara I need to talk to u
Swara – hmm say na laksh
Laksh – swara r u happy with tis marriage

so guys what do u think comments below….ad I’m going to end tis in 2-3 more shots so stay tune guys love you all…….

Credit to: keerthi

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