Love is Stupid (Swasan) 19


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Swara looked up and saw Sanskar wearing a perfect sherwani. He was looking like a Greek god who just sucked all the tensions out from her body. She blushed when she saw Sanskar staring at her and indeed, Sanskar was mesmerized seeing her. He was just happy that she was becoming his in few minutes.
Sanskar stood up and offered his hand to Swara while she was taking steps. She gave her his hand and walked towards him. They both looked at each other and averted their eyes away from each other.
Everyone was coming towards them to give their blessings and taking pictures. Swara was taking deep breaths, as this was all so terrifying to her.
“Are you okay?” Sanskar whispered.

“Oh yeah, I am totally fine.” Swara replied but didn’t stop taking deep breaths.
“It will be over soon so don’t worry.” Sanskar said, as he kind of knew that she was a little intimidated by all this.
“Hmm.” That was all Swara could say before they were called to take pheras.
Like this, the marriage was finally over and Swara got relieved. Just few more rituals and I’ll be living my normal life again, Swara thought. She was sitting in Sanskar’s room and just scrutinizing it. She got up, went to her luggage and took out her shorts and tank top. Then, she went to the bathroom and got rid of all this heavy loads of stuff she was wearing. She took a shower and changed. She opened the door and saw Sanskar already looking for his nightclothes. He looked back at her and awkwardly smiled. She smiled back and started to arrange her things. The room was completely quiet when Sanskar closed the door of the bathroom. Swara quickly put all her stuff at its place and lay down on the bed. She was just thinking about all the happenings that happened recently. She looked around Sanskar’s bedroom, which was hers now too. She took a turn on the bed and closed her eyes but the sleep was far away. She was getting suffocated in this new house, new room, and new bed. She couldn’t fall asleep. She stood up and took a stall to go out to the balcony. She was just about to go when Sanskar came outside with his perfect wet hair. He kind of looked confused as to what she was doing at this late hour.
Sanskar: You okay? Where you going now?

Swara: I wasn’t getting any sleep so thought to get some fresh air at the balcony.
Sanskar understood the actual reason of how she was no feeling comfortable but he nodded anyway. She wrapped the stall around her shoulders and went to the balcony. She just looked at the distance without paying any attention to her surroundings. She was busy in her own thoughts about these changes in her life that happened in the nick of a time.
Sanskar: Isn’t it so peaceful?
Swara: huh?

She was suddenly startled by his presence around her.
Sanskar: The night? It’s so peaceful, right?
Sanskar pointed at the distance and asked her without even looking at her whereas Swara was staring at him like he was saying something out of this world.
Swara: Right! The night.

Sanskar: I know it is a little hard to adjust to new surroundings but you will get used to it. Don’t worry.
Swara was shocked that how he can know her turmoil that is going inside of her: I don’t know. I have this feeling going on inside of me, which is so confusing.
Sanskar: I know how you feel. It’s new for both of us so we’ll handle these new relations together.
Swara smiled and again looked at him. How can a person be so sensible? He just understands her but how can she not understand him? What is actually going on inside him? Why can’t she figure out anything about him without letting him tell her anything? Why he understands her? What the hell?

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