Love is stupid (Swasan) Chap-2


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This is after Sumi got angry on Swara for not saying yes to the marriage.

Swara tried to give her cousins her puppy-face but no one took a step. She looked at her older cousin sister but she knew that now nothing can save her. Eventually, she reluctantly agreed. All the cousins went to her room and had fun the whole night. But from inside, Swara was scared regarding this marriage issue. She was horrified with just the idea of marriage so how she’s going to go through all this.

“Are you okay, Swara?” Ragini (her older cousin) asked her. She was concerned for her baby sister.

“I don’t know. I am scared. I don’t want to get in a relationship.” Swara said.

“Everything will be fine. Don’t worry. You just have to meet a guy right now, nothing else.” Ragini said.

“You should know better. You regret your marriage. You are divorced and you still are saying that I should stop worrying. Mom and dad fight a lot, which always led to mom crying over it. You had a rough marriage, not saying that you are a single mother of a 10 years old lovely kid.” Swara poured her heart out in front of her cousin cum sister.

“I know you are scared but not all the guys are the same. Every relation has some issues and my relationship was weak that it broke.” Ragini said and they talked a lot about this issue and Swara was feeling a little better. But the sleep was far away from her eyes.

Her family left to their own houses and now, she was left to deal with her parents alone. Soon after, her parents’ left to their jobs after giving her instructions to pack her luggage as their flight was the next day. Having no choice left, she packed her luggage and got ready for her own job.

“Hey, Swara! What’s up?” Her friend, Jessica, asked her excitedly.

“Nothing much. I am exhausted.” Swara said while changing into her hospital clothes.

“Woho, you sound so low. Is everything okay?” Lisa asked.

“I am going to India to get…” Swara started saying but Jack cut her in between.

“Oh my god, I wish I could be going somewhere for the vacation.” Jack sighed in wonder.

“To get married.” Swara finally yelled while others were shocked.

“With who?” Jessica asked.

“I don’t know. He is a surgeon in Boston. My parents asked me to meet him once and then, they will proceed further.” Swara sat down on a chair and put her hands under the chin sadly.

“You are an a*sh*le. You said that you are getting married but this just sounds like a blind date which surprisingly, your parents arranged for you.” Lisa said dreamingly.

“I got scared for a while.” Jessica said.

“So he is a surgeon. Let me see his picture.” Jack said but Swara told them that she didn’t have his picture. They all were shocked as to how can she get married to a guy who she’s never met before but Swara made them understood about her culture. They all knew about this arranged marriage concept as they had an Indian friend which was Swara but still, they couldn’t digest the fact.

“So when are you getting married?” Lisa asked after all the discussion.

“Maybe in a year or so.” Swara said unsure of this fact.

“Okay, so you have time to know him. You’ll be fine.” Jack said and they all nodded. After, they all got ready to go for their rounds. They spent their whole day by teasing Swara and when it was time, they all assured her that she’d be fine. They asked her to update them on every detail and asked her to send the guy’s pictures as soon as possible after she gets it. Swara got tired of all their rants and left to home. Four of them had their dinner where all they talked about how the guy is and his family. Her brother just teased her about how he’ll be happy after she left the house.

Precap – don’t know as usual. Stay tuned for the next chapter..

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