Love strengthens relationship (Episode 7)


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Now they were in the order as,

Before swara puts her leg and hand over laksh sanskar rushes and now,

Swara puts her leg and hand over sanky ..

Lucky: sanky idiot! Already there s no u r also this tym to play

Sanky: okiie..then u get up..

Laksh: no no..! u r only two mins younger than me..small children should not do these kind of better u get up..!

Sanky: no lucky! U don’t luv ragini na then why are u lying nxt to her..u get up..

Lucky:who told lyk tat?!


Lucky: I mean she s loving me na u get up..

(They both were whispering (fighting;) as they shouldn’t disturb their darling)

Hearing their fight swara was somewat she made her grip tight ovr sanky..)

But sanky wasn’t able to see her face as her hair was al ovr her face..

So he cleared the hair which was falling over her face..

Swara was feeling his touch and smiled in sleep..

She slowly opened her eyes and say sanky..

She smiled seeing his face..

And then she closed her eyes..

After a second,
she became conscious and her eyes shot open and
she saw sanky and her position and started shouting loudly..


Ragini woke up with that sound..and she saw lucky..

Ragini: aaaaahhhhh…

Hearing them shouting loudly..lucky and sanky felled over the ground…

Lucky then got up from ground and closed ragini’s mouth with one hand and holded her hand with his another..

Don’t shout girls..

Swara: wat r u dng here in our room?!

Sanky: aunty only told us to wake u up..

Swara: but u weren’t dng tat right?! She folded her hand across her chest and  questioned him..

Sanky: u only pulled me to bed!

Swara: watt?!!!!


Laksh: y r u shouting idiot..!


Laksh: I know seeing a handsome guy lying next to you..u would have gone shocked…

Ragini started screaming loudly..

Ragini: mmmm mmmm mmmm

Laksh: wat yaar..I think still u r mesmerized seeing me that’s y nothing is coming from ur mouth..

Itss okkiiee.. I understand..

Say something..i expect more from u..

Ragini started screaming more louder..

Ragini: hmmmmm…mmmmmmmmm..mmmm

Hearing her scream..swasan turned towards them..

Seeing them sanky shouted..

Sanky: arey lucky, donkey..frst take your hand from her mouth..

Then only lucky realised it..he took his hand from her mouth and started running..

Ragini: luccckkyyyyy…..meri bache!! I’ll not leave u..I will forgive u for whatever u’ve done…but u were praising urself na..i am not able to digest tat only..

Saying tat she took the groom which was aside and started beating him..while he was running al ovr the room..

Lucky: ragini..ragini..plzz leave me..think me as ur child..and forgive me..

(He was running al ovr the room begging her)

Swasan were laughing at them..

After sometime ragini got tired and sat down..

Laksh was sitting in the corner of the room with his legs folded by his hands…! With few broken pieces of Broom stick in his head..!!

Swasan were still laughing at them..!!

Ragini: laksh beta ! Will u do this here after!!?!
(She was heavily breathing, as she is tired of beating him)

Laksh: no maa!!! Noo!!!!!

Laksh: sanskar beta! Come here!! Still now u r laughing at me..and not coming to lift me up!!

Sanskar came to corner and lifted him..

Laksh: plz carry me slowly bro!! I can’t..

Sanskar: hahah..okokkkk

Swara: careful lucky

Ragini:yaa..!!! Lift him carefully!!

Laksh: she will beat me..and then will say to carry me properly!!!

Saying this he slowly went out..

Sanskar: that’s love..!!! Lucky…!!!

Lucky was shocked!!!

Lucky: is this love..?!!! Arey sanky meri bache!!! Hearing u only I started my romance!!! For that itself I got good beating!!!!

Sanskar: okokkkk ..leave that Bhai..

Lucky: only u remember that I m ur bro huh?!! U didn’t remember that while I was getting beating from her?..!!

After sometime..

Dp returned from Hyderabad!!

Dp asked all the members of the family to get ready to go to their family temple which is far away from their village..!!

Dp: we ll leave by today afternoon, and we ll stay in a hotel near that village tonight; and tomorrow we ll go to temple

All got ready..

Rp:(to dp) if they see our daughters wat will they do?! And wat will we answer them!!

Dp: hmmm..I too donno abt that rp ..but it’s our tradition to go to our temple na..

Rp: hmmm…let’s see..wat’s gonna happen!!

And all got ready to go to take in a separate ac bus arranged ..

Sanskar and laksh entered the soon as they get in..

Sasha: sanskar u come here..near me..

Sanskar: no..I ll sit near laksh..

(Sanskar already told laksh tat he didn’t like Sasha,so to take revenge on him laksh started his plan)

Laksh: no no..sanky u can sit near her..I ll sit here..u don’t need to worry..have a great tym..( he made faces saying him to njy without the notice of Sasha)

Sasha: see he is itself saying na..come..

Sanskar sat near her, staring laksh angrily while laksh was laughing.

Then, swara and ragini came inside the bus..then bus took off..

Ragini: swara, I will sit near laksh..I m feeling bad for beating him..

Swara:ooooo!!!okokkkk u continue..

Swara then saw sanskar near Sasha and was fuming in anger..

Ragini went near laksh to sit..
In the other hand laksh was frightened seeing her coming near him to sit..

Laksh: I think u should come and sit near me..

Sanskar saw ragini and started teasing him..

Sanskar:no no..lucky u can sit near her..I ll sit here..u don’t need to worry..hav a great tym..

Lucky: sanky idiot, is this the to take revenge..

Sanky putted his headphone and started listening to songs ignoring him with the naughty smile in his face..

Ragini sat near laksh..

Last seat was occupied by Maya,swara, sujatha and parineeta

Last before sheet,
In left side by laksh and ragini

In right side by sanky and Sasha..

Swara was sitting behind sanskar and Sasha..

Seats were so tall so tat name can see wat’s gng on from behind

Ragini: lucky…..

Laksh:hmm..( he said in a scared tone)

Ragini: I was just playing with u da!

Laksh: u’ll play lyk this only uh!?

Ragini say her left side, sanskar was talking to Sasha,she wasn’t leaving sanky to turn itself..

Laksh: y r u seeing in all sides?!

Ragini:to make sure that no one is seeing us..

Laksh: so u r avn going to beat me uh?!

He covered his cheeks with his hands..

Ragini removed his hand and
sensuously touched his face..

Lucky was dumb…!! He couldn’t do anything..

She came close too him..

Lucky’s heartbeat started rising..

Seeing his nervousness ragini smiled..

She slowly went near his ears..

Ragini: y r u tensed..

Lucky: no no I’m not tensed( In a shivering voice)

Ragini smiled..

Still she was close to him..

Ragini: u ll always flirt with girls na..I haven’t seen u this much tensed while u were near them..

Laksh heartbeat was still  very much increased..he could hear his heartbeat..!!

Laksh engulfed his saliva in nervousnous..

Ragini seeing him tensed, slowly came towards his cheeks..

She kissed him in his cheeks..

Laksh eyes were shot open..

At that tym bus was stopped..

Dp: all can get down..we ll have coffee here..

Ragini smiled seeing his reaction and got down along with swara..

Laksh was still sitting with the same reaction..


He didn’t give any response

Sanskar: lucky… lucky…

Sanky Shaked him..then only he came to sense..!!

Lucky: haan..haan..say..

Sanky: let’s get’s tea time.

Lucky: it..!!

Sanky: were u sleeping, while papa told..

(  He s still n shock)

They got down..

There ragini was engrossed with swara…! But laksh wasn’t able to take his eyes from her..!!

Suddenly ragini saw him..he suddenly changed his gaze..!! He couldn’t see her face..! He was blushing!!

Laksh immediately went from there, he went behind the bus..

Laksh: idiot., Lucky wat r u dng?!and for the frst tym u r blushing lucky..?!!

Then ragini came there with swara,

Seeing her, his heartbeat started increasing,

He started moving back and hitted the bus,
She teasingly smiled seeing him..

And when she came near him ,
She immediately extended her hand towards him..

Being afraid he immediately turned towards the bus and slowly turned towards her ,

She adjusted her duppata with her extended hand and winked at him..she left

Laksh: she s making me crazy!!!

He smiled lyk an idiot..

On the other side,

Swara wasn’t noticing raglak all the while as she was burning with anger seeing Sasha and sanskar!!

After tea break, before Sasha swara was sitting in sanskar’s seat..

Seeing her, sanskar understood her jealousy and smiled at her..

Precap: swasan,raglak Romance

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