Love strengthens relationship (Episode 4)


Hey guys!!! I’m really overjoyed with your support ..! Keep supporting me drs…
Without too much of talkies let’s go to d stry..

Sanskar silently followed laksh..

After getting near swaragini’s room he signalled someone inside…nd slowly a sum1 came out of the room..
and that’s ragini..

Sanskar silently heard their convo..

Rags: I told u not to come at this time na..

Laksh; but I didn’t get sleep..

Rags: aahaaa…so,u came see…

Suddenly rags saw sanskar’s shirt and signalled laksh

Rags: to see swara.. am I crect..

Laksh: ya ya..

There sanskar was breaking inside

At that time swara started searching for ragini..and came out..

But she didn’t see laksh and ragini talking to each other on her right side..instead she saw Sanskar who was in left side..and went towards him..

After seeing swara outside  the room raglak hided behind the door

Swara went towards sanskar and hugged him..

Sanskar too hugged her back..seeing them hugging raglak were shocked..

As sanskar knew that raglak were there he dragged swara to the garden..
But raglak too followed them..

Sanskar: wat r u dng at this tym..?!

Swara: I was searching for ragini..but I found u so I came too talk to you..

Sanskar: it’s not safety to talk here.. u better go n sleep..

Swara: u only called me to come here..but at that tym that donkey came here and disturbed our meeting..

Ragini giggled..
Laksh: Is she talking about me

Ragini: exactly..hahah..

Sanky: hae! Shona he s my bro..don’t scold him..okkie

Hearing his support ..laksh acted as if  clearing his tears..(tears of happiness?)

Swara: aahaaan..not nly him..i ll also scold u sanky monkey..

Raglak giggled

Sanky:okokkkk baba..wat happened?!

Swara: u r asking me wat happened..from mrng u r avoiding me as if u donno me..then now u r talking as if nothing happened?!

Sanky: u only shouted calling me thief as if u donno me.. now u r saying me..

Raglak are shocked

Swara: u nly told me to act na..
( In a childish way)

Sanskar smiled seeing her cuteness..

Sanskar: laksh loves u swara..

Swara: oh do u believe him..he s just making fun..why don’t u understand tat..

Hearing this raglak started fighting in husky tone..

Ragini: oi.. u r not making them to love each other.. u r planning for their breakup!

Laksh: arey do I know tat they already love each other?!

Ragini:okokkkk.. do something now..

Next second laksh stood up lyk a super hero and started moving towards swasan..

Seeing them swasan don’t know wat to do..and started acting

Sanskar: it’s too sweating na swara

Swara: ya ya sanskar ji..;)

They acted as if they don’t know each other..

Laksh: Is that so?! Sanskar ji..
He said it in dramatic tone

Swara: hii lucky..wat a pleasant surprise..yet u didn’t sleep uh..!?

Laksh: hmmm…now U’ll call me lucky.. after I go u ll call me donkey..

He said it in a sad yet comedy tone

Sanskar: she wasn’t calling you donkey..I think u r mistaken

Laksh: yes sanskar ji.. sorry sorry sanky monkey?..I think I m mistaken

Swara: I was just searching for ragini lucky..

At that ragini also joined them

Ragini: don’t want to search me my dear sissy..

Raglak: now we want truth..(In  chorus )

Swasan just showed their teeth with a wide grin in their face

Swasan: we already know each other..

Ragini: so u love each other..but why were acting

Before swara started to speak sumthng sanskar started to speak up..

Sanskar: coZ lucky loves her.. I don’t want to hurt him

Swara stood mum with no reaction in her face..

Ragini: omgg!!!!!
Donkey lucky see wat have u done..

Lucky: (he looked the sky and raised his hands) God! Plz save me from this idiot sisters I just gave that idea to unite them both..but these two sisters are calling me donkey..plzz god take me along with you than to be with this stupids

He said in dramatic tone

Sanskar: wat??!! Then u don’t love her uh?!
He asked happily..

Ragini: no sanky.. it’s just our plan to make u feel for swara

Sanskar had a wide smile in his face..

Laksh: sanky.. how can u think that I ll love her..

Swara: wat?! How am I looking to you?!

Laksh: should I say u again..swweepperr..

Saying this he began to run and swara chased him

After a while

Ragini: we were planning this fr a long tym..that’s why lucky was so excited for swara ‘s arrival..

Swara: that’s why tat driver costume uh?!hahhaha..

Sanky still couldn’t believe his eyes.. he was just beyond happy

Laksh: but you have to b careful my dear bro..if dr.swara gets angry she ll pull al ur tooth out..

Swara: I think I should first pull all ur tooth out little demon..

All four laughed

Sanskar: do you both love each other..

Laksh: arey no..I couldn’t even think about that.. rather than that I ll jump from this building

Ragini was upset for a minute ..
Then she also started pulling Lucky’s leg

After a long tym…

Ragini: it’s too late come let’s get to bed.. we had a lot of drama in one day..

Lucky: let’s all go..

Ragini: I called u alone..let them talk for some more tym na idiot

Lucky brushed his hair and showed all his tooth..and turned towards sanky..

Lucky: sanky jii..njyyyyy jii..

Sanky was about to beat lucky..but before that lucky escaped

Swasan were alone..

Swara: why you didn’t say anything while ragini asked whether we love each other..

Sanky made a deep sigh..

Sanky: coz that lucky stupid should not turn towards you.. instead he should  turn towards ragini..

Swara: why you called me to garden..?!

Sanky: At that tym, I thought laksh loves u.. so I just called u to b careful..but now no prblem.. we should make some plan to make them fall fr each other

Swara: hmm..okkiiee now I’m feeling sleepy..gud nit sanku..

Sanskar: hmm okkiee.. but shona remember one thing they should not know that we didn’t love each other!

Swara smiled and left

Precap: possessiveness..;)

Hey guys!! I think this part cleared some of ur doubts..:))

U ll b wondering y they are trying to make each other  fall in love..
But there are some reasons behind it..;)

And I think this chapter is some wat good..hope u lyk it..and do comment guys..coz ur comments gives me more strength..luv u all!!!.???

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  1. Wow Di suprrrrr. ….amazing
    …intresting. …njoyed. …….☺☺………make them fall for each other soon. ….wtng for nxt update. ………..

    1. Shylaja

      Thank u dr..I ll update nxt part soon..

  2. Maryam

    Confusion… Confusion…sometimes u say swasan know s each other n sometimes they are strangers…sometimes they love eachother. N sometimes they don’t…I am sorry to say dear..but if the confusion continues I won’t be able to continue reading ur ff…

    1. Shylaja

      They already know each other..but they acted as if they don’t know each as to make raglak fall for each other without knowing their plan..I think I haven’t mentioned earlier tat they love each other..but they have some feelings for each other..

  3. Superbbb part!!!loved raglak!!!!! Keep rockng dear???

    1. Shylaja

      Thank you dear..keep reading!!?

  4. Good one dear.. I loved it.. Make swasan fall in love.. Waitingggg

    1. Shylaja

      Thank you dear..keep reading!!?

  5. very confusing who love whom whats going on

    1. Shylaja

      Swasan tries to make raglak to love each other..and same to raglak..they to try to make swasan fall for each other..and the reason behind tat will b slowly revealed..

  6. plz clear the reason why raglak and swasan want to make eachother fall in love there could be some reason without a reason no friend want other two fall in love

  7. Sooo good… just loved it??… precap is interesting… “”possessiveness””.
    it means something is going to happen like “aheem aheem”.. part soon dr.?

    1. Shylaja

      Thank u so much dr..!! Keep supporting me?

  8. Nive

    Rock dear?

    1. Shylaja

      Nive! I read ur ff..woww!! It’s awesome..! I read all the chapters in one go…It’s superb dr..!.?keep rocking! Nd…naanum TN thaa?

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      Thank you dr?

    1. Shylaja

      Thank you dr?

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    1. Shylaja

      Thank u dear!

  12. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Omg, what is this?? I didn’t imagine that.Mervelous chappy dear…..loved it. Keep it up. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling. Sorry for the late comment.

    1. Shylaja

      Thanks a lot dear!!!??u don’t have to feel sorry dear! Once again, thanks for dis wonderful comment dear?..take care?

  13. Arshaanya

    Its confusing yr… ok so swasan were bhvng as dey dun knw each other to make raglak fall for each other… n same goes wid raglak dey wanted dem to fall for each other n d reason u will reveal later ok… bt in d end sanky said dun let dem knw k v dun love each other… dat meanz dey dun love each other??

    1. Shylaja

      Sanskar and swara were friends and just planning to make raglak fall for each other..but seeing laksh behavior towards swara , sanskar was shocked..
      And that’s why he said that they love each other to ragini, before swara begin to speak..coz he again don’t want laksh to develop those feelings towards swara..

  14. Mica

    so Saqnskar ! you declare that you both didn’t love each other ? hmmm…….

    1. Shylaja

      may b he didnt declare it dear..he could have said that from his mouth na and not his heart;))))..

  15. Varsha

    Aww so cute nw its gonna be swasan raglak ryt??

    1. Shylaja

      yaa dear!!!

  16. Akshata

    they dont love each other? swasan were pretending that they loves each other, and what about raglak??? so confusing but awesome update

    1. Shylaja

      u ll know that soon dear..i know its so confusing..but soon it ll get cleared dear..!!continue reading!!!

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