Love is Stupid (Swasan) 9


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It was very late at night when Sanskar thought to text her but she didn’t reply. Her phone was kept on the side table on the silent mode and Swara was sleeping soundly. The next morning, her alarm rang but she didn’t wake up as she was very tired from the night before. After an hour, her mom walked in and woke her up.
“Swara, get up. You are going to be late for the rounds.” Sumi snatched the blanket from her head and shook her up.
“Oh My God! I am screwed; the attending is going to kill me. Swara quickly left to the bathroom to get ready and then, took all her stuff and left to the hospital. She called Jessica and asked her to buy her breakfast, as she doesn’t have time to buy anything. She quickly got ready and ate her breakfast and barely made it. She took a deep breath and left to do the rounds. During lunch time, she checked her phone and she got shocked to see Sanskar’s text. After reading a simple hi, a smile appeared on her lips and she replied back.
Swara – Hi! I’m sorry I slept last night.
Then she waited for the reply but he didn’t replied back. She was checking her phone every 5 seconds whereas all her friends were talking about the upcoming exam.
“Swara, are you even listening? Where the hell is your mind?” Jessica smacked her back and Swara came back to sense.
“Don’t tell me Sanskar texted you?” Lisa said.
When Swara nodded, they all got so excited and asked what did he say?
“Nothing but just hi. He messaged me last night but I slept early so I didn’t see it. I just noticed and texted him back.” Swara casually said and they all got upset that they didn’t even get a gossip but Swara was in her own dreamland thinking of her Sanskar.
That night when Swara was all ready to go to bed, she got Sanskar’s reply.
Sanskar – Hey it’s fine. Even I was busy the whole day today.
Swara – I totally understand.
Sanskar – So what are you upto?
Swara – I was just going to sleep.
Sanskar – Oh I am sorry. You should go to sleep.
Swara – I am not sleepy tho.
Swara and Sanskar smiled and chatted with each other till late night. Swara slept in between the conversation. Like this, two weeks passed and everything was going very well between both of them. They were getting along very well and somewhere; they started developing feelings for each other. It was easy for Sanskar to accept but Swara, being stubborn, kept denying it. The priest told that after 2 months, there’s a very auspicious date for marriage and everyone agreed on that date. Swara and Sanskar were very excited for it and Swara quickly texted Sanskar for it. They both were very happy and impatient for the marriage. Sumi told her that they have go to India one month before the marriage to shop for her marriage clothes.
“Mom, there is a problem. I have a final fellowship exam coming up and it’s 2 weeks before the marriage. I can’t miss that exam.” Swara was depressed but more than that, she was scared of that test. After this exam, she can practice pediatrics and will officially be doing a job without any pressure of exams.
“That’s true and we can’t even change the date. You know what? You should just come after your exam is over. We will take care of all the shopping. You don’t worry.” Sumi said after giving it a lot of thought and everyone agreed with her.

After this discussion was over, Swara booked her flight the day after her exam and went to her room to study. Two hours later, she received Sanskar’s call and she quickly picked it up.
“Hey, what are you doing?” Sanskar asked her.
“Nothing, just studying for the exam. You?” – Swara
“Oh, I was just going back home.” – Sanskar
“Hmm. So when are you going to India?” – Swara
“I’ll just go two weeks before the wedding. I don’t even have to do anything so I thought what’s the use of going early?” Sanskar reasoned with her
“That’s true. Even I am going at the same time as I have my last important exam and I can’t miss It.” – Swara
“Oh yeah. How about if I go with you to India? I mean we can go together, right? – Sanskar suddenly got excited
“True. I’ll give you my flight instructions but what will we tell our parents? They will never agree for this.” Swara said but thought that this is the time that they will get to know each other before their marriage. It will be easier for both of them to adjust.
“How about if we don’t tell anyone? I’ll stay at the hotel for a day in Delhi and will go home the next day. So that they don’t get a doubt.” – Sanskar
“Wow,” Swara was impressed by his idea and got excited for the trip. “Okay I’ll talk to you later. Mom is calling me now.” Swara said
“Don’t forget to send me all the information of the flight. Bye.” Sanskar hung up the phone and now, they just couldn’t wait for the day.

Precap: Swara’s anger… 😉

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