Love is Stupid (Swasan) 6


Sorry for this late update and thank you so much guys for all your comments. It just pushes me further to write a story that you all will like. So thank you and here we go with the next chapter. 🙂

They were finished with their dinner and now, it is the time for paying the bill. Sanskar took the bill and took out his wallet. Swara asked about the bill but Sanskar didn’t tell her.
“I am going to pay half of the bill.” Swara firmly said.
“No way. I am a gentleman and I’ll pay the whole bill.” Sanskar argued.
“Are you my husband?” to which Sanskar nodded in a no. “Are you my boyfriend?” to which he again nodded in a no. “So I’ll pay the other half of the bill.” Swara explained.
“But I’m your to-be-fiancé and it is against my rules to let you pay the bill.” Sanskar reasoned. They both were stubborn but eventually, Swara gave up. It was just 9 at night and it was still early to call off the date. They both decided that they should go somewhere else other than this restaurant. So they started to walk on the road.
“So, who else is in your family?” Sanskar asked.

“My dad, mom, my brother, my whole bua’s family and chacha’s family. They all live in New York and I have a little niece and nephew. They are so cute.” Swara exclaimed in joy.
“That’s good. So you have frequent family gatherings there?” Sanskar asked and smiled.
“Yeah we do. You know, we just had it the day before we were coming to India. They all came together on me just to get me convinced to meet you.” Swara laughed and this made Sanskar laugh too.
“So who is in your family?” Swara asked him.
“Just me, my mom and my dad.” Sanskar told her. “That’s why, I visit India often and this is the only reason for my mom to get me married soon.”
“Hmm. It would be boring for her to live alone at house.” Swara wondered.
“Yeah and for her, only my wife can make her get rid of this boredom.” Sanskar told her.
Now both of them fell in complete silence. Then, Swara saw gol gappa and asked Sanskar to join her. They both reached there and ate so many of the gol gappas. They both were full and it was again time to pay the bill.

“This time, I’ll pay the bill as I asked you to join me here.” Swara defended her argument.
“Fair enough.” Sanskar surrendered himself.
It was time to go back so they started going back to the restaurant for their cars. They saw a poor kid asking for some money and Swara went towards him and asked him what happened?
“I haven’t had food in such a long time and my family too so I am just asking for the money.” The kid said
“Swara asked him to stay there and went inside leaving Sanskar and the kid there confused. After 10 minutes, Swara came outside with the big bag full of food and asked him to go to his family and have this food. He hugged her and told her thanks and went away. Now, Sanskar was totally impressed by her and they both were ready to say yes to this marriage.
Swara’s phone rang this time and when she saw the caller Id, she didn’t know what to do. She saw Sanskar looking at her suspiciously so she finally picked it up.
“Hey guys what’s up?” Swara asked.

“Where are you? Are you still with that hot guy?” Lisa asked.
“Yes I am.” Swara moved back a little and said, “I’ll call you guys later now, okay?”
“What? No way. Put the phone on the speaker right now.” Jack said and surprisingly, Swara did.
“Hey, hottie.” Sanskar and Swara both looked at each other shocked and Swara got really mad at Jessica.
“Jessica, shut up.” Swara said giving a smile to Sanskar.
“Don’t worry, Sanskar. We saw your photograph already which Sumi aunty sent us. I must say Swara is very lucky to get you.” Lisa sighed.
“If Swara says no to this marriage, I am up for one with you. You are really hot.” Jessica said and Sanskar cleared his throat.
“Shut up, you morons. Hey buddy, this is Jack. Don’t worry about these idiots. They are always drooling over guys so you don’t have to be feeling uncomfortable.” Jack snatched the phone from them when the ladies busted in fits of laughter.

“No I am ok.” Sanskar said and Swara mouthed sorry to him. She quickly put the phone on her ear and said them goodbye. “I’ll see you guys when I come back.” Swara was really mad at her friends for doing this. She cut their phone and turned to Sanskar.
“I am so sorry on behalf of them. They are half-cracked so don’t pay any heed to them.” Swara tried to explain.
“They were right anyway. I mean I am hot, aren’t I?” Sanskar teasingly asked to which Swara nodded unknowingly but then composed herself.
“Whatever. You are so full of yourself.” Swara said

“That I am.” Sanskar said when both of them heard songs playing inside the restaurant. Sanskar quickly held Swara’s hand and came inside the restaurant. Unknowingly, they both were standing across from the dance floor hand in hand while the romantic track was going on. All the couples were dancing there to which Sanskar turned to Swara.
“May I have a dance with this gorgeous lady?” Sanskar bowed his head and held out his free hand.
“I have to think.” Swara said to which Sanskar pout and Swara gave her hand on top of his hand. They both laughed and went towards the dance floor.

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