Love is stupid (Swasan) Chap-1


Thank you so much guys for all the positive comments. I am really sorry that I didn’t reply to all the comments but soon, I will do that too. I just need to adjust my schedule then I’ll start doing that too. Besides that, I am so happy. Ok so let’s start the next chapter. It will be from a Swara’s point of view but maybe; in between I’ll give Sanskar’s point of view. Bare with me guys ☺

“Wow! Today, everyone is at home for dinner.” Swara exclaimed with joy after covering her 24-hour shift and now, home for dinner. Her whole family was here including her bua, chacha’s whole family, her cousins and her grandparents.

Her little niece and nephew were there too and ran to her. They hugged her with their little hands and she picked them up and kissed their cheeks.

“How’s your job going?” Her cousin asked her after all the cousins settled on the couch like they used to before and playing cards.

“It’s good. It gets intense sometimes but you know how it is in the first few years of fellowship.” Swara gave a tiring sigh and everyone nodded in agreement. They all played cards and had so much fun after a long time.

Then, they all went to the dining table where all the elders started eating their dinner already. Sumi was serving everyone while her sisters in laws were lending a hand to Sumi. Seeing this, Swara also started helping all of them. They all were chatting and laughing but Swara knew better. She gave a suspicious look to her bua and her dad. Everyone kept stealing glances off of Swara and encouraging each other to open their mouth. Now, Swara had enough so she busted out her frustration.

“Now, who’s going to tell me what’s cooking in all your heads?” Swara said and everyone knew that if one of them didn’t open their mouth, the volcano will surely erupt and they all will drown in the lava. All her cousins were trying to suppress their laughter seeing the elders’ situation but no one dared to help them. Then, her bua gained some courage and started to speak. Everyone knew that if there is a person who Swara always listens to, it is her bua. Bua knows how to handle her.

“Well Swara, you are going to India with Shekher and Sumi for a month.” Bua finally spoke.

“Really, Bua?” Swara said in excitement. “I am so excited to meet everyone there. It’s been three years that I haven’t visited any of them there since my internship started.”

“Yeah about that.” Her bua hesitated for a while and then, she spoke after realizing that she is not getting any help from other people. “We are all thinking that now you are 27 so you should get settled. You should get married.”

Now, this time Swara choked on her food really hard. Her cousins, who she was happy to see an hour ago, started laughing. She gave all of them a death glare and said, “Haha, not funny. I am not getting married now. It’s too soon. I don’t want to go to prison before enjoying my life.”

Now, her dad spoke “Beta you have to get married one day or the other so why not now? Please just meet the guy once. We have seen him and he is a doctor. He’ll understand your hectic schedule and for the record, you are not going to any prison.”

“I don’t want to meet any guy.” Swara was stubborn and everyone knew that. She knew how to make her dad understand but it was clever that they all were here. She couldn’t make an argument there. It was like a whole army against one poor soul.

This angered her mom. Her mom was the strict one in her house and Swara wouldn’t stand a chance against her. “We all are going the day after tomorrow. The guy lives in Boston and he is with his family visiting India right now. This is a really good chance that we can’t loose. He is well settled and his family. They all are well educated and they are a nice family. I don’t want to hear a no from you. We agreed to you when you said that you are going to marry after your internship and now is the time.”

Precap: I don’t know. I am just going with the flow for this story so stay tuned!!!

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