Love strengthens relationship (Episode 17)

Hey guyss! I’m back with a short update!! I ll give a big part whenever I’m free seeing ur response!! Now I’m in my holidays!! But little busy due to a small function in my house!!

nd guys am not at al happy with ur response !! I’m feeling so sad!! This episode has only swasan and raglak!! This episode is exclusively fr u guys !! Luv u all!! Do support me always lyk u always do!!!

As usual no proof read!

Swalak took their respective bikes….

Swasan immediately took off…

Laksh came in front of ragini in his bike…
And saw her sadly!!!

Ragini looked at him confusingly..

Laksh: if u aren’t comfortable with me ..I will call a cab!

Ragini: wattt???!!!

Laksh: hmmmm………

He said with a said tone..

Suddenly he felt a burning sensation in his cheek!!
Then only he realized tat ragini slapped him…

Laksh:(in shock) wattttt??;;!

Ragini: wat were u thinking!!! Hugh!! U thought I ll marry tat idiot and live happily!!! Never!!! Now hear properly!!!
I promise tat I ll torture u all throughout my life!! r u clear!!!

Laksh:( holding his cheek) hmmm…

Ragini: hmmm..good!! Don’t over act lyk a love failure guy!!!

Laksh: hmmmm….

Ragini: I know well about u!!! And never ever even think of leaving me!!! I respect dp uncle!! Tat doesn’t mean tat I ll obey all his words!! I ll even run from my marriage!!!

Laksh: wattt??!!! No!! U should obey papa!!

Ragini: whaattt!!! U r saying lyk this!! So u r asking me to marry me the guy who do uncle shows me!!

Laksh: yess!!!!

Ragini: I ll surely run!! Who r u to say tat!!!

Laksh: coz!! I ll be ur groom!!..dp uncle will surely accept our love!!

Saying this he pulled ragini by her waist!!!

Ragini was shocked and lost in his eyes!!!

Suddenly they heard a coughing sound and realised their position!!

Swasan were near them in their bike and smiled teasingly!!!

Laksh: bhai!! U r taking revenge for disturbing ur romance!!!

Sanskar: hahah!!! Crct!!! Lucky!!!

Laksh: how mean!!

Ragini and swara blushed!!

Swara: I think by now arnav could have reached his destination!!

Laksh: don’t worry swara!! He has taken ragini’s car!! It has a tracking device!!

Ragini: wattttt??!!! But I didn’t knew tat!!!

Swasan looked shockingly at laksh..

Laksh: I just fixed it fr Ragini’s safety!!!

Swara: wahhh!!! How protective!!

She signalled ragini!!

Ragini blushed!!

Soon he showed his mobile which is connected with that device and both the pairs started to travel along tat direction!!


Ragini:do u love me tat much!!

Laksh: no!!

Ragini: wattt??!!!

Laksh: if u were sitting thus much far from me how can I say I love u?!! Hug me from back..then I ll say tat!

Ragini: have some shame lucky!! This is road not our bed room!!

Laksh: hmmm!! As if u ll hug me if we r at home!!
He murmured

Ragini smiled  seeing him….

Soon lucky saw a speed breaker and smiled teasingly!!

He drove at high speed!! Thus as soon as he drove over it!! Ragini felled over him!! And hugged him!!!

Ragini felt warm…
Laksh felt a tingling sensation in his stomach as soon as ragini holded him..

Soon ragini parted away being shy!!

Ragini: sryyyy!! I lost my balance!!

Laksh: it’s ok!!

Ragini saw him smiling teasingly through the mirror!!

Then she realized his plan!
And started beating him!!!


Sanskar was riding at a minimal speed and was not even avoiding riding over speed Breakers!!

Swara was fed up and was sitting holding her chin!!

Swara: sanky !!

Sanskar: yaa swara!!

Swara: plzz stop ..

Sanskar stopped the bike!!

Swara got down!! And also asked Sanskar to get down!!

Sanskar too got down with the confused expression!!

Swara got ovr the bike!!

Swara: sanky !! Just sit behind me!!and hold me tightly!!

Sanskar: wattt!! No wayyy!

Swara: watt?!! Whyyy!!so U  think tat girls can’t ride bikes?!!

Sanskar: not lyk tat!!

Swara:thn just sit behind me!!

Sanskar sat behind her….

Swara: okk hold me tightly!!

sanskar: don’t want!! I ll sit without holding anything!!

Swara: then ur wish!!

Swara took off her bike!!!
She drove n a high speed!!

Sanky was shocked and holded the stand behind me!

Then slowly held Swara’s shoulder!!

Swara smiled!!

Then she started driving even more faster!!

And thus he couldn’t hold the balance and got hold of Swara’s waist!! And hugged her tightly!!

Guys I know this might not b up to it expectations!! I jus wrote this to clear al the misunderstandings btw raglak ..hope u liked it!! I haven’t replied any of ur comments!! But tat doesn’t mean tat I didn’t read it!! I read all of ur comments!! Thank u all

I felt so sad!! Coz every ur response is decreasing!! Its okk guys!! I guess u all might b busy!!! Take care!!! Luv u all!! Do comment!! And feel free to criticize !!

In this episode I cleared the misunderstandings between raglak!! I think now u forgave me mica!!?

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