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The next day, Swara told her friends about all their plans and they got impressed by Sanskar’s plans. During lunchtime, everyone noticed Jessica little lost so they all thought to ask her.
“Are you okay? You seem a bit lost here.” Jack asked Jessica to which Swara and Lisa agreed.
“First promise me Swara that you will not get angry.” Jessica said and they all got confused. “Actually, Caleb broke up with me last night saying that I was too bossy. He didn’t even give me a proper reason and just cut the call.”
“What the f**k? I’m not leaving that guy anymore. He did that before too but then, he came back to you asking sorry from you. I told you that day already not to go back in his life but you didn’t listen. I always got these negative vibes from him.” Swara rose from her seat and got furious.

“What? Are you really blaming me for this? I truly loved him, what can I do if he is not capable of my love? How would you know, you never fell in love?” Jessica screamed at her and left the table.
“How can she leave the table like this? This love is stupid, it just makes people blind. How can she say that I can’t understand this love stuff?” Swara got really mad and Jack tried to control her but she was Swara.

“Yeah true. Now you love Sanskar so you know how it feels.” Lisa teased her and tried to divert her mind.
“Exactly,” Then Swara suddenly realized and said. “I don’t love him. We are getting married so we are just friends. Now, please excuse me. I gotta go.” Swara quickly picked up her stuff and left.
Then, suddenly came back and pointed at Jack and Lisa, which scared them and said, “I don’t love him.”
“Sure,” they both said in unison and they busted out in laughter. Swara while walking thought, “Do I really love him?” After giving it a thought, “Swara you are definitely going crazy.” Then, she left to her rounds.

That night, she was furious on how Jessica reacted and on that stupid Caleb. At the same time, Sanskar called her and she remembered what Lisa said that how she loves him. She quickly put aside her thoughts and picked his call.
“Hey, what have you been upto? You haven’t even replied to any of my texts? Are you okay?” Sanskar asked Swara but it just reminded of those incidents that happened in the cafeteria.
“Nothing. I am just mad. There’s something happened to Jessica and we got in a fight.” Swara sat on her bed sadly.

“Oh! What happened?” Sanskar carefully asked.
“Are you sure you wanna know?” Swara tried to warn him but he didn’t care.
“What do you mean, Swara? Just tell me.” He being a gentleman politely asked her.
“Well, Jessica was dating this guy and he dumped her. I already warned him not to hurt her but he did. After that, they broke up but he came back again and asked sorry from her. I seriously told Jessica not to forgive him but she didn’t pay any heed to me. Still, I supported her and last night, he again dumped her. Now she is all going heartbroken all over me. I mean it was her fault and when I tried to tell her this, she yelled at me. She told me that I am blaming her and I wouldn’t understand what she’s going through because I didn’t fall in love yet. This whole thing is stupid. I mean how can she blame me? This is such an immature thing to say. I hate her for this. Are you even listening to what I am saying?” Swara asked in between and took a long breath. By this time, Sanskar put the phone a little far away from his ear because of her continuous yelling. Now, he knows why Jack warned him not to ask her why she is upset. He was regretting his question but now he can’t go back.

“Yeah, I am listening. You continue.” Sanskar said. He put the phone on the speaker and started doing his work.
“Okay. So where was I? Oh yeah that how can she blame me? Even I am not a heartless person. I love people too but not blindly like she does. This is so idiotic. Then, she left from the table leaving the conversation in between. Then, this stupid Lisa said something about me loving…” Swara bit her lip and got quiet. But this got Sanskar’s attention and he was curious as to what Lisa said but she cleverly diverted the topic. “Now tell me was I wrong?” After thinking, she said “Oh my god, I was wrong. She is heartbroken and she is supposed to be cranky. Why do I act so stupid sometimes? I am a moron, idiot. How can I say that to her? At this time, I am supposed to be with her trying to make her smile but no. I am here complaining about how she blamed me. You know what? I am going to cut off Caleb’s legs so that he doesn’t do anything like this with any other girl.” Sanskar was disappointed that she didn’t tell him what Lisa said but after listening to her talks, he was trying to hold off his laughter.

“Wow Jhansi ki rani. Put some brakes on your car and stop cursing yourself. It happens sometimes. You didn’t do anything and please bare that poor guy for now.” Sanskar tried to calm her down but nothing worked. “What are you eating anyway? I am hungry.”
Swara looked down at her lap and saw many chocolate wrappers. “Huh… nothing. I was just eating chocolate.”
This made Sanskar laugh. “Chocolate or chocolates?” Sanskar asked teasingly.
“Chocolates. Happy? Don’t laugh at me. I just like to eat something when I am upset or angry.”
“Okay, I feel ya. No one’s judging you.” Sanskar said and broke into fits of laughter.
“I hate you so much.” Swara said.

“But I don’t.” Sanskar said and bit his lip, completely regretted it after. Swara was shocked and they both fell in silence so Sanskar though to break it. “So what are you gonna do about this?”
“I am just going to bake some brownies for her as she loves them. She will have to forgive me; after all, I am the only friend who knows how to bake brownies.” This time they both laughed out loud.
Like this, they talked for another hour and then, Swara went to the kitchen to bake. The next day, Swara asked sorry from Jessica and she immediately forgave her. All of them ate brownies together and went for their rounds.

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