I Love you – SWALAK chapter 3


Hiiii guys… Thanqqqq fr all ur comments ad thanqq fr my silent reader also so lets start…….
Laksh pov
Swara became unconscious so I lifted her in my arms ad carried to my room after she gain conscious she didn’t talk to me my mom said to live the room so I left ……
After few Mins she become normal…then I dropped her in her hostel….
Few days passed ….. Today she didn’t come to clg I’m missing her…..
I left to my home suddenly I got a call frm her I’m happily pick up bt she didn’t talk its someone else…
Caller – may I know to who I’m talking???
Laksh – its swara’s phn hw do u get its tell me ( I’m totally anger wat happen to her )
Caller – sir talking frm hostel tis girl tried suicide so I thought to call to her home bt in her phn I saw oly ur number sir
Laksh who was in total shock he was crying he doesn’t know what to say….so his mom ap took the phn frm him ad ask wat then she comes to know about it
Ap – we r coming to hospital
Then they left….

@Swara ward….
Swara who gains conscious… Saw laksh ad ap she started crying……
Ap – wat happen y u did tis???
Swara – aunty vo….vo….
Laksh who was in anger shouted – Said asked u something
Swara – Vo.. My dad got married to another woman saying tis she break down Ap try to console her bt laksh didn’t bother abt anything he asked her another que..
Laksh – so fr tis reason to tried to kill urself ah
Swara who was crying noted yes… Becoz fr every woman her father will be her first hero I love him soo much bt he didn’t bother abt us he got married ad saying tat we r NT important to him… She cried

Laksh – so tis s the y didn’t come to clg ..
Swara – yes… Y should I live I have no one to care or who takes care fr me y should I have live I want to die pls let me die
After listening tis laksh raise his hand to slap her before that ap stop him swara scared …
Laksh – so no one s caring abt u ri8 … Y u can’t c my caring towards u r u don’t want to c it….. I made friendship with u becoz of tat bet bt nw I don’t know what you think bt I’m nt caring u fr that bet….
Swara – I know u made friendship with me fr a bet soo u also cheated me na
Laksh – no swara I really like u when I saw u my heart beat skipped a beat that bet was a reason to be with u I don’t know when or where how I fall fr u I don’t tis s love or nt bt if u left me I can’t exist I’ll be there were u r …….
Saying tis I left the ward I don’t know what my mom r swara will think bt my heart says to her that he important she s ….. Wat will swara think abt me….?????

. so guys wat do u think whether she will say r no wat will be Ap’s reaction after knowing tis so comments below ….. Stay tune fr nxt

Credit to: keerthi

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