Love is Stupid (Swasan) 17


Thank you so much guys for your comments and I know that you want more drama and romance in this ff. I thought about something but you will definitely see something romantic and dramatic so just bare with me guys for right now… Thanks for telling me all the concerns and let’s go with the next chapter… 🙂

They reached the restaurant and ordered their lunch. They dig in their food like they didn’t eat for ages. They were so tired of eating all that curries and chapattis. They just wanted to have something different so they just attacked on their Mexican and Italian food.
“Oh God! It tastes so good.” Sanskar said after having the first bite of his chipotle. Swara agreed on and they continued to talk.
“The marriage is in 2 days and I think I’m still not ready.” Sanskar said and Swara looked up confused. “I mean no offense. It’s not because of you, it’s just that everything is happening really fast and I just didn’t get time to digest everything. You know what I mean?” He said after looking at Swara’s face, which was mirroring his face expression.
“I know, right? And I thought that I was the one who was being just adamant about this marriage.” Swara said and both of them nodded.
“Hmm.” Sanskar simply said but inside, he was relieved that she thinks the same. He thought if she would be ready that he would be totally screwed for this marriage. It’s good that they are on the same page.

“By the way I don’t believe in this marriage stuff at all. I mean I saw so many marriages falling apart that my trust has been broken in this bond.” Swara simply said and Sanskar was a little taken aback by her confession but didn’t react. Finally, she was opening to him. He just didn’t want to ruin it for her, he wanted to be her person and he wanted her to be his person. After all, they have to spend their whole life together.

“What marriages are you talking about anyway?” Sanskar said after a while.
“I mean generally. Also, I saw Ragini’s marriage fall apart and then, I saw mom and dad fighting. It’s just too many changes to handle at once.” Swara shrugged her shoulders trying to explain her perspective to him. Somewhere inside, he too agreed with her but not completely.
“But Ragini is happy now, isn’t she?” Sanskar asked.

“No, she just pretends to be happy for the sake of her family. She loved him truly but he dumped her like she was nobody to him. Actually, love is the root of all problems. If you don’t love anyone, no one gets to break your heart. And your heart is happy and safe at its place.” Swara said but she thought that she said too much. She didn’t know how he feels about anything but then, it was her opinion so she needn’t care.

“Well, I don’t know. I mean he didn’t love her but she loved him. It’s his loss not hers. She was honest in her relationship so she can easily move on in her life.” Sanskar said and Swara totally agreed. Ragini had the same opinion on her divorce. However, her perspective of love still didn’t seem to change at all.
“Yeah, Ragini says the same thing but I know how she struggles to get up every morning to go through another day without him. Because I know I am too vulnerable, I can easily break and this is one of the many reasons I never got in a relationship. If I would be in her shoes, I would just probably kill him first and then kill myself. No time in jail and everyone rests in peace.” Swara said and laughed.

“Are you trying to give me a warning or something because I’m scared?” Sanskar jokingly said to lighten up the mood. They both laughed and continued their lunch. After that, Sanskar dropped her at her house and went back to his home where all the relatives were eagerly waiting for his arrival.

Precap – I don’t know but plz don’t stop reading it. I know this was boring but I hv to create some situations to get this ff going.

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