Love is Stupid (Swasan) 7


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The romantic track was playing and they both were caught up in the moment. They were dancing very close to each other and their heartbeat was faster than the beats of that song. The fear that Swara had regarding the marriage was reducing each second by his hot breath on her face. Somewhere in her heart, she was falling for him and the same thing was going in Sanskar’s heart. Sanskar twirled her around and now; her back was touching his chest. His face was so close to her that without knowing, she turned her own face towards his and there was just inch space between their lips. It was just about to happen that the song changed and both came into their senses. Swara moved up a little but Sanskar caught his wrist and pulled her towards his front.
He moved closer to her ear and said; “I will remember this night for a very long time now until we have our another date.” Swara blushed and bid him goodbye. Sanskar scratched his hair and left towards his car. They both were smiling ear-to-ear and happy with their first date. It was the most beautiful day for them ever. Swara reached her house and ready to answer their incessant questions about her date.

“So did you like the guy?” her mom asked her impatiently.
“Yeah, I did.” Swara tried to sound indifferent but she knew better that she liked him very much.
“So what is your answer for this marriage? Yes or no?” her dad asked.

“I am ready but just don’t make a big deal out of it.” Swara didn’t even finish the whole thing that Sumi was already dialing her bua’s number. After what seemed like a decade, Sumi called her future mother-in-law and told her Swara’s answer to which she also told Sanskar’s answer. Both families were very happy for this relationship but they thought that they shouldn’t hurry now. They decided that the engagement would be two months later when they get the week off from work and they will do it in New York but the marriage will happen in India only. Swara went towards her room and changed into pj’s where her mom and dad were still talking to her in-laws. After a tiring day, she slept thinking about Sanskar and on the other side, same happened with Sanskar.
Like this, their trip to India was over and now; they came back to New York. She went to Ragini’s place first and told her about everything. Ragini was very happy for her baby sister and asked her to show his picture. She showed her the picture and the only thing that came out of Ragini’s mouth was “He’s hot.” Swara nodded in agreement. They both laughed on their statement.

“So did you talk to him after the date?” Ragini asked as Swara was busy playing with her little niece.
“No. I don’t have his phone number.” Swara casually said but Ragini was shocked.
“How come you don’t have his phone number? Are you stupid or what?” Ragini was horrified.
“Calm down, Ragini di.” Swara didn’t think that it was this much shocking.

After the discussion ended over this number thing, Swara returned to her house and started unpacking her luggage. She had to go to her job the day after so she had to do laundry first. She went downstairs and found her mom talking to her AP (Sanskar’s mom).
Sumi stopped her in the middle and handed her the phone. Swara was feeling awkward and pleaded her mom not to do this but Sumi was her mom.
“Namaste, aunty.” Swara greeted AP on the phone.

“Namaste beta. How are you?” Like this, they talked for a while when AP insisted her to talk to Sanskar. Now this was enough of Swara but she couldn’t even say no. She didn’t know about what to talk to him. She was literally stuck with this phone and she was giving Sumi her best death glares but Sumi didn’t pay any heed.
“Hey, Swara!” Sanskar finally said and after hearing his voice, she felt some unknown happiness.
“Hey, Sanskar!” Swara spoke and Sanskar felt the same happiness.

“So how do you feel after coming back to your house?” Sanskar asked after having noting to talk about.
“It feels good. It’s been a week since you came back to Boston, right?” Swara said
“Yeah right.” Sanskar agreed.
Now, they both didn’t know what to talk about so they asked each other’s number and gave the phone to their moms.
They both went back to their regular schedule and didn’t talk to each other at all as they didn’t know what to talk about. It was so awkward for them that they just couldn’t build up the courage to at least text hi. Swara talked to Sanskar’s mom often and vice versa.

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