Love strengthens relationship (Episode 5)


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Sanskar was feeling sad when he was saying that he didn’t love swara..

And on the other side raglak slept happily..

Next day..

Dp: ram bride’s family are coming..we should take good care of them

Rp: I ll take care of that durgaprasad..u don’t worry..

(They were both frnds from childhood and hence dp decided to get his sister sujatha to get married to him)

Dp: I know that ram.. and that’s y I am so free even during my son’s marriage

At the mean tym..ragini came there with a file

Ragini: uncle some foreign delicates are coming to Hyderabad for a deal with us tomorrow..wat can we u r busy..shall I go ..

Dp: ohh…i totally forgot about that tq ragini beta.. u don’t have to go beta.. I ll go by myself still there ‘s one week tym for marriage I’ll itself go..
Rp u take care of house and guests

Rp: okkiee durgaprasad

Ragini: then ok uncle I’ll inform them..

Ragini left..

Dp: I’m so worried about them ram..

Rp: I’m too worried about their  marriage..

Dp: I hope something good will happen..

Rp smiles weakly and keep his hands ovr dp’s shoulder

Dp left to Hyderabad..

Swaragini were talking in their room while sanlaK in their room


All d guests pareenita(bride) nd her parents with her two sisters Sasha and Maya..

All members of maheswari were in hall welcoming the guests..

At that tym sanky pulled swara to the corner..

Swara:arey sanky wat happened..

Sanky: hey! Idiot..we have to think a plan to unite raglak..

At that tym sujatha came that side..
So that they hid behind the window screen..

Sanskar was holding swara so tight..and close…

Sanskar was still watching sujatha..

Swara became conscious of their closeness..she felt his heartbeat..her heart beat started to rise..

His hand were around her waist
which gave her a tingling sensation in her stomach ..she never felt this sort of feelings .

And after sujatha went sanskar turned towards swara
. then only he too became conscious of their closeness..

Swara looked deep into his eyes..

They were lost in each other eyes..

Which was noticed by Sasha..sister of pari..

She was lost in sanskar’s nature..and then she found swara with him and became angry on her..

After a short eye lock..swasan parted apart..nd they were feeling as to remove the awkwardness sanskar started speaking

Sanskar: as guests came all are wandering here and we can’t speak, let’s meet in garden tonight at 12

Swara: okiie

Swara turned to leave And took two steps

Meanwhile Sasha came near sanskar..

Swara’s pov:

And I thought to say bye to him.. as I turned I saw one girl about to the Nick of time she was held by sanskar..

But I couldn’t see that..I felt lyk crying..

And that girl thanked him by touching his cheeks..

I felt lyk shouting..i just wanted  to slap her and say “he s only mine…I only have that right!!”

But I couldn’t..and I donno why I felt lyk that…only thing which I did tat I didn’t do automatically came..ya I cried
.but didn’t know y..

I left that place with teary eyes..

Sanskar: careful

Sasha: thank-you
Nd my name is Sasha.. what’s yours?!

Sanskar: Sanskar

Sasha: I’ll lyk to have coffee with u..

Sankar: it’s our responsibility to care of guests..just a min I’ll  say kaka to bring coffee

Sasha: I didn’t mean tat..! I’d lyk to go outing With u

She stressed the words with u sanky understood her intention..

Sanskar: sry..i can’t come..

Sasha: come whenever u r free..

Sanskar: hmm..okiie

He went..

Sasha to herself: I ll make him fall for me..u r only for me sanskar..but who’s tat girl.. I’ve to be careful with her..

On the other side..

Swara consoled herself..

Swara: (standing in front of the mirror)wat happened to u swara..y r u feeling lyk this ..he s ur Frnd..nothing else than tat..okkiiee..

She just told tat from mouth..and not from her heart..even she knows it but she ignored those feelings..

In dining table..

Swara and ragini were sitting near each other..while sanlaK opposite to them..

Sasha came and sat near sanky..and Maya next to laksh..

Seeing her swara felt uneasy..more than her sanky felt uneasy..

On the other side laksh started flirting with Maya..which made ragini burn with jealousy..

Laksh: wat’s ur good name?!

Ragini:onion…(she shouted)

Laksh: wat?!

Ragini: onion is not cooked properly..i was saying tat..


He turned towards maya and continued..

Laksh: u continue..

Maya: Maya

She said it shyly which made ragini more angry..

Laksh: ohh..wat a sweet name..

Hearing tat ragini started spitting out the food..
Laksh turned towards her

Laksh: now wat?! (He said annoying ly)

Ragini: This Vegetable is just lyk ur face….hence I spitted it out

Laksh: Even by seeing ur face ,I get vomiting sensation..but though I m controlling it na..I Haven’t even said to you..see how good I am..u have to learn those habits from me..

Ragini was fuming with anger..

Seeing their fight..swara smiled..

Sanskar:okokkkk..stop ur fight!

Ragini: ya ya..let’s stop our fight.. I think we are disturbing their romance..

Laksh: yes.. sorry sanky ji..

Swara: lakshhhh……….

Swara blushed wen ragini teased was noticed by sanky..

He was confused at the same time was happy..

Sasha who was hearing their came to a conclusion that swasan are in relationship..and decided to separate them.

After dinner..sanlaK left to their room similarly swaragini..

sanlaK room..

Sanskar: I think ragini loves u..
(Sanky monologue:sanky u r saying whatever that comes to ur mind, to unite them..but I hope it becomes true, if not u r dead)

Laksh was shocked for a minute..

Laksh: how are you saying that sanky..?!

Sanskar:the way she speaks to you..and they way she got angry while u were talking to Maya..

Laksh was feeling so happy..!

Laksh: is it so?!

Sanskar: do u love her..?

Laksh: I lyk her..but I’m not sure..

Sanskar: hmmmm…

Laksh: but I am feeling happy while hearing tat she love me..

(he remembers how he felt happy wen ragini told laksh tat she lyks sanky only as a Frnd( try to remember it frnds, it happened wen they were in lake)

Sanskar too felt his plan is working..
But hided it

Sanskar: It’s ok lucky..don’t think too much..just sleep..

Laksh: I’m so confused sanky..u made me confused..and now u r asking me to can I?!( In a childish tone)

Sanskar winked at him..

Laksh: how u realised tat u love swara..

Sanskar was startled for a minute

Laksh: say na…

Sanskar: woh!!

Then sanskar thought of swara..
Her beautiful face with her angelic smile came over his mind

Then he started to speak..

Sanskar: woh.. I ll feel happiness whenever she s next to me..
If I didn’t see her for a minute I ll feel lyk dying..
If I see someone close to her, I’ll just want to kill tat guy..
Even in crowd my eyes will search only her..
I just wanted to walk with her all along the path of my life..

Laksh: enough sanky ji..u r talking like a poet..
So, wen I acted being close to swara..did u plan to kill me..( he said in a tone as if he is afraid)

Sanskar: If tat act continued..i think may be..(in a naughty tone)

Saying this he started laughing

Swaragini room:

Swara was still in sad mood..she couldn’t console herself..ragini noted tat..

Ragini: swara wat happened?!

Swara: nothing ragini

Ragini: no swara I ve been seeing u for a long tym..but u aren’t ok..

Swara hugged ragini and cried her heart out.

Ragini:swara .. don’t cry wat happened?! Is Sasha bothering you?!

Swara looked at her shockingly

Ragini: I ve seen it swara..even in dining hall u didn’t lyk their closeness na..

Swara: not lyk tat ragini..

Ragini: don’t act swara..I m your sister..I know more about you..

Swara’ s tears haven’t stopped yet

Ragini: This type of possessiveness is common in love..

Hearing the word love Swara’s heartbeat started rising..

Ragini: even I got angry..seeing Maya and laksh close..
Tat lucky na..he was flirting with her..I just wanted to slap him and…
Hug tat minute

Swara was surprised

Swara: ragini do u luv laksh?!
She asked eagerly

Ragini: If this is love..then im in love with lucky ..!!!!

Swara hugged ragini and congratulated her..

Swara:then u can propose him na..

Ragini: u r seeing tat idiot right?! He keeps on flirting with every girls..
(Said n a sad tone)

Swara:  very soon ,he ll realise his love for dear sissy..u don’t feel

She was too happy for ragini at the same tym confused about her feeling for sanskar..

And after talking with each other for a long tym they decided to sleep

Swasan kept alarm for 12’0 clock..

Swara’ s pov:
Am I in love with sanskar?!

Sanskar’s pov:
Why i told these many dialogues to lucky thinking about swara,
But I’m sure..i told that wholeheartedly..
am I in love?!

Precap: sanskar realising his love!!!;))

Hope u guys lyk this chapter..don’t forget to comment guys!! Luv u all!??

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