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Hi everyone…Here i am
Let me tell u guys this is not my story…it is written by my friend Subi and I am posting in behalf of her…This story is already posted in fb and it is completed there…Hope u guys like this story…



Swara’s pov
Hello everyone I’m SWARA, this is a story about my life that is my friends, family, love..
Don’t worry this story will not only contain my pov.. There are three more protagonists in this story.. First my sweet sis ragu, then my buddy sanky and my chotu lucky… So each episode will contain atleast two pov (depends on subi’s mood 😜)

So guys me swara doing my final year engineering in IT stream….I’m a happy go lucky person.. I love my family and friends and my life… My a pet of all members of family both godida’s and maheshwari’s you may be thinking na how maheshwari’s is my family.. They are coz we both familys are business partners and family friends recently neighbors too…
And next is sanskar he is same like me.. We both are class mate since 5th standard.. Our characters are xerox copies…. I love him a lot (as a friend) and the one who know all my secrets and wishes are….. (what u thought sanky… Then you are wrong) that’s Rohan.. My childhood sweetheart… .. He is my soulmate bestie…. (next part I will say much more about Rohan)
Next is my sweeto.. Ragini she is naughty yet determined girl… Very brilliant and studious..
Now she has join our college but genetical engineering… Her best buddy is lucky…
Next my chotu laksh …he is same as ragini
Studious, brilliant but not naughty.. Bit calm.. He is also a genetical engineering student.. Rags and lucky are friends from their class 3… Best buddies… Even more than me and sanky..
But not more than mine and Rohan’s bonding…
And I have the best family and importantly best brother arjun .. He loves me unconditionally… I’m his lucky charm.. Sometimes rags to get jelous.. Haha funny isn’t it… And my sister in law radhika she is not less than a sister to me.. Like an elder sister.. But she shares a great bonding with both me and rags…….

So guys that’s it for today… Bye this is swara signing off.. Catch you up later… See you take Care….

*Swara helly shah
*Sanskar varun Kapoor
*Ragini tejaswi prakash
*Laksh namish taneja
*Arjun Ahem Sharma
*Radhika Monica Sehgal
*Rohan parth samthaan

So now it’s my turn to sign off.. Bye see you guys soon…. Take care have a good day……

#LFFL by subi

  1. hey I loved it, pls continue

  2. Fairy

    omggggg itssssss sooooooooooo verrryyy interestng n amazngggg dr…i realllly loved it!!!!ahh!!already in love wid rags charecter 😉 heheh eager to see my naughty n studious rags 😉 wow raglak share such a sweet bondng….waitngggg eagerllyyyyy for rags pov….plz post nxt part soooon plz plz…keeeep rockng n stay blesssed sweety 😉

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  4. SNY

    Amazing dr…!!!

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