Rags pov…

I’m really excited.. Guess what my first day of college… Though that college is not new for.. Me… But also now I’m going there as that college student… Cool isn’t it….. I saw the clock it shows 8:15 then I moved down.. Mom saw me first and said “ragu ma you are looking pretty” I smiled then arjun bro came and repeated the same line.. “yah ragu ma you look pretty..” I said..teasingly. “bro don’t expect me to praise you as you are praising me…”
Then I heard radhika sil’s voice ” yah ragu ma you are right… ”
Arjun bro just sighed like.. You all will not change…. Then entered sanky bro and lucky..
(wait you all may be thinking why I’m calling bro… The main reason is my father.. He used to call all men bro.. Could you believe even he calls arjun as bro….wierd right calling his son as bro.. But he use it.. So I’m inherited to it from childhood.. Now even sanky bro and lucky also call everyone bro…)
We all chit chat for 5 mins while having breakfast.. But I noticed sanky bro he is just starring at stairs… Desperately wanting to meet swara.. Not only today.. I have been noticing it since when they are class 12 and important thing is he hate Rohan bro a lot… Once he too confessed it to the family…..

The clock striked 8:30 we all heared my sis sweet voice… ” hey guys happy morning.. ” she shouted enthusiastically… I cannot see her as my back is facing her… I’m in dinning table… But sanky bro’s eyes are popped out.. Then my sis came near.. I must admit she is looking really cute in that knee length straight pink frok… Just adorable… Why can’t I find these dresses while shopping.. I must accept she has fantastic sense in dressing… She only used to wear simple dresses be it casuals or traditional.. Yet they have simple and elegant look…. The first voice heard it from kitchen door.. It’s arjun who is back after washing hands….. He said first without seeing my sis.. “good morning cutie” then he saw her and came near her and said “you are looking very pretty doll” then pecked her forehead…. She became more happy….. I too said it…then she came and pecked my forehead and said “you looking beautiful sweeto… ” I said thanks sis… Then I heard a voice..

Laksh pov
I’m feed up of their praising each other…..don’t they have eyes.. I’m looking much handsome… But none praised me
…I lost my patience and first I said…( you know I’m a calm guy)
“If you all are done with praising then shall we leave.. ” then sanky bro answered ” lucky still we have enough time “while swara sis was stuffing the sandwich excitedly.. I think she is more enthusiastic today.. When I was about to ask her the reason arjun bro started” hey doll looking more enthusiastic today whats the matter.. “he asked as he raised his eye brow..
Then Shekar dad continued.. ” may be she is gonna propose her love ” that’s it for swara sis.. She said.. ” I’m not ready to hear any of your blabbering.. I don’t know but I’m much excited.. There is an intuition.. I don’t know what it is.. But I’m really happy.. From morning.. ”
Arjun bro smiled and said ” be happy like this forever.. ” then sumi mom teased arjun bro ” it seems like arjun has become a saint.. Giving blessing and all ” all laughed while swarju ( swara + arjun) make faces.. Atleast we left to college today Asusual me and rags on my bike.. But swara sis preferred her scooty instead of sanky bro’s bike… Then we reached clg..

Sanky pov

We reached our college.. Our gang came to us..

Ranveer (MATSH)

We are chit chatting. Then raglak (ragini +lucky) asked us to accompany them till admission office as they have to complete some formalities. We went with them.. And we were waiting near the office.. Admission block has 3 steps to climb.. Swara is standing facing the office in first step while I’m standing at the top 3rd step admiring her while she was busy talking…. With our gang… I was smiling like a fool seeing her.. I came back to senses after hearing sound of a car wheel which came at really high speed and stopped at a distance whole clg is looking with open mouth but as usual our gang didn’t pay it a head. We all don’t like these things.. Then a boy stepped out of that car he Is wearing a simple white shirt and a blue jeans looking neat and handsome should admit.. He seems like he has taste as my Sammy… I think new admission
Then I turned my head.. All girl not all most of the girls are checking out him…. After sometime I saw him coming near us.
I thought he is going to admin office.. But to my surprise or shock.. He held swara’s hand from behind and turned her towards him and just like that he lifted her and also started round her… Every one is shocked even swara she is in utter shocking… I was about to held him.. But the I heared stopped me is that guy said.. ” finally I’m back Sammy ” oh god I prayed god that it shouldn’t be Rohan..

But after that swara saw down.. Ya saw down.. She didn’t even realize anything for a moment.. Her face pale coz of shock… Then she shouted the word I hate the most.. You all got it isn’t it.. Haan “ROHAN” that’s it for me… Slowly he placed her down… Immediately swara jumped on him in excitement and hugged him…… My swara is hugging the person I hate the most.. Now I’m angry on myself.. How could I myself admit that he is handsome.. I think I just blabbered … He is not handsome as me… I consoled myself in….. Now swara was literally crying hugging him… I want to console her.. But he is there… I’m stopping myself from my swara…. Then that Rohan muttered.. Omg Sammy I should say my cute princess has become an beautiful queen.. You are grown up dear…. Atlast she smiled.. Then she said.. ” is that so am I looking good.. ” Rohan said ” ho fo.. Kiddo your character and the doll face didn’t change…. ” I’m boiling at his words…

But now it’s swara’s turn to irritate I guess… She said ” ohh my prince you are nothing less… You have to become a dashing king… Just see back every girl is looking at you.. I think you have more followers than sanky…. ” ohh atlast she muttered my name…. “sanky I totally forgot him.. Ohh my prince let me introduce sanky to you..” she continued as she held his hand… Awesome right my prince just sanky.
Both came towards me. I was controlling my anger.. Then he started to move ahead of me… Pride I thought…. When I look back I got the reason……..
Hey guys enough of today and can’t talk more so you all later.. Bye take care

So guys enjoyed today’s episode.. Hope you liked it….. Throw your suggestions or appreciation or depreciation in comments….
Bye this is subi signing off..

#LFFL by subi

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    osm yrr…i liked that aapne ishra(ranveer n ishani) ko b post me admit kiya….raglak n ishra r the most lovely couples……plz keep on updating early…n is it possible for u to inform me as n when u update nxt chappy…plz do if it is possible :-* !!!

    1. Nagamanasa

      Tq so much dear for loving this ff…Actually this one is not my story so when I receive the next part I will post it

  2. Niku

    Amazing…Pls. update soon….

    1. Nagamanasa

      Tq Niku dear…

  3. awesome loved it

  4. Sanswa

    Hey loved 2 d core dea?….keep rocking lyk dis

  5. Vyshu10

    Nice….aww bechara sanky. Feeling very sad for him. Update soon

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