Love is Stupid (Swasan) 11


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After two weeks, her parents left to India for the wedding preparations and her brother left for his friend’s house. She, somehow, convinced her parents to let her live alone at house as she can handle it and also, her exams were coming so she needed some quiet time. Shekher and Sumi were reluctant to leave her alone but they didn’t have any other choice. Now, she had the house by herself so she enjoyed it fully. She used to cook dinner while singing songs and dancing. She had so much fun; her friends also came over for group study that led to the sleepover. While in India, her parents did all the shopping but couldn’t find a perfect bridal lehnga for her.

“Beta, I tried so hard but I couldn’t find a perfect one. I don’t know what to do.” Sumi said, she was clearly very worried about it. After talking about this, Swara got an idea. (I don’t know why I am adding this conversation in the story but I thought choosing a bridal lehnga is a hard job.)

“It’s fine, mom. How about if I order it online and ask them to ship the outfit as soon as possible? I mean, I looked for it and I found an amazing one. I’ll send you the picture and if you like it, we can just order it today.” Swara said. This was on her mind for so long but she didn’t want to seem way too excited for her marriage and all so she kept quiet.
“That’s great. Send it to me right now and I’ll look at it.” Sumi quickly hung up the phone and waited for the picture. When she got it, she immediately loved it. It was very heavy: cream lehnga with so much embroidery, pink blouse and two dupattas (Blue and Red). It was a designer lehnga and she gave Swara her consent.

Now, everything was ready and it was time for Swara’s exam. Everyone wished her luck including Sanskar and according to her, she nailed it. After the exam, all four of them went to the cafeteria and had fun. They were talking about the exam when suddenly; Jessica’s eyes fell on him. She just sat there utterly shocked by his arrival. She nudged Swara’s shoulder and signed her to look at him. When she turned, it was like someone snatched the ground away from her feet. She was surprised but more than that, happy.
“SANSKAR!” Swara said and quickly ran to him for a hug. She hugged him so hard and he reciprocated it with the same intensity. When she pulled herself away from him, he raised his eyebrows giving how-did-she-like-his-surprise look to her.

She hugged him again telling him she is so happy to see him. By then, Jessica and Lisa were at her side teasing them. Swara broke the hug and they all started asking Sanskar questions like how come he is here? Why he came? Etc.
“Relax guys! I didn’t have enough work so I thought to join you guys. How’d it go?” Sanskar asked them about their exam as they settled on the table.
“It went amazing and we all did great.” Lisa said on behalf of everyone and everyone else also nodded.
“So your flight is tomorrow then, why are you here today?” Jack asked.

“I thought to meet you guys and I’ll stay in a hotel for tonight. We’ll leave together tomorrow for India.” Sanskar explained as he took a sip from his glass of water.
They were having so much fun; however, someone came there to ruin it. Yes, it was Caleb. He came there to apologize again but this time, Swara’s anger was on its peak.
“Baby, I was wrong. I was drunk and I didn’t know what I was saying. When I realized, it was way too late. But today, I gained some courage and came here to talk.” Caleb said while pleading Jessica to accept him. This was it for Swara. Jessica was standing in front of him teary eyed whereas Jack was by her side to console her. Lisa was sitting on the table enjoying her food along with giving a commentary to Sanskar about how Swara was going to erupt again like the last time. He was surprised to see Lisa so relaxed but then, he settled down when she pulled his hand to talk.
“I am warning you right now. If the situation becomes worse, take Swara to her house forcefully. Or else, she will do something that she’ll regret not saying that she will first enjoy breaking Caleb into pieces.” Lisa whispered to him carefully but Sanskar thought that she was just joking but little did he know that Swara was an actual Jhansi ki rani.

Precap – let’s see how Swara reacts after all this drama… Stay tuned 😉

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