Love is Stupid (Swasan) 20


Thank you guys so much for all the comments. I thought that I will loose my readers as this ff wasn’t going good but you guys remained the same way. Thank you so much!!! Let’s get over with this chapter now… 🙂

Sanskar: Staring is rude, Swara!
Oh my god! How can my name sound so beautiful from his mouth? Swara thought but then she realized what he said. He had this smirk on his face that she was ready to die any minute.
Swara: huh? I am not staring.
Sanskar raised his eyebrows like if she was sure about it.
Swara: stop giving me that look. Sorry, I was staring.
Sanskar: Hey, no! You don’t have to be sorry about anything. I mean, how can you not stare a hot and handsome guy. This is what you girls like to do.
Swara made a haww face and smacked his arm.

Swara: You are talking as if you guys never check a girl out. Oh man, look at that hot chick! Oh dude, that girl’s got a hot ass! Look at that girl…
Swara was imitating a husky voice and she was looking pretty funny. Sanskar cut her off in between: How do you know guys talk? And also, you girls gossip about guys only. Like you girls don’t have any other topic. Oh look at him, he’s so hot. Oh he’s so cute.
Swara: You don’t even know what we talk about. If we are talking about a guy especially me, I just try to warn my friends from the guys that look like goons.
Sanskar: What did you tell your friends about me, then?
Swara: only that you are really hot and…
Swara stopped herself from talking and looked at the other side. She was shocked at how she can talk like this. Why does she tend to tell him every secret inside of her? What he has that let’s her open to him freely?
Sanskar: I told you.

He shrugged her shoulders and pulls her close to his chest. Her back was resting against his front like she was kneeling on to him.
Swara: Oh shut up! Don’t flaunt yourself. My friends told me that how can a beautiful girl like me can marry you.
Swara tried to push him but he was stronger.
Sanskar: Even I am thinking the same.
Swara: What?
Sanskar: That how can you agree to marry me?
Swara: Can I still change my decision?
They both were teasing each other but still, didn’t change their position. Swara literally put all her weight on his chest; she was leaning to his chest. Sanskar was back hugging her and she put her hands on his hands. They both were enjoying these new feelings.
Sanskar: Sorry, too late.
Swara: Damn it.

They both laughed and Swara turned her face to see him but suddenly, they got really close. They both were looking at each other’s face. Sanskar pulled her waist slowly and made her face towards him. He put a strand of hair on the back of her ear whereas his other hand was caressing her back. Swara just put her both hands on his well-toned chest. Her back was leaning against the railing of the balcony whereas he was leaning into her. They both tilted their heads and closed their eyes experiencing each other’s hot breaths on their lips. Then, he pulled her until she met his height and without wasting any time, he captured her lips and pressed his rough lips against her soft strawberry lips. It was like they both got transported to another world. Ragged breathing and dancing tongues bring a fiery heat to the cold night air. With just the two of them there, the rest of the world just disappeared. It sent a wave of passion, lust, desperation and what not that crashed over them. The kiss was becoming fierce; his hands were under her shirt touching her back so sensually that made her want to tear her skin so that he can touch inside of her.

Even she wasn’t less. Her hands pulled her shirt and now, he was only in his pants. His bare chests made her skip a breath. They both were so desperate to feel each other that they forgot they were making out in the balcony. The rest of the world was engulfed in their lustful burning flames, as their kiss grew more urgent and passionate. They kissed until she had to pull away for a breath. They both pulled back and Sanskar started kissing her neck sensuously. Swara’s hand was pulling his hair more tightly like she wanted to melt into him. It was like he made her forget everything about herself even her name. Both of their eyes were closed and they both were enjoying this new experience. Slowly, Sanskar stopped and looked up at her face with her eyes closed and her swollen lips. He slowly leaned again and just gave a soft kiss on her lips. He smiled by seeing the effect he has on her. Swara sensed his smile in between and she couldn’t help but blush and smile too. He pulled back and just sweetly ran her finger on her cheek. It was just a simple gesture after their passionate moment but it had a lot of meaning behind. Swara opened her eyes and smiled seeing the angelic face in front of her, which now held a part of her.

Pheww! Done with this chapter. It was so hard to write it but you guys asked for some romance so this was for you guys. Now plz tell me if you liked this chapter or not. Fingers crossed that you guys will like it… 😉

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