Love is Stupid (Swasan) 22

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The next morning,
Both were sleeping peacefully with a smile crept on their lips showing how satisfied they are. It was still early as the birds were chirping and the sun was not at its hottest form. Suddenly, the alarm rang so hard that it startled Sanskar and he pulled his pillow from underneath his head and put it on his ears to shut the sound. He was struggling so hard but he got shocked when he saw Swara still sleeping without any disturbance. She didn’t even flinch by the sound of the alarm. He was just looking at her like she was from another planet. He got up from the bed and bent to take the alarm. He took it near to Swara’s ear and when it rang so loud, Swara just woke up scared. She looked at Sanskar laughing and threw her pillow at him.
Swara rubbing her eyes: What the hell, Sanskar? Who wakes someone like this?
Sanskar: Oh hello, you put this alarm at 6. I didn’t and I woke up so early. Why did you set this alarm this early?
Swara: I am sorry, I thought that I will get late and it will put a bad reputation.
Sanskar crawled on the bed and put blanket on himself and said: At this house, no one wakes up before 8 so you should sleep too for 2 hours. And please don’t touch alarm again.
Swara happily laid down too and closed her eyes happily.
Sanskar turned towards Swara and said: Why didn’t you wake up when the alarm rang? Are you a kumkaran or smth?
Swara: I hate you so much. It just means that I sleep soundly and that’s why my mom used to wake me up by herself.
Sanskar: You are unbelievable.
They both slept again and woke up after 2 years. Swara went to take shower first and got ready. Then Sanskar too got ready. They both came outside and Swara took blessings from DP and AP. They both asked her to not touch their feet and she nodded. Everyone sat to have breakfast when AP told them to get ready for another ritual. She told them to go to Swara’s house for a ritual. They both agreed and Swara got so happy that she will get to see her family again.
DP: By the way Swara and Sanskar, when is your flight back?
Sanskar: Dad, I have to be at my job in a week so my flight is in 4 days.
DP just nodded and Swara just looked at Sanskar that he did not tell this to her. Sanskar did not even notice her glare, as he was busy eating food. They all finished eating and Swara and Sanskar went back to their room to get ready. As soon as Swara closed the door, she turned back and held Sanskar’s hand in anger.
Sanskar calmly said: What happened, Swara?
Swara: You are going back in 4 days and you didn’t even tell me.
Sanskar: Oh that, I thought you would know.
Swara: Apparently, I didn’t.
Sanskar: I am sorry but now you know.
He got off of her hold and went to his closet to get his clothes. Swara came up to him and said: When am I going back then?
Sanskar: Didn’t you book your flight of going back?
Swara: No, of course not. Mom told me to wait for you guys to tell me when should I go back to my work.
Sanskar: When do you have to go to work?
Swara: In 3 weeks.
Sanskar: Oh, so you are good. You can stay here if you want.
Swara just angrily looked at him and he understood: What the hell? Here, I am telling you that I want to go back to Boston with you and you do not even understand.
Sanskar: When did you clearly said that?
Swara: Now, I said it.
Sanskar: Now what can I do about it?
Swara: I hate you so much. Talk to mom and dad and convince them to allow me to go with you.
Sanskar: Why should I ask? You want to go, not me.
Swara: Yeah but you have to ask them. I don’t care or else I will think that you do not want me to come with you.
Sanskar: But they are not going to say no to you.
Swara: Do I look like I care? Go and ask them. Besides, you are my husband now so you have to listen to me.
Sanskar: Oh really, the priest didn’t only made me marry to you. He also made you to marry me so you are my wife too. You have to listen to me.
Swara: See, the thing is I don’t know much people from your side and I don’t want to be stuck here getting intimidated by all these rituals. Please take me with you, at least we will have fun there.
Sanskar: Fun? What exactly kind of fun are you talking about?
He started teasing her and she didn’t know what to say.
Swara: Stop it. I was just saying…
She started thinking but she didn’t know what to say.
Swara: See, I don’t know but please, take me with you. Aren’t you going to miss me?
Sanskar: Nope! Why would I miss you?
Swara: You know what? Forget it. I am going to change my clothes.
Sanskar: Swara, listen…
But Swara already left to the bathroom to change. Sanskar gave up and went to talk to DP and AP.
Swara came outside all ready and her beauty mesmerized Sanskar. She was wearing a salwar suit and she left her hair loose. She was looking so pretty. As soon as she came outside, she ignored Sanskar and went to DP and AP.
AP: Beta, you should start packing your bags from today, as you have to leave with Sanskar in 4 days. I guess, you should not worry about all the heavy clothes or jewelers or anything like that. I will take them with me when I come there. You would have a lot of stuff with you to pack anyway.
Swara just nodded and looked at Sanskar who was smirking. As soon as he saw her looking at him, he tried to avert his gaze to show that now he was ignoring her. Swara just smiled and they both bid their goodbyes to them.

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