Love strengthens relationship (Episode 11)

Hey guys!! I’m here with another update!! No proof read!! So plz bear my mistakes!!

After swara’s confession sanky holded swara closely and they both slept peacefully in each other embrace!

In mrng swara woke frst and wasn’t able to move as sanky was holding her tight, and also her head was spinning coz of alcohol effect!!

As she was moving, sanky too got up!
And went to bring her line juice and went to the next room and saw rags in same, he brought lime juice for both of them..but laksh was still sleeping!!

All went to fresh up! Except laksh!!

Ragini: hae!! Laksh get up!! We all got ready to go to temple!!

Laksh slowly opened his eyes and saw rags ! She was beautifuly dressed up with a red and grey color lehenga!

Laksh smiled seeing her..!!

Laksh: hey beautiful!

Rags was shocked!

Rags: hey idiot! Wat happened to u?!

Laksh: Dont u remember wat al happened last nit?!

Rags: no!! Swara and I were speaking and then I slept! Tats it!!

Laksh: is it?! No !! No!!
U did so many things with me!!

Rags: wattttt?!!!

Laksh covered his face with his palm

Laksh: rags! Dont ask me..!! Im feeling so shy!!

Saying this he ran to washroom..

Ragini was in shock!


They both got ready!

Swara with pink and white lehenga..!
And sanky with casuals..

Sanskar Donni how to start!

Sanskar: swara do u remember wat u did last nit!!

Swara: hmmm..noo!!! Wat i did I slept soon!!

Saying this she ran again into washroom..!!

Swara seeing herself in the mirror!!

Swara: swara idiot!! Wat have u done!! U have told him tat u love him!! Okokk now chill no probs!! We ll act as of we donno anything!!

She adjusted herself and came out!!

Soon laksh to got ready and all left to temple!!


Rags: laksh plz tell me, wat did I do?!

Laksh: hmmm..u made me complete my challenge..!

And he winked at her and acted being shy..!by scratching the floor of the bus with his legs and started biting his nails !!

Rags: wattttt!!!

Laksh: haa!!plz ragini!! Im feeling shy!!

He ran out of the bus acting shy!!

Ragini was…….(u could have imagine her situation)

Swara was avoiding sanskar! So sanskar got to know tat she remember last nit! So he decided to tease her!!


Swara was talking in phone! And came happily to ragini!!

Swara: ragini!!!! U know na meenakshi!!! Our classmate she has also finished her dentistry!! But in India!!

Ragini: ya ya!! I too remember how can I forget her!!

Swara: rags she is coming!!!

Rags: but when?! And how?!!

Swara: she a coming to meet us!! Omg I’m so happy!!!!!

Rags:wowwww!! Tats a great news!!!!

They were so happy!! And were eager to return to their Village!!

Laksh: wat’s up girls!! U r looking too happy?!

Swara:our friend s coming!!
We r gng meet after a long tym!!

Sanskar: ohh.!!so.. U r this much exited!!

Ragini: yes!!

She jumped!!

Laksh: will she look beautiful?!

Rags: Huhhhh!!! U agn started!!

Laksh remembered wat she saud last nit and decided to tease her!!

Laksh: I’m so eager to meet my darling !;

Swara: laksh!! Be away from her!! She won’t talk tat much to boys!!

Sanskar:is she shy type?!

Swara: she ll nit talk only to boys!! But to us if she open her mouth!!!

Ragini: she ll eat us!! She ‘ll b nonstop express!!
Tats y we love her!!

Sanskar : okok!! Enough of ur friend purana!! But some act as if they are innocent !! But do extraordinary things!!
He winked at swara biting his lips..

Swara gets tensed!!

Swara: who acts innocent!!(she knows tat he s telling her) our Frnd is always innocent!!
She stammered..

Laksh: sanky! Are you telling about her Frnd?!

Sanky: no yaar!!  I’m  telling commonly

Ragini: okkk!, Come let’s go to r waiting fr us!

Swara: ya ya!! Come come!! Lets leave!! They are speaking sumthng stupid!!

She pulled ragini and went!!

Sanky smiled seeing her childishness!!

Laksh: I think these sisters are really from mental hospital!!

Sanky: hahah!! Come let’s too leave!!

Soon they completed all the rituals and Returned to their village!! With masti..

Sanky teasing swara at the same tym..Sasha drooling ovr him leaving swara angry!!

Laksh was teasing rags by flirting with Maya!!

Hey!! Guys I know this chappie is not up to ur expectation!! I m thinking to end this ff soon!! And I needed a supporting character; for their love story (Or) else u can take for their nokhjhok!! So I thought to introduce a character from other serial !! But  then it ll also lead to their luv stry!!so I m introducing a new character MEENAKSHI!! And her character will b as my frnds character!!!

Coz guys I Luv my frnds ! I believe in Frndshp than love!! So I thought to make it also as a ff based on friendship !!

Hope u ll lyk it!! Give ur review!! And wat do u think of this new entry!! And  I think u ll also luv frnds nokhjhok with love!!

Guys!! Im ready with another part too!! So if I get more response!! I ll post the next one today itself!! Luv u all!!


  1. Anjali

    Thank you so much for updating next ep today itself my friend . It was awesome and funny as well hah…… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Seriously laksh is very funny yaaar. And swasan part was marvellous . Raglak part was awesome . Update soon. Shylaja love this ep. 😍😍😍😘😚

  2. Kakali

    I always say after reading ur FF i could only smile… coz its ur speciality dat u always make smile that too widely… thnk u… n back to chappy don’t think to end this..okk?? n SWASANRAGLAK all d scenes were just amazing… they all 4 r soooooo naughty… just enjoyed it….😊

  3. Ashnoor

    It’s amazing……waiting for next part. Make laksh and sanskar also dammm jealous. They both are to much . Let my swaragni also tease them . Waiting for their friend meenakshi’s entry with lots of fun .

  4. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Awsm…. Loved their nokjok. You can add new character, no problem dear…Keep it up. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling☺

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