Love is Stupid (Swasan) 24


I am sorry for posting this too late and I am gonna be double sorry because the next update will be late too after this one. I am sorry but I have no ideas left and I am already busy writing my other ff and exams are keeping me busy too. I got a little extra time today so I thought to write it. I can’t tell you how bad I feel for showing up late with this ff and I hope you guys forgive me…. Let’s just go with the next chapter 😉

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It was about 2 am when a ring tone was disturbing both of their sleep. Swara just moved a little more close to Sanskar and nuzzled her face on his neck. Sanskar just moved a little and adjusted to Swara’s position. He just rested his arm on her waist and went back to sleep. However, that ring tone again disturbed her sleep and she woke up frustrated. She moved to her side of the table and pick up her phone. It was from Jessica. She got so excited; maybe she probably already told Jack her answer. Swara thought, “Oh god, this is so nerve-racking. Should I even pick her call or not. I don’t want to shove away my sleep.” But that phone again rang which angered Sanskar a little.
Sanskar: Swara, please pick the call up. I am getting really pissed.
Swara: Yeah, I am. You go back to your sleep.

She picked the call up and all she heard was Jessica yelling at her. She could not make out if she is talking to her or someone on the other side.
Swara: Jess?
Jessica: What? You are such a b*t*h. We are supposed to be best friends who share everything with each other but you betrayed me.
Swara: Huh?
Jessica: What huh? Do you even know what I am talking about?
Swara: No
Jessica: Liar! Well, Jack proposed me in such a grand manner tonight. I did not know that he wanted this to say to me. He said that he always loved me and I did not know what to say.
Swara: What the f**k? So you didn’t give him any answer? What is wrong with you?
Jessica: He proposed me all of a sudden and you also did not give me any warning before. What was I supposed to do?
Swara: You got to be kidding me?
Jessica: I said yes!
Swara: But why you said no? You always loved him.
Jessica: Are you deaf or what? I said yes to him. I told all my feelings to him and he was really happy.
Swara: …
Jessica: Are you listening to me?
Swara: OH MY GOD! I love you guys so much and I am the happiest person on this earth right now. I can’t believe it.
Sanskar: Swara, stop screaming. Everyone is sleeping.
Sanskar turned his face on the other side irritated by Swara’s loud noise. Swara just said sorry and stuck her tongue out. On the other side, Jessica started laughing.
Swara: I am so happy, Jess! Finally, you got what you deserved. He will keep you so happy.
Jessica: I know. I always loved him but then, Caleb came and I did not know how Jack felt about me so I accepted Caleb. I was so foolish.
Swara: Don’t even take that bastard’s in front of me. Forget it, how about if I call you tomorrow morning. Sanskar is sleeping.
Jessica: I am so sorry, I wanted to tell you this first and in this excitement, I forgot that you were sleeping.

Swara: Formality doesn’t suit you.
Jessica started laughing and Swara also chuckled.
Jessica: Now you should also tell him how you feel. I don’t want you to get your love so late and then regret all these moments you could have spent with him.
Swara: I am just scared. I will tell him when we both are ready.
Jessica: Oh stop it. Why are you scared? We both know how much he loves you.
Swara: Leave all this. Now only Lisa is left who has to find her love of life.
Jessica: Yeah, I know. Ok good night or else your love of the life will kill me. Bye and I miss you.
Swara: Bye and miss you too. Have fun with Jack and make all these moments count.
Jessica: Shut up and bye.
Jessica hung up the call leaving Swara in her own thoughts. She was just staring at Sanskar and smiling. After what felt like an eternity, she went into deep sleep.
Next morning, Sanskar woke up and saw Swara coming out of the bathroom after taking a shower. She saw him awake and wished him.
Swara: Good morning, Sanskar!
Sanskar: Wow good morning. Why are you so chirpy today?
Swara: Well, you missed something.
Sanskar: What?
Sanskar was still laying on the bed and in the excitement; Swara just jumped on the bed and sat on his stomach. Sanskar was shocked by her bold move but when her innocent face reflected excitement, he just smiled. He knew that she still has to grow up, how can someone be so innocent?
Swara: Jess and Jack are together. She finally said yes to him. I am so happy for them.
Sanskar: That’s amazing news, Swara!
Swara: I know, right?

She just hugged him in that same position. She was blabbering so many things like how they were meant to be together and Sanskar was hugging her back smiling.
“Ok, not get up from me or else I will die out of suffocation.” Sanskar said sarcastically but Swara suddenly got up. There were literally tears in her eyes after hearing that sentence so without letting him notice, she got up and asked him to get ready.
“Now, what happened to her?” Sanskar asked himself but shrugged his shoulders indifferently.
Like this, four days passed in a snap and it was time for both of them to go back to Boston.
Sanskar and Swara were finally in Boston back to their home. It was so peaceful here without any relatives coming over and paying their congratulations.
Sanskar: Finally, we are here
Swara just sat on the couch in the living room and just stared at the ceiling. It was so much better here and the fact that she was married now meant that she was independent.
Swara: I know, right! I am going to take a long nap now, what are you going to do?
Sanskar: Oh same, I have work in 2 days so I am just going to sleep these whole 2 days.
Swara: Wait what? What am I going to do alone? Mom and dad are not coming until 2 months.
Sanskar: But you knew this in India that I am starting work in 2 days. So what is changed?
Swara: No, I was just trying to become a typical wife but I guess I failed.
Sanskar: Please don’t do that ever, it is really funny.
Swara: Whatever, I am going to bed.

They both settled on the bed and pulled the comforter on. In no time, Sanskar fell asleep as it had been a while since he came to his own bedroom whereas for Swara, sleep was far away. She was exhausted but she couldn’t sleep. She was tossing and turning but when Sanskar shifted a little in his sleep frowning, she got up and walked to the couch so that she doesn’t disturb him. He had to go back to his work in 2 days so she thought to let him be. But what is she going to do?

I know, I know this chapter was totally lame and I tried to make it interesting. Now, you guys know how my mind is all blank regarding this ff. Still if you can, plz comment to boost me up 🙂

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