Love strengthens relationship (Episode 9)


Hey guys!! It’s a small update!! Anyhow happy reading!!

Family reached the destination..!

As it was night they were in the hotel booked by DP in the outer area of that village!

All family members got down from bus..!

They were shocked to see tat hotel!!

Swara; rags, uncle told tat we r gng to village na!!!

Ragini: hmmm…yaa://

Swara: but this hotel looks lyk five star!!

Dp: swara!! Beta..!! Wat did u think??will I  allow my family to stay in normal hotel..!!
Go nd get the room keys beta!!!

Laksh: swara, don’t run!! They ll not put food!! U can go slowly and get ur room key!!

Swara: hlo!! I don’t run for food!!.

Laksh: is it so?! So u’ll not eat dinner to huh!

Ragini: will u not eat?!

Sanky: omg!!! I’m so tired of ur fights..!! Come let’s go!!!

They went to reception..

Sanskar: Bhai room key!!

Swara: Bhai!! One more room key!!

Receptionist: we r so sorry sir n  mam,
There’s only one room key!!

Swara: then, that’s for us!!

She tried to get the room key from the receptionist but sanky got that before her..!!

Swara: sanky!!! That’s for us!!!!

Laksh: don’t give tat sanky!!

Ragini: sanky don’t listen to this idiot!! Give key to us plzz

Swara was pleading him with pleasing eyes!!

Raglak were fighting on the other side..

Sanky: okokkkk!!! Don’t fight!!!!we ll decide it after eating ..come on guys frst let’s have dinner!!!

Swara: but where are others?!

Laksh: i think so,they already Got their room keys and got settled..

Ragini: okok..swara after dinner we ll go to ma’s room..nd we ll share with them..

Swara: hmmm…okkiiee!!

Laksh:haa!!jollyyyyy!!!sanky so, now it’s our room!!

Ragini: don’t jump!! U looked lyk poor boy! So only I have u! Huh!!

They went to restaurant..

Sanky called the server!

Server: sorry sir, now it’s too late , so no service sir..
But u can give ur order and go sir! We ll bring it to ur room..!

Sanky: hmmm..okkiee..

They all gave their order and went to their room(sanlaK room)

They entered the was a large double bed room with a couch and balcony!!

sanlaK sat in the couch! While swarag in bed..

Swara: we can go and see ma and come!

Ragini: hmm..okkiee swara!!

They both went there but there ap and sujatha were already asleep!
So they returned to sanlaK room..

Swara: guys!! All slept!! So there’s no way to share room!!

Sanky: no probs!we can share our room..!! There a two bed room na!!

Ragini: hmm ..kk..

They four had dinner with masti!!

Then ragini got freshened!! Then swara went to fresh up..was room was in next room!!

Laksh was busy with phone call in balcony! And ragini was to seeing movie in her phone!!

So sanky took this as a chance and went behind swara!

Swara got freshened and came out!! She saw sanskar

Swara:Sanskar wat r u dng here?!

Sanskar:hmmm..hmmm…I jus came to get signal in my phone..!

Swara:wat??!! Fr tat u came here?! U should have gone to balcony na!!

Saying tat she saw a lizard in wall
And started shouting and hugged sanky!!

Swara felt so secured in his arms! While in the other hand sanky heartbeat skipped fr a min!

Sanskar too hugged her tightly!!

Slowly swara loosened her grip!!

Sanky: lizard!!!(he shouted;)

Hearing him she again hugged him tightly, but this tym due to her force they both felled on the bed!!

Swara was in top, her hair felled over his face..

Slowly sanskar took those hair and placed it behind her ears!

Swara was seeing him without closing her eyes! Same as sanky!!

Sanky was holding her waist!

Sanskar was lost in her!!

Sanskar: u r so beautiful swara!!

Swara smiled, even she was lost in him..

Sanskar: u look so cute..

Swara: u too!!

Sanskar:what?!!! Am I looking cute?!

Swara: hmm..ya!! U r always cute for me!!

Sanskar smiled..

Sanskar: u know ur cheeks are lyk gulabjamun..!!

Swara: do u want to eat it!?;)

Sanky: hmmm..yaa!!!

Swara showed her cheeks to him!!

Sanky slowly kissed her cheeks!!!!

Swara smiled!!

Sanky: swara!! Wat happened to u?!

Swara: nothing happened!!!

Sanskar: I think then u can get down from me!!

They were still in same position!!

Swara smiled and nodded a big no!!

Sanskar became suspicious!!

Sanskar: swara blow!!

Swara nodded no..!!

Sanskar: swara did u drink?!

Swara: no sanky!!! I didn’t drink!!! Ragini only drank!!no!!! No!! I only drank frst!!! Thn I gave tat to ragini also!!!

She was blabbering lyk a drunkard yet cutely..

Sanskar: swara where did u get tat?!

Swara: from tat tray which tat room boy bought?!

Sanskar:haaaaa!!! Okokkkk!! Frst get down from me!!
(He now only came to know y swara s behaving lyk this)

Swara: u gave me only one kiss!! Give me another then I’ll get down!!

Sanskar: swara!! No !! U r not in ur …..

Before he could say something swara kissed him..

He frst avoided and tried to pull her away.. later he couldn’t avoid her!!so he too reciprocated!!

Guys I know it’s a short update!!! It only has swasan , so in next part I ll give raglak(that s ragini’s masti after drinking)
Hope u lyk it..

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  1. Wow waiting for raglak part. It was so funny update soon

    1. Shylaja

      Thank u anjali!! .☺

  2. Lovely chappy dear… sooooo cute of SWASAN….???… awwwwwwwwwww how adorable they r!!!!?.. i just cant stop smiling after imagining that cute scene?… thnx for ur beautiful chappy dear.. n it’s not at all short.. . u gave us update that’s enough for me..?

    1. Shylaja

      Thank u fr this cute comment kakali! so sweet of u!!????

  3. Superb episode!!!!precap is amazngggg waitng for raglak scenesss!!!!keep rockng n stay blessed dear???

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  4. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Stupendous chappy dear. Oooo, swara is drunk but their scenes are quite romantic…. Keep it up dear. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Shylaja

      Thank u uma!!?

    1. Shylaja

      Thank u vijay!

    1. Shylaja

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  5. Wow awesome romance of swasan update soon

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    Nice update dear…

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  7. Nive

    Superb episode shylu akka ????
    Rock my sister.& Thanks for commenting in my ff.U r really a good sister

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      Thank u nive☺!! And u don’t have to say thanks at all sissy?!!

  8. Cute episode

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  9. Superb and waiting for Raglak scenes

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  11. Mica

    aawwww… cute cute cute.. but swara drunk ? O.o

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      Thank u mica?! Hehe she’s drunk??

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  12. Vaikha

    I loved todays episide.. Swasan scenes were superb.. Pls do make them fall in love and give us their romantic track..

    1. Shylaja

      Thank u vaikha!! They ve already fallen dear;) ..soon they ll realize and confess their feelings!!

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  14. Arshaanya

    Aaaawww swara is too cute d way she said so u want to eat it… love swasan
    Luvd it

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  15. Awesome swasan scenes.waiting for raglak scene

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  16. Awesome. .loved it to d core… M commenting for d 1st time

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