Love is Stupid (Swasan) 23

Alright, alright! I am ready to get beaten up by you guys. I am really sorry for posting this so late but i really don’t know how to take this story ahead now. I am kind of stuck here but I tried to write this update as much as I can. I hope you guys like this and I am sorry again. I know it’s a little annoying but please if you guys can, comment! And if you guys would give me some ideas what to do next, I will be more than happy to read them. Oh yes, thank you guys for all the previous comments and I hope you didn’t forget this ff 😉
Previous episode :

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.” Swara hugged Sanskar excitedly and screaming happily. When they reached home, Swara went to change the clothes and when she came out, she got Jack’s call. Sanskar went to change but after he came outside, he saw Swara so happy.
“What happened to you?” Sanskar hugged her back confusedly. She only got Jack’s call then what else did he miss?
“Jack said I love you.” Swara happily said but it broke Sanskar’s heart in pieces. He was literally shocked. Jack was happy with their marriage and he never saw Jack looking at Swara in that way. He admits that he was a little jealous of Swara and Jack’s bond as they both think the same and they are best friends. They both kicked Caleb when he tried to hurt Jessica but he never thought that Jack loves Swara.
“What?” Sanskar pushed her back gently shocked.
“I know, right? I also can’t believe his guts. I always knew that but he never openly admitted and he will finally say it now.” Swara said and Sanskar was startled. If Swara knew, then why did she never tell him about it? Why did she even marry him?
“He jus said ‘I love you’ to you over phone?” Sanskar wanted to give Jack a punch. How can he just say like that when it’s taking Sanskar every single part of his body to even say those 3 words to Swara?

“Well, he didn’t say this to her yet but he will, tomorrow. He promised. I am so excited to see her reaction, I just hope she says yes.” Swara said and Sanskar could swear that he would definitely get a heart attack.
“So he didn’t say ‘I love you’ to you?” Sanskar just wanted to make sure.
“I just told you, he did. Remember?” What the hell now?
“He loves you?” Sanskar was so confused.
“No, stupid. He loves Jessica.” Swara said now totally confused.
“Jack loves Jessica?” Sanskar asked her.
“I know, right? I knew it before already and I always used to tease him but he took a promise that I will never tell her. He loves her from the beginning but then that moron Caleb came in between.” Swara said angrily.
Sanskar took a deep sigh and pulled her towards him. He just experienced the feeling of her going away from him. He jus crashed his lips against hers and started kissing her passionately. The fear of loosing her was too much for him to handle and he knew that he would not be able to live without her. He loves her too much that he is sacred.
On the other side, Swara got totally shocked by his sudden move. She had no idea what just happened and she couldn’t help but reciprocate his kiss. What can she do anyway? She just gets turn on even if he is just standing beside. How come she will be able to control herself now? When they broke the kiss, Sanskar just stood there close to her breathing heavily whereas Swara was just looking at her closed eyes.

“What was that about?” Swara said by giving him a smile.
“Nothing.” Sanskar said giving her his famous smirk.
Then, the realization hit her. He got scared that Jack might love her and she will accept Jack leaving him.
“Were you scared that Jack loves me?” Swara said and when she saw Sanskar nodding in a no, she busted out laughing.
“It’s not funny.” Sanskar gave her a frown but she just couldn’t stop herself from laughing. Sanskar pulled her close again and looked deep in her eyes. Swara stopped laughing and got shy under his gaze. “Why did you stop laughing?” Sanskar asked her. She just nodded in a no when the ring tone disturbed them.
“Save by the call.” Swara muttered under her breath but Sanskar heard her. He smiled.
“It’s Jessica.” She said excitedly.

“Hey… Really?… I don’t know… You should go… I wish… Lisa can’t… Enjoy… ok bye.” Swara hung up the call and started jumping on the bed. Sanskar raised his eyebrows and Swara came down.
“Jack called her in a restaurant to tell her about the feelings but Jessica doesn’t know that. It is a surprise and she will totally freak out. I know she has some feelings for Jack but then this f**king dick Caleb messed it.” Swara said and Sanskar covered his ears.
“Why are you against Caleb? He got his punishment.” Sanskar said.
“Whatever, I am so happy that I don’t even want to talk about him.” Swara said and sat on the bed with her hand under her chin. “I just hope she says yes.”
“But I thought you think this love is stupid.” Sanskar sat beside her and gave her a shoulder smack.
“I never did. He just wasn’t the right guy for her so I said that.” Swara said.
“Oh and you think Jack is the right guy for him?” Sanskar said and lay down on the bed.
“He is and he will keep her happy.” Swara said and lied down beside him.
“How come you are so sure?” Sanskar asked her.

“The way he looks at her.” His questions were irritating Swara now.
“And care to tell me how does he look at her?” Sanskar was smiling looking at her face.
“I don’t know. He looks at her the same way you look at me.” Swara quickly said and bit her lower lip.
“Oh, wait what?” Sanskar was shocked at her answer because he was not expecting this.
Swara turned the opposite way and pulled the blanket up to her face. She couldn’t dare to look at him. Why she doesn’t have any control over her tongue? Sanskar just shook her and hugged her. He whispered in her ear, “Then you probably know why I look at you the way I do?” He hugged her tight and closed his eyes. Swara was crimson red by now, she knew how he feels but she just didn’t want to admit it. Soon, they both slept in the same position.


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