Love is Stupid (Swasan) 13


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They both went to take shower separately and let the dinner be cooled before they eat it. Sanskar changed into casuals wearing a v-neck t-shirt and shorts while Swara changed into a tank top and pajamas.
When Sanskar came out, he saw Swara arranging the dinner table. They both sat down and scooped pasta on their plates. Swara was just about to have her first bite of pasta that the bell rang. Swara asked Sanskar to continue while she checks the door. She got so excited to see her friends and Sanskar also came there to hear all the noise. Swara hugged Jessica and asked her if she is okay? Jessica nodded and muttered thank you to her. She saw beer bottles with her and gave them an impossible look. Sanskar and Jack high-fived for the beer bottles. Swara signed them to join both of them for dinner.
“We were just about to have dinner. Why don’t you guys join us?” Swara asked and they all settled on the dining table having pasta.
“So how come you are here, Sanskar? I thought you were going to stay at the hotel.” Lisa teased him and Sanskar gave Swara a questioning look. Swara shrugged her shoulders and now, Sanskar was stuck.
“Well, I thought to stay with Swara because I was scared that she will go to beat that guy again.” Sanskar said and Swara gave him a death glare. Everyone laughed and started teasing Swara except Jack, as he knew Swara will open all his deeds in front of them and he also punched that guy. He didn’t want to gain any attention so he just concentrated on his pasta.
“Oh shut up guys or else I will throw all of you out of this house.” Swara warned them but they were her friends so they didn’t bother.
“Are you going to throw your fiancé too?” Jessica asked her in an innocent voice but Swara smacked her back.

After that, they all settled on the couch with a bear bottle in their hands. They were laughing, teasing, chatting: all in all, having a blast. They played UNO for a while and then slept there itself.
“Damn it.” Sanskar woke up suddenly hearing the alarm ringing loud in his ears. He saw everyone sleeping on the couch on each other. Swara was sleeping on his chest soundly and he caressed her hair. But the alarm sound again hit his ears and shook Swara’s shoulders. She quickly got up rubbing her eyes and asked Sanskar what happened?
“We have to leave for the airport in 2 hours or else we are going to get late.” Sanskar stood up and told her which shocked Swara. They both ran to their rooms to get freshen up.
After a quick shower, Swara ran to Sanskar’s room to see if he’s ready and saw him shirtless. His hairs were wet and he was looking for something. His bare muscles were appealing to her and calling her for to touch them. She couldn’t accept it but she was drooling over him. Sanskar saw her in between his t-shirt hunting and Swara quickly averted his eyes. He saw her wearing shorts with a t-shirt and sneakers. He just wanted to hold her at that moment but she coughed and there was awkwardness filled between them.
“You aren’t ready yet?” Swara asked and Sanskar smirked. She sensed his smile but just couldn’t bring herself to look at his face after he caught her staring at him.
“I am just looking for my shirt but I just can’t find it.” Sanskar again went back to his hunt and Swara thought to help him.
“Just wear something else.” Swara told him like it was a simple thing to do.
“Yeah so that your brother finds a strange t-shirt in his bedroom after.” Sanskar sarcastically said.
Swara bit her lip and said, “What color is it?”
“Black.” Sanskar quickly said and she joined him in hunting.

Precap – Let’s see but I am sure the next chapter is gonna be really interesting and I don’t think you would wanna miss it so stay tuned 😉

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