Love strengthens relationship (Episode 14)

Hey Guys !! Im here with my next update!! Its a quite long update!! So plzz.. forgive me if it’s boring!!

I just want to clear one thing to u all!! Meenakshi is my imaginary character!! And arnav by arnav of iss pyaar kya naam doon!!coz.. I luv his style!!

DP was in utter shock after hearing to the name sathya prakash!!

Dp: wohh!!! Wohh!! U r his son?!!!
He stammered!!

Arnav: hmmm…ya.. uncle!!

Dp: hmmmm…hmmm…how s sathya prakash!!

Arnav: haa!! He s gud!!
Nd uncle I have to talk to you some wat personally!!

Dp and arnav went to his room!!while all others were still confused with dp’s behavior!!

Arnav: uncle!! I think u remember about ur deal with papa!!

Dp: hmm..wohh!! Yaa beta!!

Arnav: hmm..okk uncle!! Then say have u decided?!

Dp:’s up to my daughter’s choice!!

Rp came there!!

He was too in shock after knowing about arnav!!

Arnav: I dont care about tat uncle!! My dad sathya prakash raizada, told to marry one of ur daughter!!
Nd I just want to make one thing clear! I’m not here to ask u ur decision!! I m here with my dad’s decision..tat’s it!!

He said with a stern voice..
And continued..

Arnav: can u show me my room?!

Rp called servant and asked him to arrange guest room for arnav!!

Arnav went..

Rp: still there is only three days for marriage!! But now we r having this problem!!

Dp: hmmm!! I donno wat to tell!!
Tat day I promised his father!! I didn’t have any other way in that tym..!!it’s al my fault!!

Rp: tats not ur fault dp!it’s al fate!!

They both were too much worried!!

Arnav went to his room!! And got freshened!!

Then he came out talking in phone and went to garden as there was no signal inside!

Swasan raglak and meenu were talking there!!..

Ragini: why was uncle too worried!?

Laksh: I’m too thinking of the same!!

Sanskar: I think we r thinking too much!!

Swara saw arnav there .

Swara: see.. he s here!!.but wat’s his name..

Rags: arnav!!

Laksh:. How do u know?!(jealous)

Rags: I asked him wen he was asking me the address!!

Meenu: guys!! Chill.!!
Nd I have to say one imp thing!!

Swara: wat?!

Meenu: u know na swara!! I
applied for entrance exam!! Day after tomorrow they are issuing hall ticket and I have to go to get it!!

Sanskar: no way !! Kiddo!! We r not gng to leave u before Bhai’s marriage!!

Meenu: but Mummyyyyy!! I ve to go!! I too don’t want to go!! But there’s no way!!

Laksh: kiddo!! Wat r u studying?!

Meenu: I ve to done bds!(bachelor of dentistry)

Laksh: now u r applying for MDS ( master of dentistry)??

Meenu: yaa bhai!!

Laksh: but anyhow u r gng to pluck tooth  only?!them wat??

Meenu: bhaiiiyaaaaa!!!!!!

Sanky: oi don’t tease her lucky!!

Meenu : thank u Mummyyyyy!!

All laughed!!

Sanky: kiddo!! If u call me mummy! Then I ll not leave u!!

Meenu: but mummy!! If swara is my daddy!! Then u r my mummy naaa,!!

She said cutely!!!

Rags: swara!!! U didn’t even tell to me!! Have u both confessed?!!!

Swara: no rags!!! There’s nothing lyk tat!!

Meenu: ohhh!!! Before confession itself!!! U did lyk tat!!

She started coughing!?

Laksh: wat they did?!!!

Meenu: woohhhhhh!! Mummy shall I tell him??!!

Sanky: hahha!! I don’t have any problem!!
He winked at swara

Swara: have some shame sanky!!

Meenu:then okk!! Bhaiya..they were……

Before she finish swara closed her mouth and dragged her in ..while others were laughing!!

Arnav in phone!!

Sp(sathya prakash): hmm..beta!! Im so happy tat u agreed with me!!

Arnav:I ll do anything for u dad!!

Sp: okk beta !! Take care!!

Arnav: but daddy!!! U didn’t tell me about that project?!!

Sp: which project?;

Arnav: dp uncle’s project?!

Sp: hmmm!! I know !u ll definitely ask this!!
Haa!! U too have my blood na!!

He laughed sarcastically!!

Arnav: not lyk tat Papa!! U know na!! I’m interested in science!!

Sp: I ll tell wen u return!!

Arnav: hmm..kk..Papa..!!

Sp: do u lyk his daughter?!

Arnav: papa!! I just came fr ur word!!I don’t have any interest in them..!!!

Sp: okk beta!! Tc!

Arnav: take care papa!!don’t take too much strain!!

He went inside the house..

There all were assembled for lunch!!

Dp already told about arnav to all the elders of the family!!

Dp: arnav beta! Cone and have ur lunch!!

Arnav came and sat next to laksh!!

Meenu: mummy!!!

Sanskar immediately raised his head!!

Meenu: ( laughed seeing sanskar response): not u mummy!!

I called Annapurna mummy;p

Ap: haa!! Beta wat do u want?!

Meenu answered ap while swaraglak laughed seeing sanky!!

Swaragini and meenu were sitting opp to sanlaK and arnav!!

Ragini smiled seeing arnav.. he too smiled a little..

This was noticed by dp..

Meenu: sanky Mumm….!!

Before she finishes Sanky started begging her!;

Meenu laughed…

Sanky: kiddo!! U don’t have to take effort!! If u see me itself!! I ll turn towards u!! Okkk!!

Meenu: hahha!!! Okokkk…

Sanky: say ..wat do u want to ask??;;

Meenu: hmmm..don’t stare my mummy always!! Ahe ll get pimples!!

Swara blushed..and sanky was shocked as al the family members heard tat!!

But acted as if they don’t know!!

Sanskar signalled meenu not to say anything in front of all…
Meenu smiled naughtily!!

Meenu: uffff!!! Partner!! Now only told mummy!! Now u both are starting!!

She whispered to raglak..

Laksh: kiddo!!! Am so good looking na!!

Ragini stamped his foot..

But arnav shouted!!

Then only she understood tat she stamped his foot instead of Lucky’s..


Ragz: omg!! Am sry!! Am so sry!!

Arnav: haa!! Haan!! Its okkiiee!!

Saying this he finished his lunch and left!!

After sometime ragini went to arnav room and asked whether he s alright!!

Ragini:, am so sry.. agn..

Arnav: it’s okokk..

Laksh was burning with jealousy seeing her care towards him..

Dp too saw them…

And soon meenu too left bidding bye to her daddy , mummy , bhai and partner!!

Swasan raglak were talking about meenu!!

Ragini: I’m missing my partner

Swara: me too!! Missing my daughter!!

Sanky; me too..

Lucky: wat?!! Missing ur daughter uh?!!

Sanky: hmm..ya!!

Saying this he side hugged swara!!

Swara: sanskar!!!

Ragini: ahem!!! Ahem!!

Lucky: but I haven’t seen such romance couple..before proper confession!!

Ragini: hmm..yaa!!

Swasan blushed!!

Sanskar dragged swara out!!


Ragini: I’m so happy seeing them together!!

Lucky: mmm…yaa!!!
Nd I think to full fill my promise now!!

Ragini was shocked!!

She kept moving backwards!!

He kept moving forwards!!!

And pinned her to wall!!

Ragini heard her heart beat !!!

Laksh came near her!!! Only inches were between them!!

Ragini closed her eyes tightly and was clutching her top tightly!!

Laksh smiled seeing her!!

And he further moved above and kissed her forehead!!

Ragini had happy tears in her eyes!!

Laksh smiled seeing her!!

Ragini  hugged him!!

Laksh: someone is falling for this handsome boy!!!
He winked!!

Ragini: haa!!! Omg!! I can’t hear this stuffs at all!! Shall I call Maya!! She ll listen to these!!

Laksh:I know u feel jealous when she near me na!!

ragini:no not at all! Don’t over estimate urself!! U don’t have tat much build up!!

She winked at him!!

Laksh: but I know rags! U urself told me tat!! On tat day!!

Frst ragini was shocked then she blushed!!

Laksh tightened his grip around her waist!!

She ran out by tickling him..

Laksh ran behind him..

Dp gathered al in the living room!!
( Rp,ap,sujatha,swasan,raglak)

Dp:( clear his throat)I called u all to talk one imp thing!!

I decided swaragini to get married!!

Laksh (laughed): but dad!! They can’t marry each other they both are girls!! And more over sisters!!

Ap: laksh!! Its not tym for joke!!

All became serious!!

Dp: I thought to make swasan married to each other!!(coz, he heard meenu teasing them and saw swasan blushing)

Swasan were overjoyed!! And had happy tears!! And raglak hugged them!!

Dp: And I ve seen a good match for ragini also!!( Laksh was eagerly waiting fr his name)

Tat is ‘ARNAV’

Raglak and swasan were shocked!!!

(Guys now I ll make one thing clear to u!!
Swara and ragini already know something about dp’s promise..they somehow came to know tat, that marriage is a deal!! But they donno the fact that anyone among thm may b a prey!!

Ragini was thinking tat swara is going to get married to that family and swara too think same but viz.versa..!

That’s y both the sisters planned to make other fall in love!! Coz they don’t want their sister life to get into a deal!!)

Precap: arnav finds some info about dp’s project!! Swasan raglak plan to break the marriage!!

Guys I think now I have made something clear to u!! If u have any doubt u can ask me! And don’t worry!! It ll always b a happy stry!! But I have to go inside the story!! So it ll take some tym!!

Guys I made this chappie quite long fr u guys!!.but I’m not getting that much response nowadays!! So plzz guys!!! Do comment!! Silent readers too comment!! Plzz..!!It’s my request!!

And I want to know how many of u r reading my ff!!Even a single word will make me so happy!!

Luv u all guys!!


  1. teja

    nice…plz update soon, and plz don’t think of stopping this ff as most of my favourite ff’s have stopped and i don’t want to lose any more….

  2. Kakali

    Wooooowwwww!!! fabulous chappy dear.. loved it… 😍😍..u put all d emotions in d episode through ur words perfectly…Ohhh my god SWASAN were blushing blushing… hurrreeehhh….m sooo happy…RAGLAK scenes were amazing… their closeness makes me feel happy… thnk u sooo much dear… love u…😘

  3. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Wow,swasan scenes are romantic😍😍😍
    Hehe, laksh feeling jealous.But twist is awsm.Keep it up dear. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling that to big wala😁😁😁

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