Love strengthens relationship (Episode 3)


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In this chapter, wherever he or I is describes sanskar..

I still couldn’t digest those words…

Laksh was continuously talking about swara..but I couldn’t hear anything..only those three words are echoing in my ears..

Finally I came out of my thoughts when laksh Shaked me ..but even after he left me I was shaken..

Laksh: sanskar are you hearing me

Sanskar: ya ya.. you say.. I’m hearing u..

Laksh: her bubbliness is driving me crazy

Sanskar:hmmm…wat do you think about ragini ?!

Laksh: hmmm..
She is so naughty..n sweet.. I luv her company..

Sanskar: hmmm

Laksh: why are u asking about that… sumthng going btw u two?!
He asked teasingly

Sanskar: arey noo baba…

And I smiled..he too smiled


During lunch,

Laksh: sanskar, u came after a long tym right.. we can go inside our village fr sight seeing..

He winked at me

Before I speak, swara rushed

Swara: I’m too here after a long tym..but you r not asking mean..!

Ragini: still u didn’t understand wat sir said?! Huh swara?! Sight seeingggg!!!

She dragged and laughed..

Laksh signalled ragini not to say anything before swara..

And I was just seeing all those silently
Swara saw me with a question mark on her face.. but I ignored her

At last we decided to set out..

We went to small lake..

After going there..laksh dragged ragini to a side.. leaving sanskar and swara alone..

Laksh: ragini do u lyk sanskar..?!

Ragini: why are u asking these qns to me..

Laksh: tell me na..

Ragini: I lyk him as a Frnd..tats it..

Laksh: okokkkk..go..

Ragini: what happened to this stupid..y he a asking these sort of qns..( she said to herself and joined the three)

All the while sanskar was just simply standing staring the surrounding view..while swara stared him..

He didn’t pay his attention to her..
Swara being little disappointed asked lucky to drop her in house..

This made my mood go so sad..!

Swara: laksh..I’m not feeling well..can u please drop me in home..

Laksh:but swara we came just now..

Ragini: let’s go swara..I didn’t even think of u..u should have been so tired after ur long travel na..

Laksh: okiie, thn come let’s go..

Sanskar: even im feeling tired I’ll leave with her.. u both have ur tym n come..

Ragini: it’s okiie sanky, we ll also come..

Sanskar: we ll manage rags

Swara: ya ragini.. I ll go with him..

Ragini bid her bye with a naughty grin in her face..

Laksh saw me sadly.. as if I am taking his love from him..
I couldn’t see him lyk was stabbing me inside..
Coz.. I luv my bro lyk anything

We both went to car..
I drove the car.. we were silent at frst
.then she broke the silence

Swara: wat happened to u?! Anything wrong?!

Sanskar: nothing lyk tat..!

Swara: thn why are u lyk this?!

Sanskar: huh! Can u plz shut up ur mouth.! Plz leave me alone fr sumtym ..!

I said it with my voice raised..swara became teary eyed..but I didn’t do anything to console her..

After reaching home she left the car without saying anything to me..

But I can see it clearly..she s crying!!

And d nxt second my eyes started watering..

At the evng rags and lucky(laksh) entered laughing..

Its tea tym, but swara didn’t show up..

And then during dinner I saw her in dining seemed lyk she was crying fa a long tym.. her eyes clearly showed tat..

I got angry on myself for making her sad..I just wanted to beat myself..

Pov ends

Later after dinner..

Sanky was in his room.. n laksh and ragini were talking about business matters..swara in swaragini’s room

Just then Swara received a call..

She didn’t speak up..but cried a last she said

Swara: sorry.. I dint understand you..u must have been hurted more than me

Opposite side: conversation is muted

Swara: so our plan flopped uh?!

Opp side: ……..

Swara: okiie I’ll come to d garden behind our house within five mins..

Thn swara went to garden..

There he saw a men..
She was facing his back..

Thn she said hi..
And that man was found to be laksh!!!!!

Laksh: hi swara..

And both were talking..and that tym sanskar came there talking in phone..
He saw swara and laksh talking.. n when he was about to go..laksh called him..

Laksh:wat happened sanky?!

Sanskar: nothing lucky.. there’s no signal and hence I came here..

He smiled at lucky and glanced at swara..she was looking at him some wat shocking ly..

Without talking anything to her he left..

And after sometime laksh and swara too left

Sanskar didn’t get he decided to go to swaragini’s room..

There he was shocked to see laksh before him entering slowly into their room without being noticed by anybody..

Sanskar was once again disheartened to see laksh gng to Swara’s room..!

Precap: twistsss!!!!!!!

Thank you for reading frnds..hope u liked it..plz give ur reviews.. I know this chapter is boring and sad! But I’ll give u assurance tat, nxt chapter will b totally opp to this?…..!

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  8. I think Laksh love Ragini,,, n he also knows that Swara love Sanskar ,,, n somehow he also knows that Sanskar also feels something for Swara… so to make Sanskar realise he is acting to love Swara,, bt actually he is spending time with Ragini n also helping Swara to make Sanskar realise his love towardw Swara… its a small guess..
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