Love strengthens relationship (Episode 21)

Heeyyy guys!!! I hope you remember me!! Already am late and now k don’t wanna ware much more tym!! So we can jump inside the chapter !

Recap: swasan raglak n arnav’s frst tym travel

Soon they all left from that research lab..

They reached home!!

Sujatha: where have u girls been?! I was worried!

Rags: we were simply fr an outing mom!

Swara: yes mummyyyyy!!!

Sujatha: okk come all of u let’s have dinner!

Sanky: no mom! We have an important work! We ll come after finishing tat!

Saying this he dragged arnav to his room!

Swaraglak: we too have to go mom!

Sujatha looked at them surprisingly!

They all went to sanlaK ‘s room

Laksh: frst y tell abt kushi!

Swara: wait a min!

Saying this she ran downstairs and brought a pack full of snacks!

Laksh: this girl na!!

Swara made a puppy face!

Laksh: okok no probs!! Come here and sit near me!! We ll share it!!

Swara: Huhhhh!!!!! No chance !!

Laksh and swara started fighting for snacks!!

Rags: guys!! B serious!!

Arnav u cntnue!!

Arnav: okkk!!! I ll tell!!

Laksh: all see up!! Flashback is gng to start!!!


It all started before two years!!

I was 25! My dad was too sick even at that tym and hence he wanted me to get married!!

He was thinking to get me married to Any of these two girls!! But my father’s mom was opposing it!!

She disliked them for some reason!!

I still do no it’s for y?!

Tats wen I met kushi!!!

My life..

My love..

My wife..

Rags: wat u got married!!

Arnav: yes!!!

Sanky: then y u agreed to get married to rags!!

Arnav: I already told na I took it as a chance to get in here!! However I decided to break the truth before marriage!!

Now plz don’t disturb lemme cntnue!!
Or else I ll say tmrw!

Swara: noo!! We ll listen!!

She said grinding the snacks!

Two years before…..

Arnav’s dad: grt ready we hav to go see tat girl whom i saw fr u!!

Arnav: yes dad!!!

Soon they reached there!!

All the rituals were according to tamilnadu! As kushi was an madrasan

There she was standing in front of me with a beautiful saree!!

She was an dentist!

Swara: omg! Another dentist!! If this situation goes on! Ill not even get a single patient!!

Laksh: swara! Shut up!anyway no one is gng to come to your clinic!! Knowing abt u! Haha!!

Rags: guys!! Shut up!!

All my family members lyked her! And the same wth their side!

They decided the engagement date!!

She was still so silent!!

I decided to talk to her!!

So the let us talk in the terrace!!

Arnav: hi!!

Kushi: hii!!

She smiled but somewhat nervously!!

Arnav: wat r u dng?!

Kushi: I’m doing my masters!!


Kushi: I’m in second year! Still one more year to go.

Arnav: so u r gng to study even after marriage!!

Kushi smiled and nodded her head slightly!!

Kushi: wat abt u?!

Arnav: I have finished MBA and now taking care of my father’s business!!

Kushi smiled!!

Arnav: so u usually don’t talk too much?!

Kushi just smiled!!

And then tym given to them by their family is finished..

Soon arnav left after exchanging nmbr wth her..

Later kushi too went to Hstl
(She was in Hstl as her home is faraway from clg)

Kushi in hostel..

Kushi (to her friend): u know he is thinking tat I am a very silent girl who rarely speaks!!!

Anika(kushi’s Frnd):( u can imagine anika from ishqbaaz) omg!! How poor!!!

Kushi: haha..

Anika: frst u ll eat him talking !! Then u ll eat with all his money!!

Kushi: hae!! Heloo!!! Am I looking tat much fat!!

Anika: tats my doubt till date! U eat this much but still look slim!!!

Kushi: hoo!! So. Am I the only one who eat!! U will only smell huh?!! U eat more than me idiot!

Anika kept a pout face!!

Anika: see I ll complain to shivaay!!

Kushi: hae!! He ll only kindle u more than myself!! Haha..!!

(Shivaay:Anita’s lover cum fiancee)

Next day.

Arnav was just disturbed by kushi..may b attraction to his would be..

He wanted to know more about her..

So he decided to talk to her…

He called her!!!

Kushi: anikaaaa!!! Arnav is calling me!!

Anika: attend the call idiot!!!

Kushi attended the call!

Kushi: hello!

Arnav: hi kushi! This s arnav!!

Kushi: hiii!!!

Arnav:mm…wat r u dng?!

Kushi: just simply sitting!!

Arnav: by this tym u should b in clg na!!

Kushi: haan!! Im in hospital!! Waiting fr reports to come!! Until then I can have break!!

Arnav: ohh..tat sounds gud!!
So doctor madam..can I have an appointment!!

Kushi blushed…

Kushi: haan…u can!! Haha..

Their conversation continued!!

Next week!!

In hospital!!

Hod: kushi some one came to see u!!

Anika: lucky girl!! Having an patient!! Njy!!

Kushi: shut up ani!!!

Kushi went out searching fr the one!!!

There she found no one and then again came inside the hospital!!

There she saw anika and her other frnds taking history of  an patient!!

Slowly she too went to join them..but once she saw the patient she was shocked and blushed like anything!!!

Anika: kushi!!! See here!! See who came!!!

Seeing her calling kushi arnav saw her!!

Arnav waved hi to her and winked at her…

At that tym..

Staff: okk…! Y have u gathered a crowd here!! Any two of u remain here..others go and attend other patients!!

Kushi and anika stayed..

Anika:I think I have to give u privacy!!

Kushi signalled her not to go as she was nervous..

Anika winked at her…

Anika: I think shivaay is Calling me..!!

Kushi:wo!! Wo!!

Arnav: I m having severe tooth ache!!

Kushi: ohh…please open ur mouth!!

Kushi checked him and blushed!!

Kushi: there is not even a tooth with caries!! U r perfectly alright!!

Arnav smiled sheepishly!!

Arnav: I came this long…  do anything!!

Kushi laughed seeing at him..

Arnav( in present): that is how our love story started!!

We got married happily!!

And that day came!!

Hope you like this chappie.. do comment guys!! I ll reply to every comments and I ll post the next chapter within this weekend!! Luv u all!!

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