Love is Stupid (Swasan) 5


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She was shocked so she quickly rose and excused herself to go to the restroom. She called her mom and asked the name of that guy.
“Sanskar! What happened, Swara? You didn’t meet him yet.” Sumi said.
“No, I did. I was just confirming, you know. I could also land with a complete different man and then you’ll curse me so I thought to be on the safe side.” Swara knew that she made a complete fool out of herself.

Sumi knew that Swara will do something but anyway, she told her to behave properly. She cut off the phone and took a look at the mirror. She made a bun of her hair and went outside so that Sanskar don’t get a doubt of her sudden trip to the restroom. She saw him busy on his phone and sat in front of him without saying anything.
Sanskar looked up and quickly put his phone on the table. They both smiled at each other and looked at the menu when the waiter came up to them for their order.
“So are you guys ready to place their order?” the waiter asked them and they both placed their order and when he left, they again were quiet.
Sanskar broke the silence, “What happened, Swara? We already met each other so don’t be uncomfortable.”
“What? I am anything but uncomfortable.” Swara quickly said.
Sanskar chuckled and stared at her face, which was showing so many emotions: shocked, surprised, confused, nervous. Anything but happy.
“So you live in Boston?” Swara said. She knew that she was stuck with him for the next few hours so why not enjoy this time.
“Yeah, I am a cardiologist. And you are doing your fellowship, right?” Sanskar asked.
“Yeah.” Swara said.

“So what field you chose?” Sanskar asked
“Pediatrics” Swara answered.
Now, they both started their talk and Swara also felt comfortable. They chi-chatted about their job and their life in there.
“Did you know that I was the one you are supposed to meet on that day when Laksh was there?” Swara asked while the waiter was setting up their food. Sanskar took the cloth and placed it on his lap and answered positively. Swara sighed and asked “Why didn’t you tell me before then?”
“Then I wouldn’t be able to see your this side of Jhansi ki rani.” Sanskar said and this made both of them laugh.
“I am sorry for that. I should have seen your picture when mom told me about you but then, the situations made me forgot about that.” Swara explained.
“Hey, it’s fine.” Sanskar said.

They started eating their food and now, they were laughing with each other. They were getting along with each other very well and for a second, Swara thought that this could work.
“So how many girlfriends you had before?” Swara asked.
“Ummm, not too many. I mean I never had a serious relationship till yet.” Sanskar told her.
“Cool.” Swara said. She thought it’s good that at least one of them has an experience with relationships.
“How many did you have?” Sanskar asked her casually.
“None.” Swara said and this made Sanskar drop the fork he had in his hand. “What?”
“I can’t believe you have never been in relationship before. I mean look at you.” Sanskar pointed at her and she got confused.
“Why is it so hard to digest?” Swara asked.

“No, I am just saying that it can’t be possible that not one guy asked you out. Oh wait, I remember one guy who you turned down and about who Laksh was talking about.” Sanskar said.
“Well, many tried but I was never interested in relationships. Also, my parents are a little reserved type and I never wanted to let them down.” Swara explained him to which Sanskar nodded.
“So are you ready for marriage?” Sanskar asked.
“I mean I am okay with this. I am still not sure about this but I trust them. Whatever they’ll do, I’ll be okay.” Swara said.
“Even I feel the same. I mean we have to give each other space after marriage.” Sanskar said.
“True. Also, you have to be patient with me because I don’t think I’ll take the relationship ahead in just one day after marriage.” Swara said.
“Agreed. So I guess, we are both saying yes to this relationship.” Sanskar said which made both of them look at each other wide-eyed. Swara cleared her throat and resumed her dinner.
“Oh god! Did I just agree for this marriage? He is really hot and I am not even that pretty. Why is he agreeing for the marriage? Actually, you know what Swara, you should agree for it. We both want the same thing from this relationship. I think I’ll be fine with him. How come he is so hot though?” Swara thought while eating her dinner.
“Okay so I did agree for this relation. I mean look at her, she is gorgeous even when she is wearing casuals not forgetting her cute bun on her head. Sanskar, get a hold on yourself and concentrate. She is so hot and at the same time, she is cute. I am so totally into her.” Sanskar thought.

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