Love is Stupid (Swasan) 21


I am really sorry for being this late but I got so busy in something. I am so sorry and thank you so much for all the guys who commented and liked the previous chapter. This chapter is gonna be teeny-tiny chapter and I hope you guys forgive me for that. I just wanted to post so that you guys don’t forget my ff so soon. I am really sorry again 🙂 Now let’s start with the next chapter 🙂

Sanskar just cradled her tight in his arms and they both stood there just enjoying the cool breeze, which witnessed their passionate moment.
Swara: Umm… Sanskar
Sanskar: Hmm
Swara: I am feeling sleepy.
Sanskar: Okay
Swara: Sanskar I gotta go sleep.
Sanskar: Then go, Swara.
Swara: If you would let me free from your tight hole, only then I can go sleep.
Sanskar suddenly left her and Swara started laughing. Sanskar was embarrassed so he just scratched his back neck and saw Swara laughing. He mischievously smiled and picked Swara in a bridal style.
Swara: What the…
Sanskar was just smiling whereas Swara was trying so hard to get him to let her on the floor. She saw him taking her towards the bed and she got scared. She knew what was coming next and she was not ready at all. She wasn’t ready to take this relationship ahead in just one day and she was sure that Sanskar isn’t ready either. But after seeing Sanskar with a smirk on his face, her sure turned into a doubt.
Swara: Sanskar, what are you doing?
Sanskar: I am just taking you towards bed.
Swara: No, I don’t want to. Let me be on the floor, I will walk towards the bed by myself.

Sanskar just nodded in a no and put her on the bed. She just lay on the bed whereas Sanskar was coming towards her. He put his one knee on the bed on one side of Swara and was going to put another on the other side when Swara just took a turn and went to sleep on her side of the bed. She took a blanket and covered herself fully with it. Seeing this, Sanskar couldn’t stop laughing. He put his hand on his mouth so that Swara can’t hear him laughing on her silly antics. On the other side, Swara was shaking with fear. She certainly wants to take this relationship ahead but not this very night. She wants to be his when she has no fear of giving her virginity to him. When she knows that he is the one for her. She sensed Sanskar going under the blanket on the other side and took a sigh of relief. But that sigh didn’t last very long when Sanskar came close to her side. She clutched the blanket tightly in her fists. Sanskar came close to her ear and said something.
Sanskar: Don’t worry. You are not the only one who’s not ready for this.
Hearing this, Swara couldn’t help but smile and let out a deep breath. Sanskar smiled and cradled her in his arms tight. Swara also turned towards his side and put her hands on his bare chest. They both slept being content with their life and not worrying about their future.

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    So nice and understanding guy

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  6. Wahhhoooo!!!! sooo cute episode… Sanskar mera baccha u r soo understanding…i didn’t know u become soo big that u can understand a girl’s ((upps solly only ur girl?))feelings soo nicely… m proud of u..(( actually proud of u Sanya)) u made thus scene awesome.. thnk u..

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