Love strengthens relationship (Episode 15)

Hey guys!!! Im very very very sorry for not uploading!!! I was too busy!! My clg started!! And hence I was overloaded with work!! Hope u understand!! Okk ..let’s go to the stry!! Hope u didn’t forget me!!as usual no proof read!!

Recap:dp decides to make arnav and ragini to get married and swasan to get married!!

Laksh was heart broken after hearing about ragnav’s marriage!

Dp: ragini beta !  I believe u more than   my sons..and hence I took this decision without asking u!! R u ok with it?!

Ragini was in utter shock and also couldn’t ignore dp’s words!

Ragini:haa!! Its okk uncle

She said with her head bowed without showing her tears to anyone!!

Swasan noted it!;

Sujatha hugged swaragini and congratulated them..

And all were again busy with adharsh marriage preparation!!

They also decided to make the new pairs engaged soon after marriage!

Ragini was crying badly in her room!!

Swara came to her..

Swara: ragz!

Ragini was lying in bed with her face burried in her pillow!!

Ragini: hmmm…

Swara: ragini!! Plz dnt cry!! We ll end this matter smoothly!

Ragini: I didn’t even dreamt tat my love will end the same the day wen it started!!

She cried vigorously!!

Swara hugged her!! And she too had tears!!

On the other side!!

Laksh was standing broken!!

Sanskar: laksh!! Now u should not b silent!! U have to do something!!!

Laksh: hmmmm!!!! Sanky!! I don’t know tat even ragini could b prey fr their family!!

Sankar: hmmm…okkk!! Let’s leave tat matter!! Now we should plan something!!

Laksh: frst we have to talk to arnav!! u think tat he will listen!!he came here for taking revenge!! Not to compromise after we tell him tat u love her!!

Laksh: but we still donno the reason y they are seeking revenge!!

Sanskar: hmmm!! We should find tat frst!!!!

They silently went to arnav’s room!!

Arnav was talking over phone!!

Arnav: daddy!! Tgey agreed to make ragini to get married with me!!

Opp side: ….

Arnav: yaa daddy!! They agreed immediately after I asked them!!

Opp: ….

Arnav: kk dad!! Nd I have to know about dp Uncle’s project!!


Arnav: okkk then!! Ill search fr it!!

sanlaK were hearing it!!

They came back to their room!!

Sanskar: it seems lyk he haven’t only came   here to marry one of the sisters!! But also fr something else!!

Laksh: but wat’s tat project?!!!

Sanskar: u and rags are only taking care of the company know?! U only have to think of it idiot?!

Laksh: he also have mentioned tat he will find tat project!!

Sanskar: tat means!!!

Laksh: it should b somewhere here!!

Sanskar: we can ask dp uncle itself na?!

Laksh: but he itself is struck in some important matter! And tats y he immediately accepted his proposal!!

Sanskar: u go n talk to ragz frst!!

Laksh: I have no courage to meet her!!

Sanskar: but she want some support now!!

Laksh: hmmm..

Laksh left!!

Sanskar went to dp’s private library!!

And started searching for any clue!!

He found a album there!!

And he found many pictures of dp and rp !!

Sanskar: waahh!!! Papa and uncle are looking so young!!

He turned the album!!

He also found pictures of dp, rp,sujatha and some other man!!

And all the men together in a pic..

And the background looked lyk a research lab!! And even dp and rp costume looked lyk researcher!!

Sanskar was shocked!! And took photos of those pic in his phone!!

And left tat place!!


Laksh: ragini….

Seeing laksh ragini ran to him and hugged him!!

And cried her heart out!!

Laksh: rags!! Plz don’t cry!! U believe me na!!

Rags: more tat myself!!

Laksh: hmm..then don’t cry!! I’ll not leave u so easily!! Ill torture y al ovr ur lyf!!

Ragini smiled and hugged him!!

Laksh: hmm..gud girl!! I always luv the ragini who used to tease me!! Nit the one who s crying!!. Cry baby!!

Ragini: wattt?! Am not a cry baby!!

Laksh: it?!! Tgen wat’s n ur eyes?!!

Ragini: haann!!! My eyes started sweating!!tats y!!

Laksh smiled and pulled her cheeks!!

Laksh: okkiiee!! U should not become week this s the tym in which we have to stay strong!!

Ragini nodded!!


Sanskar: swara I found one imp thing!!

Swara was in deep thought!!

Sanskar: swara madam!!!!

Swara: haa!! Haa!! Tell sanskar!!

Sanskar: wat were u thinking?!!!

Swara: our marriage s fixed!! But we couldn’t b happy na?!! Tats wat I was thinking !!

Sanskar: swara darling!! all will get fine!!

He side Hugged her!!

Swara: but u haven’t proposed me yet?!!!

She made a cute angry face!!

Sanskar: hahha!!! Swara!! Luv isn’t about saying it it’s about showing it!!
I ll show rather than saying it!!!

Swara had happy tears in her eyes!!

And hugged him tightly!!

Swara: I thought to bring those from u  frst!! But I say it frst!!! I love u sanskar!!

Sanskar: u r my lyf swara!! I luv u too!!

He kissed her forehead!!

Precap: arnav finding a map!! Swaragsanlak following him!!

Guys! Plz give me ur comments!!! And feel free even to criticize!! I ve decided to upload every Saturday!! Hope u understand my situation!! nd my results will out anytime!! Plz pray for me!! I have to pass!!

Okk guys luv u al!! Mis u;!! Hav u missed me?!!!?

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