“Our Love Was So Strong… But Why Did Everything Break Apart?”(Raglak) Episode 1


“Our Love Was So Strong… But Why Did Everything Break Apart?”(Raglak) Episode 1
Hey guys Nusz is back aha with another Fan-Fiction of Raglak (From Cad raised in England). This story will be very different than the actual track!! But everything will be based on a love track in my style… I have written many Fan-Fictions and people enjoyed it a lot so I wanted to give a try out for Aara because I am big fan of them xx. I also love Ragsan too and many people already know that xx. Welcome back this is the first episode of our Raglak Fan-Fiction, I hope you guys will enjoy this storyline aha xx.

Before I start I want to say Swara and Ragini are half sisters. They use to be really close has children but Shekhar married a woman named Sumi because he loved her. So Ragini and Swara got parted away. Janki lives in Goa with Ragini. When they both grew up Ragini went to visit her sister Swara for her wedding and Swara turns against her because she would always get the most love from others. Swara only loved Laksh and wanted him in any cost. Swara didn’t like Sanskar so she didn’t marry him. So the story will be revealed soon.
New characters (more will be coming soon)
Priya (Nia Sharma) – Sanskar’s fiancée
AP – Laksh’s mother
Sujata – Sanskar’s mother
Janki – Ragini’s mother
Sumi – Swara’s mother
4 years back
Laksh falls on the ground and lets out a scream. Drip drop drip drop the blood fell from his cut hand… He was shocked and devastated after what exactly happened…
“How can Ragini leave me like this?”
He was in tears crying so much that his heart was shattered into pieces.
“What was my crime”?
Laksh didn’t know what do anymore…
“I need to talk to Ragini; she can’t leave me like this”
Laksh loved Ragini a lot that he wouldn’t do such a crime like this…
“I need to find Ragini and tell her the truth”

Laksh got up with a cut hand and ran towards the gate of his house… The wind was blowing so hard like something bad was going to happen today
“What the hell, how did the weather change all of sudden?”
He was shocked seeing the weather’s condition”
The guard comes there and tells Laksh to go back inside
“Sir, you need to go back inside the condition of the weather is getting bad and what happened to your hand”
Laksh turned around and told the guard
“That doesn’t matter and I need to go”
Laksh runs out taking his car along
Ragini’s house
“Auntie I am leaving the place I can’t stay here anymore”
Sumi was shocked hearing Ragini
“Ragini but why are you leaving so quickly?” Sumi said
“Auntie I realized that loved ones always stays by your side but when you love someone from the bottom of your heart and they betray you… You feel the pain go through you” (She looks at Swara while saying this)
Sumi gets confused after listening to Ragini
“I need to go Auntie, but I will be back soon”
Ragini leaves the house hugging Sumi while Swara watches her leave.
Ragini and Laksh
Ragini gets into the cab and tells him to drop her of at the train station.
Laksh is driving his car really fast towards Ragini’s house
The song Baaton Ko Teri plays

Ragini’s cab and Laksh’s car both pass each other…
Laksh tries calling Ragini but she rejects his car…
“I will never forgive you, I hate you Laksh” Ragini says
Laksh is driving faster and says to himself
“Ragini you don’t know what exactly happened tonight”
“Baaton ko teri hum bhula na sake Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake Dil mein hai zinda har ghadi tu kahin Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake”
Laksh then reaches Ragini’s house and knocks at her door and Swara opens it…
Ragini sees a picture of Laksh on her phone and cries remembering the cute moments they spent together
“Kitni chahat hai dil mein tu jaane na Kaise dil ko samjhaaye dil maane na”
Laksh asks Swara where she went
Laksh: Swara do you know where Ragini is, please call her out
Swara: Laksh she already left and also she is getting married soon
Laksh: What are you saying?
Swara: This is the truth
Ragini then touches her neck and remembers the necklace that Laksh gave Ragini a necklace at her fifth birthday.
Ragini: There is no reason of remembering any moments with you… Like you betrayed me for another girl? Our love was strong but why did we break apart?
“Baaton ko teri hum bhula na sake Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake Dil mein hai zinda har ghadi tu kahin Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake”
Ragini then finally reaches the train station.
Laksh: This is your entire fault
Swara: How is it my fault?
Laksh: You’re playing your games with everyone
Swara: Um it’s my fault
Laksh: This happened all because of you… Ragini and I loved each other so much and this is what you did
Swara: I didn’t do anything
Laksh: I need to get Ragini; I will deal with you later
Swara (In mind): This Ragini is always the problem in my life… I never loved Sanskar I just want Laksh in my life.
Laksh hops into his car and drives away really quickly
Train station
Ragini looks the necklace and cries remembering Laksh…

Ragini: I need to move on with my life, when I reach Goa I need to become what I always wanted… I can’t remember my past anymore
AP: Everyone who is taking the Goa train please hop on… We’re about to leave in a bit
Ragini takes her suitcases and gets on the train and goes near her seat and sits there…
Laksh then finally reaches the place and starts looking for Ragini…
“Meri tammanaao ka ehsaas tum Main kahin bhi rahun mere aas-paas tum Khuda jaane, Khuda jaane, Khuda jaane.. Ek pal bhi tumse door jaa na sake Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake Baaton ko teri hum bhula na sake Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake”
Laksh: RAGINI!!!!

Ragini hears Laksh’s voice and gets shocked… She tries to hide from him
Ragini: Laksh…
Laksh: Ragini please don’t leave me (He says while screaming)
All of a sudden it starts raining
The Goa train was about to leave and Laksh realizes maybe she might be on hat train…
Ragini: I am sorry Laksh but I need to let you go…
“Ajnabi silsila mere saath hai Bheed mein tanhaai ka ehsaas hai Khuda jaane, Khuda jaane, Khuda jaane..”
The train leaves while Ragini is crying in the train and letting her memories of Laksh wipe away… Laksh falls on the ground and cries while it is raining heavily…
“Yaadon ko teri hum mitaa na sake Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake Dil mein hai zinda har ghadi tu kahin Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake”
Laksh: Why did you leave me Ragini? I hate you for this… I will never forgive you…
Laksh is crying and Ragini in the train tries to hold her tears in…
“Baaton ko teri hum bhula na sake Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake Dil mein hai zinda har ghadi tu kahin Hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake”
4 years after (Present day)
A guy comes out wearing a suit.
Guy: Sir what about the meeting today?
He turns around and throws a file on the guy… The guy is Laksh Maneshwari.
Laksh: What the hell do you think of yourself?
Guy: I am sorry sir, but you wanted the meeting canceled
Laksh: Do you always have to ask me the same question?
His brother Sanskar comes there

Sanskar: Laksh relax dude
Laksh turns around and gives him a dirty look
Laksh: I don’t have time to relax; I need to get that deal in any cost
Sanskar: Why do you want that deal so badly?
Laksh: I am Laksh Maneshwari, whenever I get the contract from another company I like to ruin it
Sanskar then leaves the place.
Laksh: I need to get that contract and meet that person who is trying to make my company look bad
SKM (Sharma/Kapoor Mansion)

A lady is shown praying in front of god.
Lady: Today is a big day for my daughter, I want her always be happy in life
The lady is Janki Sharma and she is talking about Ragini
Janki: Ragini!
Ragini is in her room and talking to someone on the phone.
Ragini: The meeting should be set my today; I hate delays and late work
She then hangs up the phone and hears Janki calling her name.
Ragini: Oh great it’s already morning… I should get ready
Ragini looks out the window and smiles a bit…
Ragini: Today will be a new day

Downstairs Janki is setting the table up for breakfast and ten minutes later Ragini comes down wearing a dress that is knee length and it’s a purple color one and her hair is out.
Janki: Ragini finally you coming down
Ragini looks at Janki who is working hard every day and gives her a big hug.
Janki: Ragini are you okay?

Ragini: Ma thank you for always supporting me from the start
Janki: What are you saying Ragini? I am your mother and I will always help you
Ragini: But you’re someone who understood my problems every time
Janki: Because I know my daughter would never do something wrong in her life
Ragini: I love you Ma
Janki: I will you too my Ladoo, now please have breakfast because you’re going on a long journey.
Ragini and Janki sit down and have breakfast
A man comes inside the house with a contract
Man: Hello Ragini Kapoor
Ragini: How may I help you?
Man: The contract is sent by someone who is trying to fire your company
Ragini: Yes I heard, I will be going to Mumbai today
Man: Okay Ragini Kapoor I will let them know
The man leaves
Janki: Ragini why don’t you use the name Sharma anymore?
Ragini: Ma I don’t want anyone to know about my past
Janki: But Ragini

Ragini: Please Ma try to understand me
Janki: I know Ragini I have always understood
Ragini: Ma, I will have to leave now
Janki: Ragini wait
Ragini turns around and sees Janki holding a necklace on her hand
Ragini: Ma?
Janki: I want you to wear this, it will protect you from any problems
Ragini: But Ma this is Dadi’s necklace…
Janki: I know Ragini but I want you to have it
Ragini gets emotional seeing her mother and hugs her tightly
Janki: In front of me you will always be that same Ragini but in front of others you will be that rude and stubborn Ragini
Ragini: Hey Ma I am not that rude
Janki: Okay I was joking
Ragini: Okay Ma I need to leave or I will miss my flight
Janki: When you reach Mumbai you need to call me
Ragini: Don’t worry Ma, I will call you
Janki: When are you coming back?
Ragini: In a week or so
Janki: Okay bye Ragini
Ragini waves bye to her Ma and leaves with the car
Janki (In mind): God please always give the happiness to my Ragini I don’t want her to face anymore problems like she did in the past (She says with a smile)
At Maneshwari company (MC)
Laksh enters the place and everyone stands up and greets him
Guy: Good morning sir
Girl: Good morning sir
He walks by everyone enters and enters his cabin.
Man: Welcome Mr. Maneshwari
Laksh: Where is the project?
Man: Ms. Kapoor just left from her house she probably reached the airport
Laksh: What do you think this? So sort of game
Man: We cannot force Ms. Kapoor she is one on the richest company workers
Laksh (In mind): I don’t care; all I want is to insult the company so my name could rise
Man: Sir, I will be right back
Laksh: Listen I want to meet her right now

Man: Okay I let her know (He leaves)
Laksh gets angry and throws his files in anger.
Laksh: Nobody has ever made me wait this long… When I meet her I will ruin that project so it would make her look low
A girl enters the place and sees Laksh breaking his things she tells him to relax.
Girl: Relax Laksh what are you doing?
Laksh: What are you doing here?
The girl is wearing a sleeveless sari with her out. She is Swara.
Swara: Laksh why are you getting angry at people?
Laksh: What’s your problem?
Swara: Because I care about you
Laksh: Look Swara I don’t want to listen to your boring melodrama
Swara: Laksh why are you always ignoring me?
Laksh: Because I want too
Swara: Remember that promise you made with me four years ago
*Flashback four years ago*
Swara: Laksh if you leave me, I will show this picture to everyone and also that affair you had with Ragini
Laksh: What do you mean?
Swara: If you leave I will insult you
Laksh: You can’t do anything
Swara: You don’t know me Laksh
Laksh: So you’re basically say if I leave this place right now, you will show everyone the picture
Swara: Think about it Laksh
Laksh gets thinking and agrees on her promise…
Laksh: Fine
Swara: I thought so
*Flashback ends*
Swara: Laksh now you remember
Laksh: I am tired of you and your blackmailing and look I am not in the mood right now
Swara: Why are you always screaming?
Swara gets scared seeing Laksh like this. He leaves the place angrily
Swara: Laksh hasn’t even forgotten Ragini in four years; he has become ruder and selfish because she left him. I can do anything to get him
Priya (Played by Nia Sharma) hears everything and gets shocked
Priya: This Swara is so selfish she plays with everyone’s feelings; I don’t know to stop her

Airport/ Ragini’s car
A couple hours later Ragini finally reaches Mumbai airport. She comes down and the takes her suitcases into the driver’s car and drives away.
Driver: Ma’am have you ever been to Mumbai?
Ragini: Mumbai… it’s been awhile since I was here
Driver: Really how long ago?
Ragini: It’s been four years since I have been in Mumbai

Driver: Really what made you live this city?
Ragini: Many things uncle, when some people betray you… it feels like the biggest pain in the world
Driver: What do you mean?
Ragini: Nothing uncle (She quickly wipes her tears)
Driver: Okay Ma’am we have finally reached your place
Ragini: Uncle please don’t call me Ma’am you’re older than me
Driver: But I work for you
Ragini: It doesn’t matter, I would be happy you if you call me Beti
Driver: But
Ragini: Please

Driver: Okay Ragini Beti
Ragini: Thank you uncle
She leaves the place and enters her company
Girl: Hello Ma’am happy to see you in Mumbai
Ragini: Same to you
Ragini greets everyone and enters her cabin and looks around the place.
Ragini: Today I have become someone big and now I feel like I am poorest person on earth… But I don’t feel like coming back to Mumbai… it feels like something bad is going to happen
A man enters her cabin
Man: Ms Kapoor
Ragini turns around and greets him
Ragini: What brings you here Mr. Roy?
Mr. Roy: Someone wants to meet you

Ragini: Oh where is he?
Mr. Roy: I think his coming?
Laksh gets into the car and starts driving really fast to reach the Kapoor Company. He then gets a phone call from Priya.
Laksh: Why is this Priya calling all of a sudden?
He takes his headphones and talks to her
Laksh: What is it Priya?
Priya: I need to tell you something
Laksh: Okay hurry up I don’t have all day
Priya: It’s about Swara
Swara then hears her and says
Swara: What about Swara?
Priya gets shocked hearing her voice and drops the phone
Laksh: Hello Priya, what were you saying?
Priya: Swara
Laksh: God I hate when people hang up the phone (He gets angry and hangs up)
Laksh then starts driving fast
Swara: Wow trying to expose me?
Priya: What the hell is your problem Swara?
Swara: There is no way you can expose me
Priya: I will expose you in any cost and that’s my promise
Swara: Do you have any proof against me?
Priya: You know something Swara, just because Sanskar and I are together doesn’t me we love each other… You know why because Sanskar still loves

Swara: I feel pity for you Priya
Priya: I don’t need his love, that least he cares for and that matters the most
Swara: What do you think about yourself?
Priya: You should feel pity for yourself because one day you will suffer when your truths come out
Swara: Hey!
Priya: Don’t hey me Swara Godadia because one day I will expose you in front of Laksh, Ragini, Sanskar and the whole family
She leaves the place while Swara gets angry.
Swara: How dare she point a finger at Swara Godadia, I will teach her a lesson
Laksh reaches the KC (Kapoor Company) while Ragini is talking to Mr. Roy.
Ragini: Why is he so rude?
Mr. Roy: He is one of the most known business man
Ragini: So what?
Mr. Roy: His name is
Laksh enters the cabin and says
Laksh: Laksh Maneshwari is my name (He says with a smirk on his face)
Ragini get shocked hearing his name and turns around while Laksh gets shocked seeing her…
Ragini: Laksh…
Laksh and Ragini look at each other
The episode ends.
Moral – “Most of the times when you meet new people they change, but someone you loved the most and you guys meet that changes everything in your life”

Recap: Laksh enters Ragini’s cabin and they both get shocked seeing each other. Laksh gets angry knowing Ragini is the head for the KC and wants to ruin her. Laksh and Ragini get into a fight and he pushes her against the wall and they both share an eye lock. Ragini tells him that she has moved on and her fiancée enters the place. Ragini sees Laksh with Swara and thinks they’re together too. Priya somehow sees Ragini and plans to tell her about Swara and her dirty game. AP and Sanskar talk about something.

(Remember guys if you really loved this storyline please do read destiny Vs love… Many Thahaan fans left it!! It’s very sad, but anyways if you want to read more Fan-fictions me…. I will send you the links for it aha)
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Btw I’ll post the next episode maybe Friday July 8th 2016 or Saturday July 9th 2016. But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye, bye He-he ((:
Thank you for enjoying and love you guys aha xx.
Also Eid Mubarak my cutie pies aha xx.

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