Love is stupid (Swasan) Chap – 4


Hi guys!!! Thank you so much guys for all the comments. For the record, Sanskar knows that it’s Swara who he’s going to marry but Swara doesn’t know anything as she’s least interested in all this. If you have any more questions, just ask me. Here we go with the next chapter… <3

The next day, Swara woke up and called her friends. She talked to them and then, went to take a shower. When she went towards the kitchen, her mom started asking her about the dress that she is wearing. Swara totally forgot about this and told that she will meet her childhood friends first for lunch and then, she will go directly to meet him for dinner. After a lot of arguments, her mom agreed. Se quickly got dressed in casuals and went to meet her childhood friends who she always used to play with in summer. She told them everything and they enjoyed their lunch.
“So what time is this date that you are going to?” One of her friends asked her and she didn’t know what to say. She looked at her phone and saw that she only has one hour in between. She panicked as the place was half an hour away from the place that she is in and her house is on the opposite side. Her mom called her and asked her where is she and she said that she’ll be there on time and told her mom not to worry. She hanged up the phone and thought what to do. She didn’t even know what to do, as she wasn’t even ready.
“Okay, so now what?” Her friends asked her.

She quickly got up and went to the restroom. She did some makeup and opened her hair from a bun. She looked sober but gorgeous. She came out and asked her friends about it. They all got shocked of it and gave her thumbs up. She said goodbye to them and went quickly towards the car. She was perfectly on time and gave the keys to the sheriff outside the door. She ran towards the table no.6 and saw her name and his name on it. She quickly settled there and waited for him. It was just less than a minute that he appeared on the door. He saw her from back and cursed himself that he got late. He was about to go near the table that one person got a mild heart attack. Swara turned around by hearing the scream and quickly got off of the table and went towards him. Sanskar and Swara both landed in front of him at the same time and had an eye lock for a second that they got distracted by the scream again.
“Oh God!” A lady spoke and put her hands on her mouth.
“Its going to be fine, aunty. Don’t worry.” Sanskar said.

“Yeah, aunty. I am a doctor so you don’t worry. Are you his wife?” Swara said while laying that man on the floor.
“No no. I was just worried for this man as he’s alone here.” An old lady said. Sanskar and Swara looked at each other and shook their head.
Swara called the ambulance and Sanskar started pressing onto his heart. The ambulance arrived and took him to the hospital. All of the people were relieved and started clapping for Sanskar and Swara. They said their thanks and went towards the table.
“So Sanskar, what are you doing here? I mean it’s a coincidence that we both again met each other in this restaurant.” Swara said
“Well, I must say you are looking gorgeous.” Sanskar said.

“Thanks. So are you here with your date?” Swara asked a bit uncomfortable but hid it with her smile.
“Yeah, on a date. You?” Sanskar asked.
“Same.” Swara said but murmured to herself, “this guy is totally not worth it. He should be hanged like seriously, who comes late to a date?” Swara was clearly frustrated and Sanskar was enjoying her expressions.
They both sat in front of each other and Swara got shocked.
“Hey thanks Sanskar for the company but that seat is already reserved for somebody.” Swara reluctantly said trying not to make Sanskar embarrassed.
“Yeah I know and this seat is only reserved for me.” Sanskar said taking the menu.
“What are you talking about?” Swara was so confused. “I am talking so politely with you just because you are Laksh’s friend or else…”
“Calm down, Jhansi ki rani.” Sanskar chuckled. “I am the only guy who you came to see from New York. He held his hand in the front to shake but seeing Swara’s mind completely blown off, he took back his hand.
“WHAT? That’s complete nonsense.” Swara said after taking a decade to digest the fact that Sanskar is only guy who she keeps cursing since the day her parents told her about him.

Precap – Don’t know as usual but stay tuned for the next chapter… 😉

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