Love strengthens relationship (Episode 13)


Hey guys!! Im here with my next update!! As usual no proof read!!

Sanskar came close to swara..

Swara closed her eyes tightly!!

Sanskar soon parted away from her and smiled seeing her!!

Swara slowly opened her eyes and saw him smiling!!

She blushed and pushed him and rushed out!!

She came to dining table were all are already assembled to have lunch!!

Sujatha: meenu beta!! After having lunch u take some rest!!

Ragini: maa!! My partner will not feel tired!! And even after a full day work, if we tell her to speak she will do it!!

Meenu: partner….

Sujatha: ragini!!! Don’t tease her!!

At that tym swara came there and sanskar behind her!!

Seeing them meenu smiled naughtily and whispered to rags..

Meenu: u know wat daddy was dng?!

Ragini: wat did she do?!

Swara was in shock!!
While sanskar giggled..

Meenu: no no!! My dgdy wasn’t dng anything!! This mummyyyyy naaa….!!

Sanky was shocked!!

Ragini:watt??!!! Mummyyyyy??!!!!

Swasan sat opp to meenu and rags!!

Annapurna: wat u guys are murmuring??!!

Meenu: no maa!! I was just talking about mummy!!!

Sanskar started coughing!!

Swara started blabbering..

Swara: maa ..she likes mummy ghost movies!! Tats wat she s talking about!!

Now rags came to know whom meenu addressed as mummy!!

She started laughing!!

At that lakah came and say near ragini..

Laksh: ragini baby!!

He whispered..

Rags: I’m gng to kill u laksh.. if u agn called me with these type of words..!!

Laksh: wohh!! Baby mha!! Tat nit u only called me lyk tat!!

Rags: laksh..plz tell me wat did I do??!!

She asked with pleasing eyes!!

Laksh melted!!

Laksh: okok!! Don’t b lyk this I always luv tat ragini who tease me!! Okk..!!

Ragini: then say way did I do?!!

Laksh: don’t expect over!! Okk..there was nothing btw us!! As u were drunk I didn’t complete my challenge.!! But I’ll surely complete tat challenge today!!

Ragini sighed with relief!!

Ragini: thn nothing happened na!!
She asked happily!!

Laksh: but don’t b so happy!! I ll complete it soon!!

Ragini: haha!! Lets see!!
She smirked!!

Laksh: haa! Wat now ur slang is changing!!

Maya came at tat tym..

Ragini: Maya!! Come here!!sit near laksh!!

She came happily near him!!

Laksh: idiot ragini!!! Y r u calling her!!

Ragini: haha..njy!!

Saying this she started talking with meenu!!

Ans Maya was drooling over laksh and wasn’t allowing him to turn towards ragini..
Though ragini was jealous, she was enjoying seeing laksh who was trying to speak to her!!

Meenu was teasing swasan!;

And there by they finished their lunch!!

Dp room:

Rp: thank God!! That family doesn’t see our daughters while we to temple!!

Dp: they don’t know tat we came!!but by now they would have come to know about tat!!

Rp: because of them only, u have even left ur passion and our huge dream project!! And now u r n this village!!

Dp: hmmm!!! Dont say ‘u’ say ‘we’ left our passion!!

Rp: but I have no words to say dp!! U r my best Frnd!! Because of u now my family is alive!!

Dp: plz.!! Stop rp!! Plzz don’t separate us!! U r my family!!! Sujatha is my sister!! Don’t forget tat!!

Rp hugged him!!.

At the same tym..!

In tat village..(let’s name it as chitanpur)

In chitanpur..

An old man of 65s was lying in the bed!!

He called his son at that tym..!!

His son came running..

Son: papa ji ..don’t take too much’s not good for ur health!!

He made his papa sit.

Papa ji: arnav beta!! Im fyn..

Arnav: papa ji!!it’s okk..take some rest!!

Papa ji: arnav!! I donno till how much days I’ll survive!!before tat I have to say one thing!!

Arnav: plz!! Don’t talk lyk tat Papa..

Papa ji: shh!! Beta..!! Today I’ll only speak!!

He say something thats suspense!!

Papa ji: now u should go to cholappur!! And marry one of his daughters!!

Arnav: but papa ji!!

Papa ji: beta!! Take it as my last wish!!

Arnav: but plzz papa ji!! Don’t talk lyk this !! I ll go there!!

Papa ji(sathya prakash) prayed to god: plzz god!! Help my son!!

Arnav soon left to cholappur!!

Next morning:

Arnav came to cholappur!!

He was searching for dp’s house!!

He saw a girl, and asked her the address!!

Arnav: hello!! Miss…!! Can u plz tell me where is durgaprasad’s house?!

Girl: oops!! Sry!! I donno!! I’m too new for this village!! Plz wait fr a min I ll call my Frnd!!

Girl: partner!!!!

( Yaa tats meenu)

Rags: hmm..wat partner!!

Meenu: he s asking durgaprasad ‘s house!!

Rags: partner!! That’s our uncle’s name!!

Meenu: omg!! Sorry!!
She bites her tongue!!

Rags: hmmm.. hello!! Y do u want to meet him?!

Arnav: hmm..I’m his frnds son!! I came for a deal!!

SwaSanlak saw rags talking with him!!

Laksh: who s tat idiot!!?!

Sanskar: haha!!! Jealous huh?!!

Laksh: wat?! not lyk tat?!

He signed sanskar not to say anything in front of swara!!

Swara too noted tat and smiled!!

Rags: okie!! He s our uncle only we ll take you!!

Laksh: hii!!

Arnav: hii(sternly)

Laksh: we know about our uncle’s frnd!! But  haven’t seen u!!

Ragini: hmmm..ya!

Arnav: they haven’t seen each others for so many years!

Ragini: hmm..okk..
Come  inside!! This s our house!!

Dp saw arnav!!

Ragini: uncle he s here to see u!!

Dp: yaa beta!! Who r u?!

Arnav: I’m Sathya prakash ‘s son arnav!!!

Dp was shocked!!!

Guys and from next chappie we ll go inside the story!! I hope u all will lyk it!! And I know this chappie is not up to ur expectation!! But I hope u ll lyk the upcoming track!! It will b somewat lyk a science fiction story!!

And do tell ur reviews!!!!! Luv u all!!!

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  1. Great but make them longer plz …

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      Thank u teja!! I’ll make the next part longer!!?

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  4. who is playing arnav and meenu

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      Meenu s my fictional character!! Arnav from iss pyaar ko naam !!☺

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      Thank u so much goldie di!??☺ I ll reveal that soon di!! ?And swasan will always b together di!!???

      1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

        Waiting n do show some Intense Romance b/w SwaSan ?

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  12. What a chappy dear… this Meenu na.. she is soo cute… loved RAGALK scene very much.. n also SWASAN scene too..??

    i don’t know why but i feel like something is backing in ur mind… which is gonna b very shocking i guess
    .. m just eagerly waiting for that.. thank u..??

    1. Shylaja

      Thank u so much for such a sweet comment dr!!?yaa dr!!! And that twist will bring more masti btw them!?

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    Take care
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