Love strengthens relationship (Episode 8)


Hey guys!! Here s d nxt episode

Ragini and swara entered the bus before sanlaK..

Swara was sitting in sanskar’s seat..

Sanskar was happy seeing swara’s jealousy ..

Sasha: hey! Swara..I was sitting there..!

Swara: no problem..u can sit in my seat..

Sasha: but..

Swara: usually during traveling I used to get vomiting sensation, and hence if I get window seat! It ll b good fr me..

Sasha: but there are many window seat na.. u can sit wherever u want.!

Swara: I’m too saying the same thing, u can sit wherever u want

Sanky was seeing all this and was laughing

Without taking care of Sasha , swara dragged sanky ..


Ragini sat in her place..

After swasha’s( swara and Sasha;)) drama lucky came to his place..

His heart beat started increasing..

He have to cross ragini to sit in his window seat ..

He slowly tried to cross her without touching her..

Suddenly ragini pinched him in his hip( I donno whether boys have hip or not;)) ..

He shouted,

Laksh: aaahhhhh…

Sanky: wat happened lucky?!.

Laksh: wo!! Wo!!! Nothing ..

Sanky : then y u shouted?!

Laksh: haa!!! Ant! Ant!! Bited me tats y..!!

Ragini was looking angrily at him , for calling her as ant.

Sanky noted ragini ..

Sanky: ohhhh..!!! Okokok!! I think that ant is very angry at u..!!
He said naughtily..

Laksh gave a wide grin and sat in his place..


Sanskar tried talking to swara, but she is completely ignoring him..

Sanskar: swara!!! U r also not at all speaking!! And poor Sasha she was atleast talking to me..u sent her too..!!
It’s not fair..

Swara: so tats ur problem..! Okokkkk
. I’ll go and send her ,u talk with her happily..

Sanskar: no swara..

Swara: haa!! Don’t act!! I was seeing u both..she was continuously touching u and talking with u.. u too were  replying her happily..

Sanskar: no I wasn’t happy!!

Swara: haa!! Haaa!! I was seeing ur face na..!! U didn’t close ur mouth!! U were Showing al ur tooth!!

Sanskar: swara! Seats are so did u saw al these from behind!!

Swara: u r saying tat lyk , I was standing and watching u ..not at all ..I watched those al casually

Sanskar:ohh..kkk.. dentist madam!! It seems lyk someone is jealous?!!

Swara: whaattt!!! Im not jealous..!!! Go now!! Go and talk to her!! I won’t care!!

Sanskar: ohh..then shall I go..

Swara: haa!! Goo..

Sanskar was about to stand, swara holded his hand and pulled him..

And at the same tym driver to applied brake..

Sanskar felled over swara!!

Swara closed her eyes tightly with fear..she felt his breath

Sanskar was very close to her..

She slowly opened her eyes..

They both were lost in their own world


Ragini didn’t speak anything, and was silent..
Laksh couldn’t tolerate her silence

Laksh: ragini…want to hear songs..


They shared a headphone..

Slowly ragini was asleep in his shoulder..

Laksh couldn’t take his eyes from her..

Now only he saw her , as from mrng he was feeling shy;) to see her..

She was wearing a cute red top with black Jean..with no make up..and her hair tied and was in left side..fringes of hair behind her ears and some ovr her face, disturbing her sleep..

Laksh slowly let that hair behind her ears, without disturbing her sleep..

Soon he too slept placing his head on hers..


Swasan ‘ s eyelock was broke by a sudden break..

They sat comfortably in seat, yet there was a awkward silence btw them..

Sanskar broke the silence: u want me to go to Sasha..

Swara again started her radio..

Sanskar patted his forehead..

Sanskar:(thinks) stupid sanky ..see now she again started…

To stop her..he held her shoulders ..

Swara became silent because of his closeness..

Slowly sanskar held her waist with one hand ..and left her shoulder..

Sanskar: say swara!

Swara wasn’t even able to breathe cause of his hand around her waist..

Swara: hmmm…wohh!!hmmm..

Sanskar: hmm..say…

Swara:hmm..Nothing I’m just feeling sleepy tats it..

Saying this she laid down without seeing him..

Sanskar laughed seeing her childishness..


Ragini woke up first..

She saw laksh who was holding her securedly..

She smiled seeing him..

Laksh too woke up as she was slightly moving..

Ragini was still seeing him..both shared a cute eyelock..

Laksh suddenly realized his position..

Laksh: ohh..sorry..

Ragini too adjusted herself..

Maya stood from back seat and started speaking

Maya:hi… laksh..

Laksh: hii..Maya..

Maya: it’s too boring fr me ya..wat abt u..

Laksh: (seeing ragini in his corner of his eyes) hmmm..for me starting it was too good..but now it’s boring..

Ragini started to cough..

Maya: it..!! What did u do in starting..

Laksh: I didn’t do anything..!! Ragini was only……………!!!!

Ragini was shocked..

Laksh: but, now it’s boring!

Maya: arey! Lakah u r not saying wat she did!?

Laksh: u urself ask her..ragini say na..

Maya: hmmm…say ragini wat were u talking about?!

Ragini: haaa!!!! I didn’t say anything..!!he was only continuosly talking about u..
Lakah say na

Laksh: whaattt??!!!!

Ragini: Maya! Im feeling so sorry for u..but should have not told h lyk tat..
She said in a  sad tone..and winked at laksh..

Laksh was about to speak..

Maya kicked him from behind..

Ragini started to laugh..while laksh was seeing her angrily..

Laksh got an idea

Laksh started moving close to her..

Ragini became aware..

He closed  his eyes and was about to kiss her..and finally kissed her..

But her response and voice was different..

Lakah suddenly opened his eyes and was shocked to see the care taker granny

He suddenly moved back with  shock and hitted the window..

All started laughing while that granny was yelling at first and then acted being shy..

Granny: haa!!! Laksh kanna!! Wat r u dng! Al r seeing us!!!

She said shyly..

Lakah searched for ragini and found her in swara’s lap on the adjacent seat..


Seeing laksh coming close to her..

Ragini suddenly got up and made the care taker aunty to sit there..and went to Swara’s seat and sat in her lap..

Ragini: see that..

Swara: (seeing laksh)wat s he dng..!…

Sanky: omg..he a gng to kiss tat granny..!

Before he informs tat to laksh swaragini closed his mouth..

Fb ends..

Granny:: haaa!!! I feel so shy…I’m gng…!!

Saying this granny went back to her seat..

Ragini  came back to her seat laughing..

Swara: but ragini, y was he trying to kiss tat grandma..

Laksh and ragini were shocked..

Sanskar  understood the reason and smiled..

Sanskar: swara !! Be silent..!!!if others hear u..then they ll get caught!
( He whispered in her ears)

He stressed the last line..

Swara too now understood and smiled naughtily..

Swara: okkkk..u continue!!!
She said naughtily..

Ragini blushed..lakah was still seeing her..

Laksh: no one saw wen u (stammered) kisseedd me..! But see now..

He said with a pout..

Ragini: hahahah…bit u should be not kissed tat granny..did u see her..she was blushing..

Laksh: haa:!!! Now I ll bet u..before returning home from temple I ll kiss u..

Ragini I was shocked and kept her hands over her mouth..

Laksh: yaa!!! There only..

Ragini was super shocked..!!!

Guys!! I donno y!! But I am not in mood of writing!! I ll post the next episode after one day!!

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  1. Amazing epi dear….loved it… ??… n what was Lucky doing???? hahahaha …????? it’s soo funny…. n granny was blushing,,,???????… my godd… m laughing like a mad… n seeing me like this my moom is yelling at me…. hahahaha??… thnkq dear enjoyed ur chappy very much…?

    1. Shylaja

      Haha..thank u fr this cute comment dr!!!
      I’m smiling seeing ur comment☺?! mom is too seeing me weirdly as I’m smiling!!?

  2. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Hehe, lol…. What to say… I am dumbstruck. Laksh expression while kissing, oh God, worth to watch???.Swara is jealous, nice….Loved it.. You nailed it dear. Keep going. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling

    1. Shylaja

      Haha!! Tq dr!! Take care??

    1. Shylaja

      Thank u dr☺

  3. Hahahahha laksh kissed granny…too helariousss??? …awww!!!he bet to kissskisss her!!!super awesome…..loved d epide dear…keeep rockng n stay blessed??

    1. Shylaja

      Thank u dr!!! Keep smiling.?

  4. Sindhura

    Poor lucky

    1. Shylaja

      Yaa dear?

  5. Rafeee


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      Thank your rafeee!

  6. Mica

    omg,,, soo funny….
    luv it so much Shy,, ty

    1. Shylaja

      Thank u so much mica!

  7. Sreevijayan

    Hahhaaa..very sweet update dear..raglak scene was too damn funny

    1. Shylaja

      Haha!!! Thank u sreevijayan

  8. Raglak scenes are amazing

    1. Shylaja

      Thank u lovely!!

  9. Wow amazing episode.

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      Thank u ashnoor!!

  10. Awesome episode as usual. Loved Raglak scenes

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      Thank u ammu!!!!

  11. Nive

    I love u Shylaja Shylaja Oh Shylu Shylu.super episode di

    1. Shylaja

      Hahaha ……nivee!!!! Thank u so much for this cute comment sissy????..luv u too dear!!! Playful love story kaaga naa wait pannitu irukae!!.? Epo update panna pora?!!!?

  12. Soujanya


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  13. just love raglak naughtiness amazing yaar u r awesome next part soon with lots of raglak naughtiness

    1. Shylaja

      Thank u nikky!!! In next episode u ll have laksh & granny’s romance ? addition to raglak romance ?

  14. It’s superb raglak are too cute and naughty swasan part is also nice

    1. Shylaja

      Thank u ankita!! I’m glad tat u lyked it!

  15. Super..??It so funny laksh kissed granny.raglak scene was amazing

    1. Shylaja

      Thank u lucky!!! I m so happy tat u lyked it!

  16. Vry nice update.

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  17. Akshata

    poor laksh, he kissed granny lol. update soon

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      Haha!!yaa akshata!!

  18. Arshaanya

    Nyc… lvd swaraz jlsy.. want jls sanky also… continue soon

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  19. Haha…… It’s so funny specifically laksh. Awesome . Update soon

    1. Specially laksh sorry for grammatical mistakes and update soon. Poor laksh haha……. I read your ff twice as it was so funny. I am laughing like mad. I really enjoy this ep. ????????????

      1. Shylaja

        I’m so glad tat I liked it dear!! I ll update the next one tomorrow!?

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