Love is Stupid (Swasan) 15


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“Ok, bye guys! We’ll see you guys when you come back from your marriage.” Lisa winked at them and they all went to their homes. Now only Swara and Sanskar were left and without wasting any time, they locked the house and started their journey to the airport. Luckily to end the silence of the car, Swara got her mom’s call.
“Where are you now? Are you at the airport?” Shekher asked her.
“I am just on my way. “ Swara said.
“What? You are still not there.” Sumi said.
“Mom, I’ll be there on time. You don’t worry.” Swara tried to calm their anger down but no use.
“You are such a kid. You are about to get married and still, you are so irresponsible.” Sumi said.

“Mom! I am not a kid and I can be responsible.” Swara pouted and Sumi asked her to drive safely and call when she boards the flight.
“Okay, mom.” Swara gave a relief of sigh and hung up the phone. She noticed how Sanskar was chuckling on her antics.
“Now why are you smiling?” Swara folded her arms on her chest and look at him.
“You are a kid.” Sanskar shook his head.
“Urgghh…I am not a kid. Why do all people call me a kid? I am 27 years old and a grown up.” Swara explained him that made him laugh.
“Then, behave like one.” Sanskar said trying not burst into laughter.
“You are such a bad person.” Swara looked at the road now.
“I know.” Sanskar said.

After some time, they boarded the flight and she informed her mom about it. After an hour or so, Swara fell asleep on his shoulder. He smiled at her and pecked her forehead. He also fell asleep on her head after some time. She woke up at the call of the airhostess about their dinner. She saw him sleeping on her head and smiled. She asked her to put the tray and the airhostess did and then left. She tightened her grip on his arm and shook him a little soft but he didn’t wake up. She nudged him a little harder but no use. She got a naughty idea and grinned. She adjusted her head a little toward his chest and traveled her hand towards his armpit. She tickled him and he moved a little. She did it harder this time and he woke up in no time. He saw her smirking and gave her a warning look. She innocently shrugged her shoulders and started eating. He smirked and pulled her a little toward him. He quickly pecked her lips and started eating.
Swara was so shocked that she didn’t move a muscle even by an inch. She saw him smirking and eating; she felt so shy that she just got back to her dinner without saying anything. He elbowed her a little and she smacked him on his arm.

“By the way, this morning was just awesome. Can I get that here? I am still starving.” Sanskar naughtily said and she couldn’t/t help but blush. She had to get her game on mode back so that she doesn’t seem like a stupid smiling at his every talk.
“Oh shut up. This plane is going to land at the airport in just 30 minutes. What did you think?” Swara asked him placing her face on his shoulder. They both were looking at their hands which were fitting perfectly together.
“I am gonna wait until you get out of the airport and then, I’ll stay at some hotel nearby.” Sanskar simply shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal.
“I am so sorry.” Swara said facing him.

“Are you kidding me? It was my plan, remember?” Sanskar said by pecking her shoulder.
“But still…” Swara was going to say something but Sanskar shushed her by placing his finger on her lips. The announcement was made and everyone got ready to get off of the plane.

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