Love is Stupid (Swasan) 16


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Just a little before where Swara gets picked up by her parents, they stopped walking.
“Alright, now I’ll go. See ya at the wedding.” Swara winked at him and was about to go but Sanskar held her wrist. He walked up to her and looked at her. He gently held her cheeks and drawn his own face close to hers. Swara got really nervous seeing him so close along with people around there.
“What do you think you are doing?” Swara raised her eyebrows at him and he chuckled. He then kissed her forehead and said goodbye. Swara smiled like a fool and ran out of there.
“Jhansi ki rani.” Sanskar shook his head and went to wait at one of the restaurants inside the airport there.
Swara met her dad and her brother and hugged them. They took her luggage and went towards the car. They talked about how her exam went and how all the preparations were going. Meanwhile, she texted Sanskar that she left the airport. So, he also got up and hired a cab to get to some hotel.

Swara got home and was overwhelmed by looking at hundreds of people waiting for her. She nervously smiled and also saw Sanskar’s parents. She signed her mom asking what everyone was doing there. Sumi asked her to touch his parents’ feet and she did. It was a busy day for her as there were so many people and she had to talk to all of them. The only thing her cousins did was just laugh at her situation. They teased her about Sanskar and wedding.
“You know how hard it is to adjust to a new family. I mean it’s going to be new for you and you will have to listen to whatever they ask you to do.” Her cousin mocked her but Swara couldn’t figure out the sarcasm behind this statement. She was just sitting in between all the cousins as a scapegoat with a hand underneath her chin. Ragini smacked her cousin and asked Swara not to worry about all this. She got her chocolates as an understanding sister and Swara appreciated the gesture. However, her cousins never stopped teasing her. Swara fake smiled and left from there. Her cousins laughed at her and had fun.

Now, everything was done as she got her bridal lehnga too. Everything was going smoothly and Swara was having fun participating in her own wedding. It was just a week left and she suddenly felt suffocated by all these functions and too much attention. She wanted to get out of there but everyone was busy in his or her own work. At night, she got Sanskar’s call and she happily picked it up. They weren’t like that type of couples who were busy talking to each other before marriage. They barely talked twice and they both wanted to spend all the time with their family. It was an unsaid rule that they both valued.
“What happened? You sound so low.” Sanskar asked.
“I’m feeling suffocated here and nobody’s ready to take me anywhere.” Swara sadly explained him the entire situation.
“How about if we go somewhere together? You are not alone who is in that situation.” Sanskar told her.
“Yes, please. We can meet for the lunch.” Swara quickly said.
“Ok, I’ll come pick you up tomorrow.” Sanskar said.
“Cool. Wait, no. We can’t do that. My parents will kill me if I even dare to ask them about this.” Swara got upset by remembering how her parents strictly told her not to go outside.
“If I call them and ask them myself, then?” Sanskar asked her.
“Will you please do this for me?” Swara suddenly got her hopes up.
And the next thing you know, Swara was inside Sanskar’s car and they both were going to the restaurant for lunch. Swara was explaining Sanskar how irritating it was to handle all these functions. She couldn’t even sleep properly from the day she cam to India. They both were telling each other their sad stories about how hard it was to breathe in between all these relatives that they barely knew.

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