Love is Stupid (Swasan) 23


“Maar diya jaye ya chorr diya jaye” I think you should just forgive me for disappearing like this. I really am sorry for this and I have so many excuses to make but I won’t make any because I know that you guys love me so much. Yeah yeah yeah I am buttering you guys but I really was busy. Sorry for this late update and I am not promising that I will update regularly from today. i will try though and plz comment if you guys can.. I really missed you guys!!! 🙁

They were in the car completely silent. Swara did not know what to say but she was getting so impatient by not speaking.
Swara: Thank you for asking them.
Sanskar: Hmm
Swara: What hmm?
Sanskar: Nothing.
Swara: Ok sorry, I shouldn’t have gotten mad at you.
Sanskar was trying so hard not to smile in front of Swara to give away that he is not mad at her: Whatever
Swara: Haww!! You are such a stubborn child.
Sanskar: What the hell? I am not a child, you are.
Swara smiled: Really? Now let’s see who is a kid
Sanskar: How?
Swara started tickling him while he was driving the car but to her shock, he wasn’t even ticklish.
Swara: Are you even human?
Sanskar: You should better know that. I mean you are the one who I kissed last night.
Swara blushed hard and turned towards the window. Now, this made Sanskar laugh. Swara smacked his arm and told him to drive the car. They both reached her house and were welcomed by everyone in her family. They all cried seeing Swara in a proper Indian wife avatar. Swara got really confused and asked them why are they crying.
Bua: You are looking so mature and for the first time, you are looking like a 27-year-old grown woman.
This made everybody laugh in between their tears and even Sanskar couldn’t stop laughing. Swara just made a what the hell look and went inside. Her niece and nephew got so excited after seeing her. She just started playing with them and her bua caught her ear.
Swara: Bua, what are you doing?
Bua: Are you serious? You are a married woman so sit with elders. But no, you are playing with these kids. I just said that you are looking mature but you can never change.
Swara: Bua, stop pulling my ears. If Sanskar sees it, he will tease me. Please leave me, at least now stop treating me like a kid.
Bua: Oh really? I missed you.
Bua caressed her face and they both had tears in their eyes. Swara hugged her and she reciprocated it.
Shekhar: Swara…

But when he saw both of them in that position, he got tears in his eyes too. They both pulled away and Swara saw him crying. She wiped her tears and hugged him too. They all came outside and Sumi looked at their faces. Swara’s brother started teasing Swara that she is looking like a crybaby. Everyone had so much fun and Swara told them she is going back to Boston in 4 days. They all were surprised that she is going too soon but Sanskar told them that his work is starting in a week so they have to go.
After dinner, they both left to their home. Sanskar and Swara were quiet just enjoying the nighttime and the ride. But then Swara got a call from Jack and she picked it up.
Jack, Jessica and Lisa together: Hey beautiful.
Swara smiled: Hey guys! I am so happy that you called.
Lisa: Yeah only we have to call you as you got a handsome husband and now, you don’t have time for us.
Jessica: Is he with you?

Swara: Yeah, we are on our way home. We went to moms house for some ritual and now we are going back home.
Jack: Then put the call on speaker.
She did and they all said hi to Sanskar. They started talking to Sanskar about how he is doing and when is he coming back. Swara was shocked about how they all forgot her in an instant even Sanskar. Somewhere she was happy with their bond and how Sanskar is bonded well with all the important people in her life.
Swara: I am here too and are you guys even my friends anymore?
Jessica: Oh, you are there too. I forgot after hearing handsome’s voice.
Swara: Shut up, Jessica. Stop flirting with my husband.
Sanskar: Hey Jess, I can smell jealousy.
Swara smacked his arm and they all laughed.
Swara: Jack, any progress?
Jessica: What are you talking about, Swara?
Jack: Shut up, Swara. There is nothing like that. I am going to kill you, Swara.
Sanskar was looking at her like what she is talking about but she ignored him and talked to them. When she hung up the call, Sanskar asked her what she was talking about.
Swara shrugged her shoulders and said: You will know at the right time, I promise.
Sanskar: Please tell me. I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight.
Swara: I wish I could but he took a promise. Even Jessica and Lisa don’t know about this.
Sanskar: Then I know how to get this secret out from you.
Swara saw him smirking and got confused.

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