Sanky pov
Then he started to move ahead of me… Pride I thought…. When I look back I got the reason…….. Yah raglak are standing watching the scene… I guess she didn’t know this is Rohan….. Rohan stood infront of rags.. And he stated.. ” Sammy my cutie pie has grown up…. My cute little baby is now at college… ” as he was saying this rags just watch him cluelessly… I think he got it… Again he stated ” I guess you are thinking who I’m.. Isn’t it?!!?? ” rags simply nodded her head hesitantly.. He smiled and continued ” ha I knew as you have not seen me for nearly 10 years.. When I last saw you.. You are 8 now.. I guess 18. “I think rags got a clue.. She a light smile. ” is this you Rohan bro…!!!! ” she asked excitedly..
Rohan sighed and said.. ” atlast my cutie pie identified me… All thanks to your sister.. She didn’t even allow me to talk to you… Huhh.. Possessive sgf “and hugged rags… She to reciprocated… Wait did he said gf or sgf!???? What’s it???? Haan our curious bihaan asked” what is sgf??? ” Rohrag (Rohan + ragini) broke the hug… Rohan replied with a smile ” soulmate girl friend bihaan… ” again a shock.. I
Asked ” how come you know he is bihaan.??! had Sammy showed our pics??? ” he instantly replied. ” hey know.. But she talks a lot about you all.. OK wait let me guess you all… No interruption got it if I’m wrong say after I complete my guessing…. OK handsome guy.. But shows angry glare on me with jelous sanky… It’s you.. ” huh guessed right.. Then he turned to lucky.. “Next inoccent face calm nature cute boy lucky.. Right..” Next to our gang ” dashing guy with angry face cut but has sweet smile.. Ranveer or rv.. And traditional girl with modern appearance stunning beauty near rv is you ishani… Next as I already guessed bihaan haan I found it coz you are the over curious one with cool out fit.. Next silent and simple girl thapki.. Next Rockstar attitude abeer.. And studious one near you is meher..
Cool guy with smiling face and making environment happy is you Neil and with you a girl who is sweet with attitude look and bubbly nature is samaira… That’s it.. Is my guess correct!!! ” as he completed we all stood there jaw dropped.. I must accept it he is truly intelligent. And friendly person with care free mind…
Then Sammy broke the silence…she came towards Rohan and put her hand around his neck ” ofcourse prince will be ever wrong in your guessing??! ” he smiled.. Then Neil started ” awesome dude… Perfect.. But OK y did you said sanky jealousy?!! ”

Then Rohan turned to me with a smile.. ” don’t take me wrong dude I saw your face when I carried Sammy.. You are watching me as if you are gonna kill me anytime. Thats when I got you.. Already Sammy said me about you and how you hate me coz I’m Sammy’s important person… ” when he finished all burst into laughter
I stood there embarrassed.. Then Sammy pulled my cheeks ” aww so cute sanky.. Jealous ahh!!!! “.. And then we all chatted for sometime and went to our classes leaving Rohan.. I guess he would have left….. But this Sammy.. She has not stopped talking about Rohan.. Even in class hours she is talking to me… First time in my life as is I must not have seated besides her…. After classes lunch break plus afternoon classes off….. We planned to spend some time in canteen and can leave at usual suspects time…. Finally in happy that I can spend some time with Sammy… We all headed towards canteen even raglak joined us.. There are saying about their first day… How a guy flirted with rags.. Then I thought my kiddo has grown up… True… Atlast we reached there I got next shock.. Rohan with a gang of 4 boys they seemed to be of our age.. But they are new here. After seeing us he came towards us and dragged Sammy.. And introduce them to us.. He said they are here to join MBA… Then next shock… That’s it over I thought after he said next line…

Swara’s pov
“Ohh gosh this is the best day of my life… Surprise after surprise….” I thought as Rohan said that he is gonna do MBA in our college…. Omg can you guys guess.. My happiness it’s beyond the world, solar system, milky way and galaxy…. I immediately gave him a bone crushing hug. “hey cool down princess do you wanna get me admitted in hospital instead of college..” he said with Lil attitude….
” duffer prince I’m over excited.. I guess I can’t get other surprise??!! ” I asked him doubtfully..
Asusual he gave his charming smile and said I doo have a biggest surprise…
Then we chit chatted alot had our lunch and again chatted and atlast we bid bye to all and went to parking lot…. Then we all went home…….
After parking our vehicles we headed towards door. Once we are near.. From out of nowhere I started shouting ” momsie popsie bro sil where were you

momsie popsie bro sil where were you.. Come out I have a surprise for you all…. ” I’m sure they all might be shocked even these 4 also startled to see me shouting….” Cool down princess I’m here only… ” Rohan said panicked as if something happened to me… But grabbed his hands forcefully and ran inside.. Mom, pops and sil are there.. Quickly he jerked my hand and got blessing from my parents and smiled at my sil.. Trio stood there with confusion… As always my popsie started.. ” shona are you in love with him do you wanna marry him.. You must have said to me earlier.. It’s nothing late.. Hey dude when are your parents coming.. “he completed. Hearing biglaughter of Rohan while I gave a look to pops like you will never change wil you… My pops gulped.. Then next bro came down as soon as he saw Rohan he exclaimed…
” Rohan you here you said you will reach tomorrow ” that’s my parents and sil got who is this.. My parents started their dialogs.. You’re grown up bla bla bla.. I stood there bored while they are doing senti talks… Then my bro came to me.. ” is this why you are excited today ” he said with teasing tone…
Then he started teasing me.. But I didn’t give any damn to him…. Then maheshwari’s made an entry coz of my shouting.. Then again we chit chatted and then had our dinner.. That’s when I realized about mom and dad. Ofcourse Rohan’s parents.. ” he prince where is mom and dad… Why didn’t they come here!??! ” I asked while stuffing a piece in side my mouth..
They didn’t come to India princess they are busy with their business.. ” he replied..
“Then how about you stay here..” I asked which only I got a laughter from Rohan and bro.. ” do you think I want your opinion to stay here??! ” Rohan asked then bro continued ” he is staying here… ” ” this is final and biggest surprise how’s it princess.. ” Rohan asked while winking.
” awesome prince.. Love you alot ” I said while Rohan smiled and answered ” love you too princess ” while my family gave a teasing look and maheshwari’s are shocked rags and lucky took it easily while a pair of eyes is shooting fires at me.. Obviously it’s sanky.. Haan sanky I again forgot him totally.. Hahaha.. Poor me.. Now I should convince him… But I’m not in a mood for it.. I will do it class hours…
Aftee dinner me Rohan bro sil rags and lucky went you my room.. .. We chit chatted then we departed.. And I slept thinking about this wonderful day.. Then slowly sleep under took me…… ? ?
Episode ends…

So guys how about today’s episode,??!! Did you like it.. I think you guys can guess Sanky’s expression……so think it yourself. .(hahahhah..?)
This is subi signing off bye take care have a good day……

#LFFL by subi

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    It’s amazing n superb too….but sanky poor guy I can understand his situation…..

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    Sanskaarr.. don’t worryyy dear! i’ll take Rohan with me..happy new year

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