Love is Stupid (Swasan) 8


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One day at Swara’s hospital,
“So how’s your hottie? Please tell me that you texted him last night. Please, please…” Lisa crossed her fingers this time. It’s their everyday topic first thing in the morning that if Swara texted him or not? But little did they know, Swara always gets stuck on the send button. She first gains all her strength to text him and when it’s time to send that text, she just takes her steps back. It’s not the first time she did this, everyday since their date she’s suffering through this for hundred times at night.
“I didn’t text him. I don’t know what to talk about. This whole thing is just a waste of time and also, he didn’t text me either so what’s the point?” Swara explained but it was like they listened to it and then, ignored the next second. They didn’t pay any heed to it and just kept on yelling at her.
“Maybe, Sanskar felt the same so you should take a step forward and text him. Put your ego aside and text him in front of us right now.” Jack stubbornly said and all of them nodded in agreement.
“Guys if you take his name for one more time in front of me, I’ll surely stop talking to you or better I’ll kill you.” Swara warned them this time and left to do her rounds.
Three of them just shook their head in disbelief and thought that she will never change. They also followed her and asked her to stop. Then, they apologized and Jessica as usual started her gossip about the hot guys.

Like this, two months passed and not once, Swara and Sanskar talked to each other. It was the time of their engagement and Swara was nervous as hell and this was no better for Sanskar either. They just weren’t sure of this relationship but when they thought about their first date, the smile crept on their lips. They thought that everything will be fine and got ready for their engagement. Swara invited all her friends and Sanskar did the same. It was supposed to be the best night of their life so they put all their insecurities and worries aside and just enjoyed every single moment.
Sanskar got ready in his black tuxedo like a hot gentleman and Swara got ready in her gold saree. They both looked like a perfect couple and all were happy with this couple. Swara’s friends were talking to Sanskar the whole time, which made Swara a little annoying.

Jessica and Lisa took Sanskar a little far from Swara and Swara was trying so hard to eavesdrop but no use.
“Sanskar I am going to warn if we saw even a single drop of tear in Swara’s eyes, we will surely beat you black and blue.” Jessica said which made Sanskar shocked and he gulped down in fear. Jack smacked Jessica on her arm and gave her a death glare.

“What? I am just protecting my friend like how Swara did when I was getting in a relationship. You know Sanskar, she warned all my boyfriends like the same way I did to you and they didn’t dare to break up with me until I got tired of them.” Jessica told Sanskar and it made him proud of his choice. He smiled a little understanding all their sentiments.
“Yeah, true. She even insulted my ex in front of the whole college when he tried to force me. This is the only reason that nobody tried to ask her out.” Lisa said and they all laughed at this pretty hard. Seeing them, Sanskar also joined them.

This was enough of Swara. She came towards them and tried to know what they were talking to him but no one gave her a hint.
“What’s going on?” Swara tried to sound casual but they all knew how curious was she in actual.

“Nothing we were just giving him tips on how to handle you after marriage? Listen Sanskar, don’t ever ask her why she’s upset as then, you have to listen to the whole bicker of her nonstop.” Jack said and gave a hi-fi to Lisa and Jessica. Swara became furious and looked at Sanskar but he put his hands in air and surrendered.
“See like this. Sanskar you are a fast-learner.” Lisa said and this time, Sanskar joined the laughter. Swara left from their irritated and Sanskar just stared at her leaving.
“At least we know that you will keep her happy by looking at you staring at her.” Jessica said relieved and Sanskar quickly averted his gaze from Swara.
After that, the ceremony was finished and they both were officially engaged. Now it was time for the first dance of the engaged couple. They both uncomfortably stepped onto the dance floor and Swara put her hand on his shoulder whereas Sanskar put his hand on her bare waist. Her dad and bua had tears of happiness seeing their princess happy. They both were lost in each other’s eye and danced like a perfect couple. Suddenly, they remembered the kiss that was about to happen the other night. They both looked away from each other and Swara smiled seeing her bua and dad. Her brother came in between and asked permission from Sanskar to have a dance with her own sister. Sanskar happily gave Swara’s hand in her brother’s hand and stepped away from the siblings. Swara looked really happy with her brother and taking this as a chance, Jessica asked Sanskar to dance with her. Swara was happy that Sanskar was mingling with her close relations. Indeed, her family chose a perfect groom for her.

After that, Sanskar’s cousin asked Swara to dance with him and she happily agreed. Swara and Sanskar danced with a lot of people except each other. After an hour or so, they both were together again and smiled at each other.
“I am so sorry for my friends. They get annoying sometimes.” Swara said while looking at her silly friends.
“No, I like them. But I must say they are very protective towards you.” Sanskar said remembering the threat.
“They are. We are friends for so long now that we can’t see each other sad. By the way, did they say something inappropriate?” Swara asked because she knew her friends.
“No, they didn’t.” Sanskar pulled her closer, which made Swara a little nervous. She looked at him and he was giving her mischievous smile. Swara blushed a little and looked at the floor. Sanskar moved to close to her ear and said in his husky voice, “By the way, I tried to text you many times but just didn’t get the courage to do it.”

Swara knew how he was feeling as she was going through the same thing. “Don’t worry, I know how you feel. I mean I tried to do it so many time but thought that you might be busy.”
“Alright but from now on, we should put our awkwardness aside and move ahead. We should become friends and talk like one.” Sanskar said and it suddenly made everything else easy.
“Perfect!” Swara exclaimed and Sanskar smiled looking at her. “So Mr. Maheshwari, you are going to text me first so that I don’t have to think twice before texting you.”
“Okay Madame, I will.” Sanskar bowed his head and Swara laughed at his antics.
Everything was over and now, they all left towards their home. Everyone praised the arrangement and decorations, which made Swara’s parents relieved and satisfied. Everyone was happy and fully enjoyed the night.

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