Love strengthens relationship (Episode 16)

Hey guys!!! How are u all!! Nd sry!! I couldn’t reply u all!!! But I read all ur comments!! Thank u nikky, sindhura, soujanya, you know who, j ,divya, nive, kakali, ankita, fairy, tani, mica, s, silent writer, SNY,mallika, sreevijayan,asra, ammu, ashnoor!! And am sry If I have missed anyone!! Luv u all!! Keep reading!! No proof read!!

Recap: raglak n swasan decides to break the marriage! Arnav to search abt dp’s research

Arnav went to dp’s library!!

It was huge!! With a big stairs at the centre which then divides laterally on both the sides!!

Arnav started climbing the stairs and moved on left side!

He took one book from one self..tat was a comic book!! Then he took the nxt book!! It was a love story!! And the next one was a scientific book!!..and next to tat al was scientific books!!

Similarly al the books were hidden behind the comic and love stry books;!

Arnav:(to himself) not bad!! He has a good brain!! He s even hiding his secrets from his sons!!

Suddenly he heard a sound near the door step!!

He hided behind the self!!

He slowly beeped out and saw the house sweeper!!

He sighed in relief!!

Suddenly his eyes felled on a box which was under the shelf!!

He took it out! It wad closed!! Ans has a nmbr lock!!

He took it to his room!!

He was thinking deeply about the password!!

He thought tat may b it would b any of their family members birthday!!

He came out!! And saw ragini!!

He went towards her!

Arnav: hi…

Ragini: hii( hesitantly)

Arnav: when s dp Uncle’s bday?!

Ragini: fr wat r u asking?;

arnav: just fr general knowledge!!..

Ragini rolled her eyes!!

Ragini: Oct 27

Arnav: urs?!

Ragini: fr wat?!

Arnav: coz u r my fiance!!

Ragini got high bp hearing the word fiance!

At tat tym sanky came there followed by laksh!

Laksh was burning wuth jealousy!!!

Sanky: wat gng on here?!

Arnav: I was jus asking ragini’s bday date!

Laksh: fr wat( he literally shouted)

Arnav: wat’s this qn yaar ! Coz she s my fiance!!!

Laksh holded his fist!!

Sanky holded laksh ‘s hand to collect him down!

Sanky told her bday date!!

Suddenly arnav remembered tat even sanky’s bday date also may b his password!

Arnav: wat s ur bday date?!

Laksh: is he ur fiance no na?! The go !there s no need of saying his bday date!!

Arnav: I always used to surprise al at their bday! So i asked it!!

He said with a attitude!!

Sanskar: Huhhhh!! Now wat’s ur prblm?! Arnav?!

Arnav: nthng!! I just wanted to speak with my fiance tat’s it!!

Laksh was irritated!!

Ragini: Huhhhh!! Arnav!! Now am not in the mood to speak!!plzz let me b alone!!

Saying this she went!!

Laksh too went angrily!!

Sanskar was confused!!

Sanskar'(to himself): y was he asking al those stuff!! I have to find about this!

Arnav went to his room..

He tried swaragini’s bday date!!it wasn’t the password!!

Then he started typing randomly!!

He was fed up!!

Then he typed his bday date!! (With wat do?! All s ate expression!!)

He then typed his father’s birthday date!!!

All locks started moving fastly!!

He was shocked!!

He was frozen fr a minute!!

Then the box for unlocked!!!

At the same tym sanskar hided behind arnav’s room door!!

He found that box in his hand..

But before he saw tat swara called him from behind!!

Swara: wat r dng here?!!

Sanskar: hoo!! Nthng! Wat r y dng here!!

Swara: frst u always used to spend tym with me!! But now u r not at all worrying about me!!

She said with a puppy face..

Sanskar: darlu!! We have to do something to unite raglak!!I’m just trying fr tat!!

Swara: u can say it to me na!! I will also help u!!!

Sanskar: okok!! Enough of talking let’s watch him!!

Arnav took a paper from tat box!!

It was lyk a map!!

He then kept tat in his shelf!! Ans was about leave the room!!

Seeing him marching towards the room door!! Swasan ran to their room!!

Sanskar: did u see tat?!

Swara: wat?!!!I didn’t see anything wantedly!! Ur muscles were so strong around me!! So only I saw your biceps!!

She said in a scared tone!!

Sanskar: so u were seeing my biceps!!

Swara: ohh!! Then u didn’t mean tat huh?!

Sanskar smiled teasingly at her and walked towards her!!

And pinned her to wall!!

And was moving closer to her!!

Sanskar: so u were seeing me na!! So i Want something in turn of tat!!

Swara’s heartbeat started increasing!!

He went close to her!!

At that tym..

Raglak came running to them!!

Laksh: bhaaiii!!

Then both raglak saw their position and turned around!!

Swasan too parted apart!!

Ragini closed laksh’s eyes!! And laksh closed Ragini’s

Raglak: we didn’t see anything!!

Sanskar: Huhhhh!!! Lucky!!! U’ve done all thing and now saying tat u haven’t done anything!!

He murmured…

Ragini: sanky it’s clearly audible!!

Swara: ragini!! Frst tel y were u both running ?!

Laksh: hmm..ya I frgt about tat!! Tat arnav was having a map in his hand!!

Sanskar: hmmm..ya I too saw tat!! So u was crct!!

Swara: so u were talking abt tat only!!

Sanskar: hmmm..

Ragini: now he s gng out with tat map in his hands!!

Swara: omg!!! So now we should follow them!!already it’s late!!

Laksh: no !! He s waiting fr our car!! It will take tym!!

At that tym, Car horn sound was heard!!!

All four started shouting and rushed down!! But the tym they reached out!! The car started!!

sanlaK rushed to take their bike!!

Precap: swasan raglak struck in forest!!

Guys!! Sorry I was little busy tats y I couldn’t update!! I know this update has no raglak and only some swasan!!
I ll try to give more scenes in next update!! !!

Miss u all!! Nd luv all!!!!

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