Love is Stupid (Swasan) 14


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“Found it.” Swara showed him his t-shirt with her arms up in air in a way that she won a world cup. They both high-fived each other and suddenly, they were very close. His t-shirt that was in her hands a moment ago was on the floor.

With his eyes locked on Swara, she found him taking a step closer. She wasn’t sure her heart ever pounded so fast in her life that it will come out of her mouth right now. Sanskar’s situation was the same. He had sweaty palms all of a sudden and unsteady breathing. They both got caught up in the moment and took a step towards each other together. His wet hairs were begging her to run her hands through it. Sanskar put one strand of hair back on her ears and cupped her cheeks with one hand. She didn’t know where all these feelings were coming from but she was sure about one thing that this man standing in front of her is only hers. She wanted to know everything about the boy standing in front of her.

There was just an inch gap between their lips. He noticed a small mole on the bridge of Swara’s nose, which was barely noticeable, and for a fleeting moment, he wondered how he never saw it before. More than anything, he wanted to feel her lips on his. Just as the longing became unbearable, his lips met Swara’s. The warmth of his mouth sent a current running through her whole body. She threw her arms around Sanskar’s neck as she lost herself in his peppermint breath and soft lips. The lips were in total sync revering each other and then, the tongues participated dancing, feeling, and exploring each other’s mouths. It was a passionate kiss that they couldn’t resist their hands to not feel each other’s bare skin. Sanskar’s one hand was pulling her hair and other hand was traveling up her bare waist.

On the other side, Swara’s one hand was on his back neck and other one was stroking his hair. She could feel the intensity of his hand on her waist that was leaving fire wherever his hands were going and she felt more alive by his every touch.

And, just like this they knew that they love each other immensely. Sure, they didn’t meet each other a lot but how they handled each other’s craziness was enough for them to realize that somehow, she became his life and he became his. And just like that the kiss was over. They both joined their foreheads breathing heavily and smiling reencountering this moment in their heads. She suddenly became aware of her surroundings.
“Uh…I think we should be get going,” Swara said while stepping back to create space between her and Sanskar.

“Oh, sure.” Sanskar smirked seeing her this nervous and let her go. Sanskar scratched his back hair suddenly smiling like a fool. Swara came out of his room and stood smilingly taking the support of the wall. She still had the effect of his lips on hers and unknowingly, she touched her lower lip with her hand. She ran from there and quickly woke everyone up who was unaware of this moment. She asked everyone to get out of her house as she has to go to the airport and they were getting late.

“Hold on, Swara! Let us say bye to Sanskar, we’ll wait for him.” Jack said to which Lisa and Jessica agreed. Swara tried to get them out but they didn’t listen. Jessica sensed something different about Swara and asked her.
“Are you okay? Why are you behaving so differently?” Jessica said.
“I…I am fine. What will happen to me? I am totally fine. Nothing’s wrong with me.” Swara said trying to cover up but she accidently made her doubt true.

Trio put their hands on their hip showing how they weren’t convinced at all.
“Is it related to…?” Lisa was about to finish her sentence but Jack cut her in between.
“Sanskar?” Jack said to which Swara got shocked.
“Sanskar, Sanskar what? No no there’s nothing.” Swara said totally nervous.

“Hey, what happened? I just saw Sanskar on your back and called his name. You okay? Jessica is correct, there’s something weird about you.” Jack said and now Swara was totally embarrassed. She made a fool out of herself in front of her friends and especially, Sanskar. He came in front and hugged all of them bidding them bye. One by one, they all hugged Swara after and said their apologies about not attending their marriage but she understood. She wasn’t angry with them at all but a little bit.

“So how was the kiss? Was it magical?” Jessica whispered to her ear that made Swara smile. Jessica had tears in her eyes, she was clearly happy for her friends. In fact, they all were happy that Swara got a guy like Sanskar. In a short span of time, Sanskar seemed like one of their friends.

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