Love strengthens relationship (Episode 12)


Hello friends!! Am really too sorry!! I told u tat I’ll update soon!! But I went out dears!so I couldn’t update?!! Im really too sorry!! Hope u’ll forgive me??

Now let’s go to today’s part!! And as usual no proof read!! So bear me ??

Next mrng swaragini got ready to pick their Frnd from railway station!!

sanlaK too joined them!!

They al went to railway station!!

Seeing a girl swaragini ran and hugged her!! She too hugged her!! They three were smiling a lot !! All the tooth are visible in their mouth!! They  donno to express their feelings!!

Meenakshi: she was not too fair!! She was brown color !! And wearing a red top and a blue jean!!and her hair was tied as pony tail!! And some fringes behind her ears! She was too homely by face! But her dress wasn’t lyk tat!!
It’s somewhat stylish!!she was lean and height!! somewat looking lyk a small kid not lyk one who finished her degree!!

Soon after their hug!!swaragini introduced her to sanlaK, but she only smiled!!

They got in the car!!

Sanskar was driving the car laksh on next seat and the girls behind!

Swaragini came to know tat she wasn’t comfortable due to sanlaK! She was talking less!!

Laksh: hey baby girl!!

Meenu: hii!!

Laksh: y r u too silent?! Sweetheart?!

Meenu: nothing ! I’ll always b quiet!

She said and winked at swaragini without his notice!!

Ragini held her heart as if getting heart attack!!

Ragini: swara!! Plz open the door!! I can’t hear these sort of things!!

Swara: wat to do?! Rags!! Its al our fate..!!

Meenu laughed!!

Laksh: meenu! They told that u r too talkative!!

Ragini was somewhat upset as he called her shortly as meenu!

Meenu: bhaiya!! They are always lyk this only!! They ll say lie??!! See me am I looking lyk a talkative girl?!

Ragini laughed as she called him bhaiya!!but she couldn’t believe laksh reaction!

Laksh: hahah!! No dear sissy!! U r looking so sweet!!
He pulled her cheeks!!

Swaragsan were shocked!! As they haven’t seen laksh Calling a girl sister!!

Sanskar: woww!! Lucky!! U r calling her as sister!!

Lucky: ya!! Watz wrong in it?!!!

Swara: ohhh!!! Wowwww!!! Now itself u got a bhai!!! Daughter!!! So u’ll forget us!!

Meenu: hahah!! Ya !!

Ragini used to call meenakshi as her partner;)!! And swara as daughter!!

Ragini: then partner!! Will u not b my side?!!

Meenu: no Partner! I’ll always b ur side!!

They both hugged!!

Sanskar : meenu!!but u can only take one side!! As they two ll only fight!!

Meenu: watt?!!!

Sanskar: haha!! Yaa!!

Meenu: lucky bhai!! Will u tease my partner?!!

Laksh:no she’ ll only tease me!!

Meenu: will u tease him partner!!

Rags:no Partner!! He ll only tease me!!

Swara: daughter don’t start again!! They have became silent now only!!

Sanskar: but meenamma!! V can believe those who r violent but not those who r silent!!

Meenakshi was confused!!

On the other hand swara was shocked!!

Laksh: okokk!! Frst let’s drink tea!!

All agreed and got down from the car!!

Meenu: Sanskar bhaiya!! I want coffee!!

Sanskar: okk dr!!

Swaragini were too shocked as they Haven’t seen meenakshi close to any boys!! But sonna she became close to sanlaK!!

And they also know if they Haven’t started talking she would have not at all talked to them..!! They also thanked sanlaK for tat!!

Meenu:  Daddy wat ll u drink?!

Sanskar: wattttt?!!!

Swara: wat wattttt?!

Sanskar: whom she addressed as daddy!!

Swara: my daughter called me as daddy!!

Sanskar burst in to laughter!!

Meenu: bhaiyyaaa!!!!

Sanskar: okkk then I call u kiddo!!

Laksh: then wat ll I call her!!?!;

Sanskar: u too call her kiddo!!

All three started giving hi-fi to each other…

Swaragini smiled seeing their bond!!

Ragini: but sanlaK; she s always my partner!!

Meenu:ya partner!!!

She gave a hi-fi to her!!

Swara: daughter!! Then me?!!!

Meenu: daddy!!! U know na I’m always by ur side!!

She said cutely !! Nd ll smiled seeing her!!

They had coffee!!and went home!! All happily welcomed her!! And meenu took blessings from all the elders and she went to fresh up in swaragini’s room!!

Meenu was in washroom!!
Swara in that room!! And ragini in kitchen!!

Sanskar came to that room seeing swara Alone!!

Sanskar back hugged swara!!
Swara as startled!?

Swara: sanskar!!leave me before some one comes!!

Sanskar: don’t u remember wat happened tat nit?!

Swara: no I didn’t remember!!

Sanskar: then y r u trembling!!

He made his grip tight in her waist!!

Sanskar:thn!! I think I have to make u remember way u did!!

And he slowly turned her and was coming near her lips and swara closed her eyes tightly!!

Wen he was close to her lips!!

Meenu opened the wash room door!!

Meenu( shouted): ohh .!!! Im sryyyy!! Im sryyyy!!

Saying this she again locked he door!!

Swasan also were shocked and embarrassed!! And parted away!!

Swara: daughter!! Nothing happened!! Frst come out!!

Meenu beeped out!!

Sanskar: come out kiddo!!

Meenu: ohh!! Im really sorry!!
She said by closing her eyes tightly!!

Sanskar: hmm!! Now u r saying sry!!
( He murmured)

Swara didn’t hear it but meenu heard it!!

Meenu: sanskar bhaiya!! Before dng such things with my daddy u should have asked me permission!! But u didn’t!! Now u r blaming me!!

Sanskar: arey no kiddo!! I was just praising u !! Tat u came in good tym!!

Meenu: aaahaaa!! Don’t act bhaiya!!

Sry sry!! I think I should not Call u bhaiiya!!

Sanskar: then?!!

Meenu:daddy!! Say him tat I ll not talk to him!!

Swara: haha!! Daughter!!!

Sanskar: will u not talk to me kiddo?!
Will u not call me bhai?!
He said with puppy eyes!!

Meenu; tat means!! I ll call u as mummyyyyy!!!

Sanky was shocked!!!!
Swara started laughing!!

Sanky: wattttt?!!!

Meenu: hahah!! Bye Mummyyyyy!!

Saying this she ran out of the room!!

Swara was still laughing!!

Sanky: she s really a kiddo!!

Swara:hahah!! My daughter is always a kid to me!!

Sanskar smiled seeing Swara’s love fr her daughter!!.

Sankar smiled naughtily and came near her!!..

Sanky: so now shall I make u remember tat?!!

Swara s shocked!!

Am so sorry guys!! There a no raglak in this part!!, But in next part u ll have raglak as well as swasan!!  Luv u all guys!!! Do comment dears!!

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  1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

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      Thank u so much di!!!?? I ll update the next part soon!!???

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  2. Mica

    Silly Meenu.. calling Swara as Daddy and addressing Sanskar as mummy…

    1. Shylaja

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  3. Nive

    Shylu akka.Semma comedy.Meenu character was cute.meenu called SANSKAR as mummy ha ha ha very funny akka????. Awesome +cute+nice episode.

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      Thank u so much da!!!! Am happy u that u liked it nive!!??

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  5. Awesome n sooooooooooo funny chappy dear..Meenu is damn cute… addressing Swara as daddy,,Sanskar as mummy… woowwww!!!! what a unique relation… hahhahahahah… soooooooooo good.. imagining Sanskar as mummy…?… ?????…((“pulling his check” u r soooo cute))??

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    Hehe, it’s so funny????… Loved it. Loved each and every scene… Keep it up dear. Waiting for nxt. And no need to say sorry. You can take your time.
    Take care
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