Love strengthens relationship (Episode 19)

Precap: swasanraglak in a bungalow!

There they found a big door!!

They four marched towards the door!!

They found the door locked!!

Ragini: how will we  unlock it now!!

Laksh: it seems to b a nmbr lock!!

Suddenly a voice came from behind!!

Unknown voice: may b u have to try my dad’s bday date!!

All turned and were shocked!!

Ragini: arnav….!!??!!

Arnav: haan!! Ragini!! U have to try my dad’s bday date!!

Sanskar: but how did u get in here?!

Arnav: by the way how u came?!

Swara: okok!! Its getting late!! Frst arnav tell ur father’s bday date!!!

Arnav told his father’s bday date…and finally it got unlocked!!

All four turned towards arnav with the shocking face!!

Arnav: y u all are looking lyk this?! I’m too shocked!!

Sanskar: let’s get inside!!

They four entered the room..!! And suddenly the door got locked!!

They tried opening the door but failed!!

Ragini: ohh..noo…!! Now we got trapped inside!! Wat will we do?!! I have more dreams!!! But wat will I do now?!!

She started crying dramatically!!

Arnav rolled his eyes!!

Laksh: shhhhhh!!! Don’t start ur acting!!! Surely we ll have some way out!!

Swara: haeeee?!!! Guyss!!! Come hereeee!!! Sooonnnnn!!

They all hurried towards her and were shocked!!

There was a machine!!!
More likely like a big chair with so much of wires and chips connected to it!!

Swara: hugh!!see here dp uncle has such a big chair here and didn’t bring it to our house!! I would have used it to watch TV!! It would be like a sofa to me!!!

She dreamed and giggled!!

Sanskar: swara idiot!! Hugh!! I was frst proud of u!! Tat u have found this machine!!but u na!!?!!

Swara: machine?!!

Ragini: yaa!! Swara!! Its more likely lyk a Time machine!!

All stood shocked and numb with open mouth?!!

All four in chorus time machine in this generation!??

Swara again started..

Swara: okokk!! It’s a small mistake na!! Im a medical student!! This s not my department!! Hehe!!

Arnav: frst we have to clean it!!

Laksh: swara!! Atleast u do that!! U are a specialist in cleaning na!! U used to clean the tooth by putting ur hand inside the mouth itself!! It’s a simple matter to u!! Come on do it!!

Swara: Lucky!!! Idiot nonsense!! Am i looking lyk a cleaner to u!!

Sanskar: guys!! Behave some wat mature!! Come on clean it!!

They four cleaned it!!

Swara: okk!! And guys!! I have a doubt!! Will it work!!And if it works! Why uncle left it here?!

Laksh: wat do u think swara ji!! This lucky is a great engineer!!

Swara: then okk engineers!! U all go and work I’ll take some rest!!

Arnav: we now have to charge it!! But how will we get electricity here?!

Ragini: guys!! Electromagnetic induction!!!

Sanskar: yes !! Magnetic field is produced around a current carrying wire!!.

Ragini: and.. current is passed in the wire wen a magnetic field is around it!!!

Arnav: but we want a magnet for it!!

Swara: hae!! Guys!! See this lab!!its huge!! We will surely find a magnet if we search around!!

Laksh: hmmmm…yaaa guys!!

Swara:…u r only saying yes!! But i haven’t heard u saying any ideas!! So bad!!!!

Laksh: Ms.tooth plucker…u can shut ur mouth!!!

Swara: Huhhhh!!!

Arnav: ragini!! Let them fight!! Come let’s find a magnet!!

Swara:(to laksh) go.. soon…he is calling ragini!!

She winked at him…

Laksh:Huhhhh..!! Wait for a minute!!

Laksh(to arnav): arnav bro!! Swara is saying that u look handsome!!

Arnav was shocked for a minute!!
And he saw laksh winking at swara showing sanskar!!

Sanskar was burning with jealousy!!

Arnav slightly smiled seeing them..without their knowledge!!

Sanskar soon pulled swara nd went from there in the name of searching magnet!!

Arnav too went for searching!!

Ragini: Mr.jealousya!!sry! Mr.lakshya!!

Laksh: huhh!!!enough!!okk!!

Ragini surrounded his neck with her hands!!

Ragini: u look so cute while u r jealous!!

Ragini came close to him lyk as to kiss his lips!!

Then she slowly stood with her toes and kissed his forehead!!

Laksh smiled and wrapped his hands around her waist!!


Sanskar pinned her to wall!!

Sanskar: so..that arnav looks handsome for u!!

Swara smiles seeing his jealousy!!

Swara: I thought only laksh is jealous!! But both the brothers are jealous huh!!

Saying this she laughed!!

Sanskar: my love for u is increasing day by day!!..

Swara: but! Sanskar!! Still I didn’t know the true meaning of love!!

Sanskar: wat?!

Swara: hmmm… Sanskar!!! U know…!!from clg days itself!! I saw people around me in relationships!!
They used to wander all around the city.. that is outing…dating…and more and more kisses!! And romance!! And finally break up..Nd find another to do the same thing!!

Is this love!!?!

Sanskar looked at swara surprising ly…and also shocked!!

Swara: is this love sanskar?!! Romance means love..tats it na?!

A small drop of tear formed in her eyes!!

Sanskar: u don’t think too much swara!!! U’ll soon understand that meaning!!

Saying this he hugged her!!

She felt secured in his hands!!

Arnav: guysssz!!! Come here soon!! I ve found it!!

There was two huge blocks of magnet!!!

Ragini: perfect!!!

They started charging it!!

Swara: I have doubt!!

Sanskar: wat?!another one?!

Swara: haha!! Noo!!this s diff!!

Swara (to arnav):still I’m in shock!!not only me!! We four of us are n shock, After knowing about this time machine!! But u seem to b unaffected!!

Arnav was shocked!!


Swara: so..u know about this earlier itself!!

Arnav took a deep sigh!!

Arnav: mmmm…ya …i know!!

Ragini: so u came here to take revenge!!?!

Arnav: wat revenge?!

Swara: yaa!! To marry one of us and to ruin our lives!!

Arnav: what the….!! I don’t have such sort of things in my mind!!

Sanskar: then why you came here!!

Arnav: yaa..I came to Marry one of these two girls!! But that was only a chance for me to get here..

Laksh: that means…u didn’t come here to take revenge!!

Arnav: huhh!! Guys!! I still couldn’t understand…wat are u all trying to say by the word revenge?!!

Swara: we too don’t know about that!!!! I ll make one thing clear by now!! I just came here as my dad wanted me to marry one of u two!!
And for ur kind information!!my dad is Frnd of ur dad!!and that’s y I think even password of all is my dad’s bday date..

Sanskar: ohhhh….okk..then the other reason?!!

Arnav took a deep sigh…and said..

Arnav: kushi Kumar Gupta….

He said in loving plus sad tone…

Swara: who is she?!

Arnav: my love….

Laksh smiled with relief!!

And started dancing!!!

Arnav smiled at him sadly..

Ragini laughed seeing laksh..

Then turned towards arnav..

Ragini: where is she now?!

Sanskar: nd y are u telling her as the reason..

Arnav: she is not with me now!!!!

She was my love…!

She is my love…….!

She will b my love…. !!!

Hae!! Guys I hope u lyk this update!! As i have updated these days..I ve made it long! Give ur reviews!!

I donno when I’ll give my next part..but, I ll try to update soon..

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